#639 Carrying all the groceries in from the car in one big trip

time to get into itIt’s been a long afternoon.

Making a list, checking it twice, heading to the store for milk, bread, and rice.

Brother, let’s face facts: when you finally wheel onto your slippery leaf-covered driveway with a trunk full of wet celery, rolling apples, and melting ice-cream, all you wanna do is finish the job quick.

It’s time to put her in park and start yanking bag after bag from the trunk and start holding them with every possible bag-holding-body-part you got.

First grab the heavy bags of milk and potatoes with one hand and the 2L bottles of Coke and frozen lasagnas with the other. Then pile on the fruits, veggies, yogurts, and be careful with those eggs, careful with the eggs there. Now while teetering awkwardly with eight plastic bags digging into your forearms, just grit your teeth and grab the final bag of bread and cold cuts with your left pinky while squeezing a giant, bulk-pack of toilet paper under your right armpit.

Now shut the trunk and lock the door using only your elbow, chin, and teeth.

Annnnnnnd … you’re good!

Oh sure, it’s not very majestic, but it’ll have to do because there is no way you’re coming back out here again. No, you did your job and now it’s time for your spouse and kids to fill the fridge and pantry — so just run in the door, toss the bags on the floor, and scream “I’m back from the store!”


mule carrying frozen lasagnas to mountaintopPhotos from: here and here


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54 responses to “#639 Carrying all the groceries in from the car in one big trip

  1. Oh my– I ALWAYS do this, haha. My arms are always so tired afterward.

  2. Julia

    3:14 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K5YBNQq-Qo

    “You have to be careful with eggs…”

  3. Oh yes, if there’s even a remote chance of getting it all in one trip, I’m going for it. But there is one last obstacle to face: getting the key in the lock and opening the door. Once you’ve done that, you’re home free.

  4. I do this is all the time and I love it! Sometimes it’s totally ridiculous, but I always feel so great when I’ve done it!

  5. Just don’t put the bags with glass jars too close to one another.

  6. Wayne

    A better solution is buy 2 or 3 cheap, plastic laundry baskets for the trunk. Fill them at the store and when you get home, simply transport the baskets to the kitchen. Voila! Done.

  7. i never take more than one trip

  8. that’s a nice picture. my isn’t big enough for such a lot of things.

  9. digging into your fingers, opening the front door with your mouth…but you made it!

  10. Pineapple Force

    Yes yes and yes!!!

    It is just so wonderful feeling to get everything at first trip. You lost the game and should be ashamed if it takes another round… :D

  11. I always do this. I say “someone get the door, I got a load of stuff here!”

  12. broomgrass

    Oh goodness, this is too true! I don’t know how you have such a keen sense for the awesome, but this is definitely among the most awesome yet. :D

  13. Cocoa

    I end up using my arms as rails.
    I take the plastic handle of the shopping bags and put them on my arm. I once carried ten on each arm.
    Weight training!

  14. I do this everytime!! I’ll put myself through pain where one of my fingers is about to fall off! …funny stuff – love reading these posts!

  15. Greg

    I firmly believe humans will evolve with two more fingers on each hand in order to accommodate those last few bags to make it in one trip!

    Then you realize the keys to the door are in the other pocket, not the one you left a finger or two to reach.

  16. That’s a dream I didn’t get to fulfill yet. LOL

  17. This happens every single time!

    I’ll be bumping here and there, trying to hold on to the toilet rolls and not break the eggs. Taking a few short breaks in between steps just to get everything done all at a go.

    Haha! Awesome!

  18. I have found that using canvas tote bags is not only “greener” but allows you to carry more from the trunk to the door in one easy step!

  19. Jenn

    This is especially awesome when your apartment is on the 14th floor. If you think there’s no way you’re going back out to your driveway one more time, there’s definitely NO WAY that you’re going to go up to your apartment and then wait for the elevator AGAIN to go back down to the parking garage to get the rest of the stuff.

  20. Vaclav Wienrech

    great site, great moments, but this one doesn’t do it for me. plastic bags, car culture, shopping in general… all things I avoid to have an awesomethings life

    • Nikki

      While that’s a great idea, I just don’t think I’d feel the same sense of accomplishment without losing the feeling in at least my pinky fingers…

  21. mar

    every time we get back from the store my boyfriend looks at all the bags in the trunk and says “oh my, we’re gonna need 2 trips to get everything inside”. and then, we never need it!

  22. Jami

    My roommate and I always do this, we simply call it “the game”.

  23. One thing that drives me insane is how the baggers at the grocery store don’t seem to be trained in how to properly bag anymore. Remember back in the olden days (as in the 80s) when there was a little diagram showing the optimum way to load a bag?

    Now that grocery stores have plastic bags, they seem to think that they can only put two items in each bag. Unless I buy more than one heavy thing. Then they think as long as they double bag, they can put ALL the heavy stuff in one bag. Yes, please but all the liter bottles and the pasta sauce in one bag, please!

    And whenever I ask for a paper bag, they think that means “dump everything into one bag.”

    Now that I bring my own bag when I go shopping, I pack the bag myself. I honestly don’t mind doing it, and at least this way I know that my bread and eggs aren’t at the bottom of the bag getting squashed the entire way home.

    I do all my grocery shopping at once: Cost Co, Trader Joe’s, and often one more place, so I have tons of stuff in the trunk on shopping day. I always feel so triumphant when I can carry everything in one trip. But for some reason, it drives me crazy to watch Rachael Ray do The Big Carry from the refrigerator to the pantry to the counter.

  24. Monica

    I just did this last night actually and it did feel pretty awesome :)

  25. Megan

    What’s more–when you can carry all the bags inside in one trip AND close the trunk, thus saving another trip outside! Awesome!

  26. Jaime

    Especially important if you live in a dorm and it’s like a 5-10 min walk back to the parking structure. Sometimes you gotta leave the spaghettios and shelf-stable apple juice for another day….

  27. Fabian Auster

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  28. Barbera Yemchuk

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  30. What I do is combine #639 with #640. I put all the groceries on my bike, then go racing like mad down the hill, and then heave the bike inside the house and over to the refrigerator.

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  33. Katie

    Haha lol,
    “Making a list,
    Checking it twice,
    going to the store for milk, bread and rice.”
    Santa Clause is coming
    to town

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  35. wendywithaurora

    add, and always doing the pee-pee dance!

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  38. http://www.griphook.com has a product to carry 8-10 grocery bags and a gallon jug of milk or juice.

  39. Jolynne

    OMG by the time I reach my house all my fingers are purple and I have no circulation left in my hands, but not having to make a second trip is priceless ;)

  40. Fiona

    It’s funny the super human strength we acquire just to reduce the effort it takes to walk for that mundane task lol

  41. Sammi

    nothing worse than the bag of milk breaking on the run up the path!

  42. Tasha cullen


  43. Meaghan

    Always seem to make the least amount of trips

  44. Mason the AWESOME

    Yea I do that

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