#627 When your friends working in fast food restaurants give you a little extra

Pile it onSure, sure, we’re all honest people here.

You and me, we’re driving the speed limit, crossing at crosswalks, and never double parking. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like bonus fries, extra-scoopy ice cream, or double cheese on our subs, people.

Yes, when the gal behind the smooth orange counter wearing the paper hat and pinstriped shirt is your pal from high school, it means it’s time for a little extra whipped cream and chocolate sauce on that drippy ice cream sundae.

It’s just the Fast Food Workers Pact.


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What’s a law that people routinely break? Like speeding or jay-walking?

35 thoughts on “#627 When your friends working in fast food restaurants give you a little extra

  1. i guess since you’ve made this post, i have to confess that as a former fast food employee (Culver’s), i have done this and had it done for me on many occasions, and it is indeed


  2. I always give my friends a little extra food in their burrito or quesadilla at the Mexican place where I work…

  3. I used to do this when I worked at Subway, if you turned up and we are on first name basis a free cookie it was!!!. mm free double chocolate cookies.

  4. if we’re friends, i will gladly ‘accidentally’ overfill your milkshake, add extra swirls of icecream to your sundae and add extra oreo bits to your mcflurry.
    and sneak in extra fudge sauce

    its aaaaaaall good

  5. Two of my sons are cooks at restaurants & daddy and mommy have enjoyed everything from huge “everything + the kitchen sink” pizzas to buffalo burgers.
    Free “samples”, good kids…..Awesome

  6. I don’t have any friends who work in fast food, but one of my friends works at a convenience store and she punches a few extra holes in my coffee card every time I come in… sometimes the whole card. :)))) It’s awesome.

  7. A former coworker of mine got a job at Starbucks, she gave me a free Rice Krispie treat AND a hot chocolate. They were both amazing!

  8. I went into our regular Chinese restaurant once, wearing a short skirt. I ended up with enough food to feed the entire Red Army, even though I had just placed my regular order. I was told, :”We give you special!”


  9. Come on people.
    how can this only have 20 comments?

    This is one for all the honest people. The ones that always play by the rules and try to do the “right thing”.
    As your comment says.. its part of the Fast Food Workers Pact that in this case, its “ok” to get a little more :)

    Great post!

    TS, Grand Poobah of Smiles

  10. My friend used to be a manager at Taco Bell.
    He would hook me up with free food all the time.
    and it gave us a place to hang out when he would close at night. It was our own personal karaoke bar with the radio and some Cds.

  11. I remember when I moved to South Bend, IN. I found this AMAZING to this rib shack and I’d go at least once a week.

    A few months later, the lady was making my to-go dinner, and a man walked in to the shack. He saw the amount she was putting on my plate and asked, “Is THAT how much you get in a rib dinner?” (It was a lot.)

    And the lady replied, “Not quite that much. She’s family.”

    I will never forget that. I’d become family!!!! :) She knew I didn’t cook and she’d always give me enough to have the leftovers the next day. I miss them!

  12. My husband grew up with a guy who owns 15+ A&W’s; another who is a competetor, owns as many DQ’s. If they’re at any of them when we stop, we are treated very well.
    We don’t see them in B.C. much anymore; they’re building restaurants in the Caymen Isles now. I guess we’ll just need to have them pick us up in one of their planes and take us for lunch like they used to. HA!
    Have a daughter, who’s first job ws a t Subway. Thsi was awesome to be able to say, “easy on the lettuce, no hot stuff in exchange for more olives.
    Both she and her boss were so good to our family.

  13. I don’t know about you guys, but we get fired for doing stuff like that. The most we can do at McDonald’s is give out a free cup to someone.

  14. Ya I have had that happen to me and it was so funny how we had no idea that someone we know was working there! AWESOME

  15. I had this happen to me only once in my life when I was in High school. A girl I liked gave me my entire order for free from a fast food restaurant. She won me over. We dated she couldn’t cook but boy could she eat! :o) so sorry to say that relationship didn’t last too long.

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