#637 Rocking out on air instruments

air drumsOh, there’s more than just guitar.

How many of these other air classics have you pulled off?

1. Air drums. Riding shotgun and nailing solos on the dashboard or cooking dinner and feeling the beats on the kitchen counter, you either go with the My-Fingers-Are-Drumstricks method or the My-Fists-Are-Holding-Air-Drumsticks method. Both sound excellent.

2. Air Keyboard. No Air Resume is complete without some strong Air Keyboard experience. Nail it by squeezing your eyes shut, raising your brows, biting your lip, and swaying back and forth.

air harmonica3. Air Harmonica. Using sparingly for Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty songs.

4. Air Cow Bell. If you master Air Cow Bell, be prepared to be invited to all the coolest parties and hottest dances. Bonus points for playing with a giant, open-mouthed smile and wildly bobbing head while being really, really tall.

Yes, rocking out in a state of air-playing bliss is one of life’s great joys. When you’re in the zone there’s a tear in the fabric of space-time and you’re suddenly transported to a sold out Air Stage in front of millions and millions of sweaty screaming Air Fans.

Your big buckets of passion and never-ending supply of energy helps keep our planet spinning, so pump those fists, nail those high notes, and rock on, rock star, rock on.


air familyPhotos from: here, here, and here


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50 responses to “#637 Rocking out on air instruments

  1. Steering Wheel Drums are also awesome. If instruments had farm teams, they’d be the farm team to air drums.

    • Channing

      Steering wheel drums are the best! Get some good head banging synchronized with the heavy metal and you are set, baby!

  2. Hazard

    heh, I was just doing this today. Drums. Awesome.

  3. KK

    There’s nothing better than when you and a few friends spontaneously form an air band, and everyone chooses a different instrument, and the moment isn’t ruined by fighting over who gets to play guitar. AWESOME!

  4. Chad

    Air Guitar is the original guitar hero.

  5. Yes!! I love this! Especially the air cow bell! That is just awesomeness!

  6. yeah forming an air band during an awesome song is AWESOME!

  7. No! Your forgot the air triangle!

    It’s funny how a triangle, even when real, is considered an instrument.

  8. stu

    Who could forget the air sax! Definately one of my favs! Smooth jazz baby!

  9. Vito

    Hah! Air harmonica has played a big role in my Bob Dylan listening experiences.

  10. Ian

    Air drums are fine. Drumming-anything-within-reach drums annoy me. :-P

  11. That is what I look like in my bedroom while im playing music all the time.

  12. Gotta’ look up C. Diddy!!! World Champion of Air Guitar!!

  13. this reminds me of the scrubs ep with the cool cats

  14. Annapurna

    Greetings from Oulu, Finland – The city where they actually hold an Air guitar championship-contest each and every year! Been there many times, always love, love, loooove it!



  15. ha! I was in an air band contest in college. And i have horribly embarrassing pics to prove it.

    But, you’re right… it was an awesome experience.

  16. Gem Wilder

    Air Tambourine is a fave of mine, but nothing beats the simplicity of air bass. All it takes is a mean pout and a bit of understated finger action.

  17. Katie

    Technically that “air family” pictured has instruments (or should I say kitchen utensils?), but I suppose the sentiment is the same. :) Love your blog, by the way. I look forward to reading your posts each day!

  18. I like playing the Air Air Guitar. I just stand still.

    It really looks like I’m pretending to play an Air Guitar, doesn’t it?

  19. Karen

    Air Saxophone is a lot of fun… Namely used for that song Baker Street or whatever its called…

  20. *da da da CHIANG!*

    Just love drumming in air. Or occasionally piano on air. XD Lovely. XD

    Though i can’t play both un-aired. =X

  21. Andrea

    My 4 year old nephew is the king of forming spontaneous air bands. Everyone must participate.

    The last air band was created at my grandma’s 80th birthday party. I was delegated to Air Tambourine, while others were on piano and drums. My nephew lead us all with his air guitar while signing “Smoke on the Water”.

    Truly awesome.

  22. Matthew Perry

    Oh jeez, you don’t even understand. I am the greatest air musician who has ever lived.

    This is your best post so far.

  23. Great movie about air-drumming.

  24. Drew

    This is a passion of mine, actually.

  25. TT

    I ALWAYS air-drum to the solo bridge in Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”, without fail (and once I’m done with that, promptly change the station). AWESOME!

    • jdurley

      That’s my favourite drum bridge, too! Once on a road trip when this song came on (I was sitting shot-gun), I just reached my hands up and nailed that drum bridge on the ceiling of the car. No one expected it, and it was executed perfectly. Awesome!

  26. What a great piece to have found before Thanksgiving. I posted a link to this as one of my three links on my daily blog: http://www.otherthoughtfortheday.blogspot.com/

    All the best,


  27. edstirling

    my brothers and i did an air band competition when we were kids. we had matching jean jackets and I was on Air Keytar. It ruled.

  28. Bill

    Air trombone is one of my faves

  29. Gabriel

    C’mon Air Harmonica NEEDS Bob Dylan!! Also, I have already mastered Air Harmonica to the end of The Who’s Baba O’Riley, like Roger does it live!!

  30. lolly

    I cannot sing without air-microphoning. As soon as I start to belt out those sweet lyrics, there’s my hand, curled up like its holdin a mic, letting me pretend to project my not-so-lovely voice to my own air fans. Every. Single. Time.

  31. caiticaiticaiti

    you know what i think is awesome? turning the radio to a station that’s playing “in the air tonight” by phil collins just before the big drums part comes. that makes for some awesome air drums!

  32. Canadian Bacon

    Air guitar while holding an actual guitar. Do it in front of the mirror and you’ll feel like Jimi Hendrix and Brad Pitt rolled into Awesomest. Person. Ever.

  33. Nesi

    Is it weird or awesome that I’ve done three out of four of those mentioned? All but the cow bell.

  34. Katherine

    How exactly does one perform an air cowbell?

  35. Anke De Kerpel

    This is a sentiment about witch instruments that you can play in the air at u nice song.
    I have chose this because it´s a nice topic.
    When I wont to be crazy I set some music on and than I play some air guitar.
    I do it sometime when now one is watching because i otherwise be ashamed.
    This sentiment is about other instruments you can play in place of air guitar.
    Basally you can play anything in the air but some examples are drums, keyboard ,harmonica.
    After a stressy day it can be nice to lisen to a nice song and to relax completely.
    But of course its al little bit funny if you see someone do this.
    It’s very funny!
    And I know that everybody likes it.

  36. Gary Ghoukasian

    I really love rockin out on air instruments too!

  37. wendywithaurora

    Love #2, of course everybody knows that Born to Run, by Bruce was inspired by, that’s right… moi.
    Love the last pic!
    Love Scrubs.
    Thanks for the entrtainment; airn’ to be human everyone:D

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  39. Selina

    I have a guy in my class who constantly plays the air drums! He drums like crazy on the tables. But it can get pretty annoying when the notes I’m writing become a scribbly, scrawly mess of pen and paper.

  40. Hopeless18

    I slapped some air bass today. It was pretty awesome!

  41. Not whitney houston

    I like rockin as air lead singer, like most pop stars do

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  44. So me playing drums in my car isn’t all that weird

  45. Joël Butcher

    I can practice drums only with my fingers and my hands. It doesn’t make sound!

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