30 thoughts on “#638 When the amount of toilet paper left on the roll is the exact amount you need

  1. This is especially awesome when you’re in a restroom at someone’s house and you don’t know where to get more. It’s a bonus if the toilet paper roll is installed the way you like it.

    1. This is exactly what I was going to pop in here to add. This is awesome in normal life, but damn near divine when it happens at someone else’s house.

      Running out of toilet paper when you’re at guest at someone else’s place, ranks only behind clogging their toilet in terms of worst things that can happen when you’re over at a your new girlfriend or bosses house.

      Btw: Jdurley? *tick* Mark it down.

    2. I like my toilet paper where it rolls from the top. Its weird if it rolls from the bottom. You have to reach further and its closer to the all and if its over a vent, the air will push it up against the wall.

  2. This is, unfortunately, never me. I’m the one constantly checking the toilet paper to make sure there’s enough for me. Neither my kids nor my husband have mastered the “put the new toilet paper roll on after you finish” concept. It makes for interesting dance routines while switching rolls, though.

  3. I am the one who is left changing the roll – ALL the time! Even in public restrooms… To the point where I’ve begun to believe this is one of my “special purposes” on Earth!

  4. UMmmmmm, it is quite nice that you shall not be in that terrible situation BUT you have to live with the guilt that you may have put someone in that situation.


    I can live with that ;)

  5. Yep, that’s a great feeling…

    Until I get guilty for the next person and end up changing the rolls. :)

  6. Elaine on Seinfeld in the wasroom asking the gal next to her for “Just one square! Not even one square!” Hilarity!

  7. To me, this only works when there’s a full or almost full roll. Revenge or no revenge, I’m not one who conserves bathroom tissue.

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