#640 Whipping down the hill really fast after pedaling hard all the way up

Here goes nothing!Wind whips through your hair and smacks your cheeks as you scream down the slope at the rip-rocketing speed of


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24 thoughts on “#640 Whipping down the hill really fast after pedaling hard all the way up

  1. Also, if you hae a fancy enough bike or freakishly powerful legs, you can use this to build up extra speed, allowing you to climb the next hill all the more easily.

  2. As young teenagers, we’d sometimes make the trek across town to McDonald’s on our bikes. There was a massive hill we had to climb, so we’d eat a light breakfast to make it easy. Then, on the way home, we’d use the extra weight from our McDonald’s combo to speed down that massive hill. One time, Rye’s breaks weren’t working too well, so it scary to watch him. Then in winter, it was an awesome hill for tobogganing.

  3. What a reward!

    There is a large hill in our neighborhood, leading to our house. The kids’ goal is to make it all the way to the driveway without pedaling at all. It has yet to be accomplished, although many have come close.

  4. We had the perfect hill for this near the house I lived in as a kid. It was so awesome to just wiz down it. The only trouble was that it was downhill first and then back up to do it again.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it!! What a great idea.
    #640 is soo true by the way, there is nothing better than the feeling of reaching the top and that rush of wind in your hair as you begin to go down.. :)

  6. Reverse version of this nearly killed me when I was 12. Was visiting a friend out of state and had to use his rattle-trap older bike while he had a nice new 10 speed. We were all about getting up a lot of speed on the downhill so that we could get up the steep hill on the other side. I got plenty of speed and the front tire started wobbling as I hit some loose gravel at the bottom of the hill. Next thing I know, I’m hanging on for dear life, my feet slapping the pavement as I try unsuccessfully not to wreck. I ended up in the ditch with 2 sprained ankles, 2 skinned knees, 1 sprained wrist, 2 skinned elbows, and a piece of glass in the other wrist. Couldn’t walk. Had to crawl to the bathroom for several days. Somehow I remember it as a fun time.

    1. Glad you survived. I had my own mishap on a scooter where I took an epic spill onto solid asphalt and broke my left arm in three places, bending it into the shape of a Z. Also broke my wrist, crushed my elbow, and tore tendons in my hand. I was eleven. Now I’m twenty and the bones are still a little off and my left hand isn’t very strong. But we live and cope, don’t we?

  7. I love this feeling!! Once I went on a school sort of camping trip and we went biking. The counselors took us to a lake that was down a hill and they just rode down and jumped in with the bikes and everything!! Eager to do this, I followed, only to fall down due to a small hole and I ended up all bruised up… I remember having one on my leg that looked an awful lot like Italy. Anyways, like merlin above, I remember it as a fun time!!

  8. Alike Merlin, Spike and Gabriel…only just shortly after the wheel was invented…
    I was six, we lived in Lynn Valley where there are many big hills. There were no car seat belts, let alone safety gear of any sort in those days.
    I had a classic one speed; pedal backward to brake, blue and white 2 wheeler. As soon as I could sort of ride, I was gone!
    My insides shouted, “I am free!” What a feeling! Whipping wind in my hair and spinning pedals as fast as I could. The sun glistening on the fancy chrome spokes so brightly; so beautiful, caught my eye and I couldn’t remember how to brake so took a twirl and a tumble at high speed going down hill. Chin, cheeks, elbows and knees skinned, filled with dirt, burning and bleeding, but my pride and bicycle were still in tact. I carried on FULL STEAM ahead and climbed the humungous hill before me on route to Jack and Jill’s candy shop at least 3 miles away from that house at the exit of the Canyon.
    I still have scars and I still feel the thrill was bloody well all worth it!!

  9. Two words:
    AWE and SOME!!!!!!!!!!!
    Except when u fall n brake an arm…. But otherwise awesome refreshing feeling

  10. Yes. I love when I bike with my friends and we go up the hills in our town that are huge as hell, and going down them is like a damn rollercoaster. I love it.

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