#625 Really, really short people

They’re short and there’s nothing they can do about it except learn to live with their crazy shortness. For this reason, we respect them and think they’re cool.

If you’re really, really short, you feel it, because this is your life:

Forget seeing anything at concerts. Sure, everybody loves being behind you, but at what price? The standing area is a bad scene and mosh pits are strictly off limits. No, you’re stuck sitting at the bar or watching from the balcony.

• You can’t reach anything. Kitchen cupboards and closest shelves are bad enough, but the worst is when you find yourself somewhere alone and stoolless. People, if you’ve ever found yourself climbing the hotel bar fridge to reach the coffee filters or stepping on the metal grocery store shelf to reach the hot sauce then you know what I’m talking about.

Hard to date people. Well, not hard, but complicated. I mean, would you date someone really, really short? If not, you see the problem here. And don’t even get me started the short-guys-dancing-with-tall-girls things. Fellas, I been there, too. It’s not easy.

• You can forget about that pro-volleyball career. You might still make it as a referee, but that’s about it.

• You’re constantly adjusting driver’s seats and mirrors. On top of that, really, really tall people complain when they get in the car after you and have to adjust everything because they can’t fit.

• Some roller coasters are off limits. Minimum height requirements are clearly relics from a discriminatory society that inhabited this land before us.

It really is a tough life.

So next time you see a really, really short person, break out the empathy. Remember: they’re short and there’s nothing they can do except learn to live with their crazy shortness. Sure, they buy cheaper children’s clothes, find the best spots in Hide and Seek, sleep easier on couches, easily avoid walking into tree branches, are more comfortable at movies, and curl nicely into cramped spooning arrangements, but they also have to live life with a lot of limits. In this upside-down and inside-out world, that’s worth something.

So go on and throw them a smile and a nod, a cracking high five, and some quiet and humble respect.


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183 thoughts on “#625 Really, really short people

    1. Why? Just because you didn’t get it? Because the authors reasons didn’t resonate with you? Since you were a subscriber, I have to assume you were a reader for at least a short while, and if you haven’t figured out by now that the author believes everyone’s uniqueness is awesome, then I’m afraid you’re the stupid one. Unsubscribing from a blog that is taller than you, isn’t going to fix your problem.

        1. I think amy does need a whole paragraph (and a pretty short whole paragraph at that). A three worded insult with no good or explained rhyme or reason just screams for a very mini lecture. Why should she be allowed to comment with “god you’re stupid” without getting any crap for it?

        1. I think we’ve just got a few sexist women who are on their periods. Nothing to see here folks.

  1. I am really, really short, but it’s not awesome because people *don’t* respect us. We are constantly teased and never taken seriously because our limitations are exaggerated. :-(

    1. I agree. I’m short too. I don’t find this article amusing at all. Being short has earning a lot of shit from people who have no idea what it’s like.

        1. well it is accually very hard to date anybody a tiny bit taller than u! There is this boy in my class and he is like an inch taller than me and he makes fun of me ALL THE TIME! it is very hard and thereis alot of things that make u feel bad

      1. I found it brilliant! I’m short too (5ft nothing), and I’ve learned to live with it. Sure people give me a hard time but they don’t mean it and anyone who does mean it, why listen? Clearly they’re schmucks and don’t deserve to be heard.

    2. I would like to disagree. My sister is really short, and she’s one of the toughest persons I know. I mean, she has accomplished a whole lot of shit that at first thought was impossible. You just gotta stand up for yourself and try. Yes, I mock her for size as others might but she doesnt care because she knows how to live with it and take it up to her advantage.

    3. You clearly need to learn how to command respect, and take the teasings in stride. My neighbour here in res is 6’4 and I’m 5’0. We help each other out [the Really, really tall people relates to him].

      I have a lot of strength; I have to pull myself up to reach anything. Chin-ups to see the top shelf in lockers, or monkeying silently onto the kitchen counter in the morning to get a cup; life is my playground.

      Also, I ALWAYS have guys lined up. I always get ones that have this affinity for ‘cute things’. Since I’m short and petite, that just screams cute to people.

    4. You must’ve missed what he’s trying to say. He’s pointing out why people shouldn’t be rude and disrespectful. He’s pointing out that you’re awesome because you deal with that all the time. Feel the love!

    5. I’m 6 even (okay, 5 foot 11 and a half inches at my last physical…) and I would just like to let you know I respect everyone, no matter what size they are. I’ve know quite a few people who were 5 feet or less and they are some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

    6. Dont worry, I have a “uniquely” short friend at school. And I love her for it. She is always positive and see’s the brightest in things. You may be short, but to me, they have the tallest influences.

    1. It is ok to not like something sometimes. Don’t give up that easily, though. Certainly, the author’s quality of writing is Great. We, humans, cannot help feeling sad about some of our own traits ( or shortcomings ) that nature dishes out to us without our permission. We are within our right to say that those ” weaknesses ” do not make us feel “awesome” .

      Let us not Throw the Baby with the Bath water, though. For those that may find something offensive, do not give up on the whole thing at the same time. In the grand scheme of things, most Human beings are not perfect. Some people’s fears may not be as obvious as being fat/tall/short, black, white, yellow, etc. etc. Some Internal turmoils can be far more scary for the victims. The rest of the world may not be able to see those fears as easily.

      So, Hats off to the author for giving us a website to look forward to each day.

    1. 18 year old girl and 5’0
      going put with 19 year old boy and 4’11”
      and i love it =)

  2. haha. i am 5 foot 3 which doesn’t seem too short for a girl, but people notice. had to use a stool to get something from a high cabinet today. tippy toes don’t cut it. good things come in small packages!

  3. What’s next, a post about how awesome disabled people are because they get to ride around in wheelchairs all day long, or a post about how cool retarded kids are because they get to wear those bitchen helmets? You, my friend, are a mental MIDGET; your humor is SMALL-minded; and your capacity for empathy is STUNTED. In sum, you need to GROW up.

    1. Uhhhhh…. there’s a big difference between lighthearted and complimentary joking about short guys having trouble playing volleyball or adjusting rearview mirrors and your insulting comments about “retarded kits wearing bitchen helmets”

    2. Very harsh statements, indeed.
      Something ” awesome” maybe how a disabled person found a method to overcome their hardship. I once saw a TV show where they were showing some examples of these situations e.g. a person with no hands and arms had to use their toes to feed themselves. The effort that a disabled person is able to put into accomplishing ordinary tasks that most people take for granted, is Enlightening. That is what could be considered “Awesome” in this case.

  4. I feel very fortunate to be short and female. For the guys, it’s much tougher.

    But I have many-a-time served as an armrest, obliged tiny tasks with my tiny hands, and even stood on my tippy-toes to swipe my debit card at a gas station.

    And I am a towering 5 foot creature.

    I love my height. I wouldn’t trade it.

    1. “And I am a towering 5 foot creature.
      I love my height. I wouldn’t trade it.”

      Exactly the same for me. I admit it would be rather unpleasant to be more than about two inches shorter than I am (and it would be quite unpleasant being this short if I were male), but I find 5 feet to be just about right. I don’t care that I can’t reach things: I just find a creative way to reach them. Everyone else just seems abnormally tall. :D

  5. Shorter people are more prone to those diseases because it’s easy for them to eat as much as bigger people even though their bodies don’t use as much energy. However, shortness by itself has been shown to increase lifespan in animals, so long as lifestyle is adjusted proportionally.

  6. Hahaha, this is so awesome. When I saw the one with really really tall people, I was just waiting for this one. I’m pretty short. I’m not a midget.. well.. I think I’m a “legal” midget. I’m almost 4ft 10 in. and I’m 18. I always have to say “almost” because I’m not QUITE there yet. I have to say that all the things that were talked about in this post, I could definitely relate to and it was an awesome thanksgiving present as well. I DO feel respected as a short person. I always get the best spots at concerts because people feel so bad for me. hahahaa, anyways. Thanks Neil, you’re someone to be thankful for. =)

  7. I’ve always loved this blog.

    And then I read this: “Hard to date people. Well, not hard, but complicated. I mean, would you date someone really, really short?”

    …wow, hi, that is more than a little insulting.

    I’m unsubscribing too. This pissed me off quite a lot.

    1. its not insulting at all its true…… i’ve heard a lot of my girlfriends say they wouldn’t date a guy shorter than them…

      lily you may not agree with the author’s point but i’m guessing thats because you live in a fairytale dreamworld

    2. Wow, but it’s true. It is hard to date.. I mean, he’s just being honest. I’m super short and yeah, height does come to mind! Not that it REALLY matters but it really is something that crosses peoples minds. Sometimes people have that mindset that says “shorter guys might have a hard time finding a taller girl to date” and it’s just something that COMES UP. He said it was ‘complicated’ and it is. Being 4′ 10″ and a girl, It’s hard to say that I like this guy that’s 7 ft tall and if we start dating, it’s not bad, it’s not at all bad, but sure it might be complicated. Don’t be babies about it.

    3. chill lady, its true! Luckily people dont date people (only) for their looks..

      neil, digging the blog. keep up the *awesome* writing. you’re not only writing about things that i agree are awesome, but the tone and attitidue in which you write them is so refreshingly optimistic. we need more of that y’all.

      ps wish i didnt have to put only in there…

  8. Heh, this was funny :) I’m a 6 ft girl myself and my best friend is 5 ft something. We tease eachother constantly and when we hug we either have to go the *her head smushed in my bosom* or *me squatting down* route.

    Love this blog.

  9. Wow, really struck some nerves on this one, huh?

    I appreciate your sense of humor and sticking your neck out on this one (Geez, who knew?) ’cause it points out how shallow we can really be (like, why *wouldn’t* we date a short person – and it *is* true) and that yeah, it can be tough and they deserve their due respect.

    You are, indeed, *awesome*.

  10. 5’1″ and proud. obviously, it’s not thatt big of a deal because i’m a girl. but it has it’s limitations. at least i have the benefit of being adorable.

  11. Awesome comes in all shapes and sizes!

    My great aunt, Jeanette, was a hugely awesome really, really short person. As kids, she was the only adult we could look in the eye. She was the only older person we could trust to understand us. Because she was one of us. Not just because of her stature. No, she really talked to us, joked around with us, played with us, laughed ALL the time, and made us feel like we belonged. She gave us hope that adulthood wasn’t all mortgage payments and stiff clothing. She loved us, and we loved her right back! Awesome!

  12. Amy, Ted, Lily…

    Please come back. Look at the whole body of work here — it’s positive and although tounge in cheek, is never meant to be offensive.

    If you look closely, you’ll realize the author is talking about himself in parts of the post especially with the awkward, dancing with taller girls at the middle school dance, part.

  13. Also, my first long-term relationship was with a guy who was shorter than me and it didn’t matter to me at all.

  14. I have never had an issue with being short (5’1″). So I don’t agree with most of the stuff that was said (the concert thing, yes!!) but I do think being short is AWESOME, so thanks for saying it Neil! I also realize the author is male and therefore from a different perspective; especially the dating one, I know many girls who would be uncomfortable dating a guy shorter than they are.

  15. Whoa whoa whoa…

    I’ve always loved this blog, but uh…

    How is this awesome? Seeing other people in misfortune over their height? Sure, a good deal of short people embrace it. But you just pointed out every ‘flaw’ that the vertical challenge seems to face.

    Why is this here? I’m 6’3” and somehow offended. XD

    Likewise, I hope you’ll learn from your mistake of adding ones like this. It looks like a few people are going to unsubscribe. I won’t though. I like this blog.

    1. Agreed. I really, really think it could’ve been written a different way, to actually make it seem more positive and lighthearted. I really don’t see how pointing out every “negative” and “flaw” those of us who fall in the not-so-tall category have to deal with is awesome. :/

      1. He doesn’t point out flaws or negatives, he points out that short people got some extra struggles, and that we should respect them for it because they can fight through it. I don’t think he meant this to be offensive.

    2. You are the one who used the words “misfortune” and “flaw.” You gotta problem with short people or something? Fail. You should probably take all 6’3″ of yourself and go pitifully attempt to take up for someone else. Us unfortunate short people can handle ourselves, thanks.

  16. And I have reread this a few times to make sure that I’m ‘getting’ it all…it looks like she is trying to say “Hey, DON’T make fun of short people; respect them!” Okay…but what if she made one about BLACK people? And made a list of all adversity that black people have to face? I guarantee that people would NOT be happy.

  17. I don’t understand how this is “awesome” at all… Considering I check out the site everyday and LOVE it, this really shocked and upset me. Didn’t think it was your style…

  18. This isn’t awesome at all. I’m short myself and it seems that you only point out the negative aspects on being short.

    If you wanted to make a “short people are awesome” post, focus on the positives!

  19. Wow, there wasn’t this kind of backlash for the really, really tall people post…and it was in the same format. What is the difference here exactly?

    I still think you’re doing a great job Neil!

  20. My wife is a certifiable “short person”, and I absolutely think she is awesome, so I couldn’t agree with this post more.

    And I’m truly shocked that this post has offended a handful of people. A few points:
    1) The post doesn’t seem to be written in a derogatory manner at all. It is celebrating all of our differences and uniqueness, but with this site’s usual light-hearted tone and feel.
    2) It’s doubtful that anyone is reading this as their first post from this blog, so I’m not sure how someone who is familiar with Neil’s writing or with the sentiments contained here at 1000awesomethings.com wouldn’t be inclined to at least give a little benefit-of-the-doubt here, even if this particular post didn’t resonate with you. Does the author seem like a big jerk that is trying to poke fun at someone’s short comings? Or have the prior 375 posts proven to you that the author is an uplifting and optimistic guy, who is always looking to find the brighter side in everything, and help us all to celebrate those things on a daily basis.
    3) Thin-skinned people. NOT Awesome.

    Keep up the great work, Neil. I’d subscribe multiple times if I could!

  21. People……LIGHTEN UP!!!!!! It’s meant for a laugh! I mean really, if you are offended by this you are on the wrong blog! Comedy is comedy folks. Focus on the “bigger”(pun very much intended) picture! Oh and I’m 6’1”. Im sure that will piss people off too!

  22. Wow! What a response. This is a list of awesome things. They are saying that really short people are awesome. I agree!

    Pros: You can stand up in an airplane or greyhound bus, even if you’re in the window seat.
    You’ve never hit your head on anything.
    Your pants are never too short.
    Sometimes you’re chest height. (boys)
    Cute boys will always reach something for you.
    You can always find yourself is school pictures because you were always placed bottom right.
    You never have to dust the top of the fridge.

    1. Good call! Haha, in elementary and jr. high, I was super easy to find in the school pictures! Never thought of it that way, I hated being one of the shortest ones in the class, thanks for that.
      High school I hit a growth spurt and ended up one of the tallest girls in the class, so now I have to look a little harder to find myself in the pictures. Oh well :)

  23. how about when really, really short people date really, really tall people? 8D i think that should make the list for sheer cuteness.

    also, i never noticed until now, but most of the people who comment on here are super obnoxious. i’m sorry. :(

  24. 5′ here and in total agreement with this post: I am awesome! Not reaching stuff, failed volleyball dreams and the concerts are all problems, but the pros outweight the cons!

    Being short is a great way to meet people since we’re constantly asking strangers to grab stuff off the top shelf. Also at airports some kindly person will always volunteer to grab my luggage off the tram thing when they see me struggling to reach! Basically being short is a lifetime of people not expecting much of you physical-labour wise, awesome!

  25. Wow, where were all of you offended people during the Really really tall people thread?

    The old adage is true: you can please some people all of the time, all people some of the time, but you can’t please all people all the time. :)

  26. Wait a minute, I thought that the person who did this blog was a girl?

    At least, the entry about removing your bra seemed to make me think so.

    1. Nah, Neil is a guy. We think. He just likes to include a few womanly posts so we don’t feel left out (maybe his wife contributes?)

  27. I am 4′ 10″ at 16 years old and teased all the time. I have random people on the street come up to me and call me short. It isn’t fun but I think I love being this way anyways. (My best friend is 6 feet tall too which makes public appearances interesting)

  28. Good thing I’m short because I’m shorter than my fiance, who is short too and now we don’t have to feel short. XD

  29. Neil. I don’t know if this many people have bashed your posts but please don’t delete this post. Some people don’t see the beauty of it. I hope it’s not making you think twice or say “Oh, some people don’t like it.. maybe I should change it.”

    NO! It’s your site. KEEP IT! Please.
    As long as you don’t truly offend people (pointing out flaws that people live with doesn’t count) you’re fine. You haven’t done anything wrong. Keep it up. I CAN’T WAIT for the book!!! =)

  30. who are you kidding. If you are short life is not worth living. if you are a little guy that is how you will be treated: insignificant

    1. If people have made you feel that way, consider so many things that could be worse. The biggest is Health. So many people have such painful health issues. Height is a cosmetic matter. Being pretty/handsome/nice colour skin etc. are God-given advantages & we cannot quarrel with that. Surely, there are many beautiful things to do in Life even for us short people. In fact, I am amazed at the comment just below from ” lita”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect with her.

    2. Jack: I’m a 5’4 male. Shortest guy on the varsity track team. I can’t tell if you’re actually short and just pissed off about it or are tall and trying to put us short guys down because you’re insecure but I can tell you that being a short guy is not truly that bad. People only treat you insignificantly if you treat yourself insignificantly and if you have confidence in yourself people will look past your height. I’m 17 and haven’t grown for 5 years. You have to accept your body and look at the positives. The one thing that I love about being short is that women aren’t intimidated by me so I can really talk to them, therefore I have lots of friends that are girls.

      1. “People only treat you insignificantly if you treat yourself insignificantly and if you have confidence in yourself people will look past your height.”

        I mostly agree. I’ve never been insignificant, at 5 feet tall, and I’m quite certain that my 4’10” friend Debbie has never been insignificant either, because we both have excellent senses of humor and don’t take ourselves or other people too seriously. We both have a strong sense of who we are and don’t pay attention to people who look down on us (figuratively).

  31. Am I the only one that finds short guys really, really attractive? ; ; i’m dead serious. the shorter, the better. I’ve always wanted to be two or three inches shorter, and I’m short already.

  32. I’m agreeing with the people who have a bit of a qualm with this post. While it doesn’t offend me, it really donesn’t leave me feeling good either, as it seems like you just point out all the negatives about being short. What’s awesome about that? I really think this could’ve been written a bit differently in order to actually seem positive. Right now, it’s just a serious bummer.

  33. I went on this site hoping to be cheered up, and instead I was reminded that both me and my kids are likely to have a shorter life span.

    Luckily the positive spin on shortness from some of these comments helped a bit :)

  34. aw, moshpits/front row concerts aren’t too terrible for us short folk. i like being on my toes (if that doesn’t sound too weird) & most of the time, you can see through the heads anyways; you just gotta learn how to manuever and shove back the right way.

    plus! while i still manage to get many waving elbows to the head, i get the occassional headpat apology and that’s just flippin’ hilarious. this wasn’t awesome! but it reminded me of it so, er nice try today!

  35. I have a great one that’s right up your alley. why don’t you add “black people.” Black people have to deal with so much crappy stuff in their lives, that you should really feel sorry for them! You know black people have so much to go through like 1. If you’re a man, you’re more likely to go to jail than go to college. 2. Infant mortality rates are twice that of white people. 3. And you’re 70% more likely to have heart disease and diabetes. So it’s totally awesome to be black! If you see black person you should give them a high five because it totally sucks to be them!

    What? Why are you mad? You just don’t get it. God, where is your sense of humor?

  36. Wow. I think it’s funny that people are offended by this so much more than the Tall People post, which is almost exactly the same format. Napolean Syndrome much, guys?

    As a shorty myself, 5′ 1″, I agree. My 5′ 10″ bf always tells me he’s gunna wind up perma-hunched if he want’s to kiss me. Also getting mistaken for a highschool kid when I’m past college is a mix of funny/annoying.
    But getting ids clothes is great.
    It’s about time the shorties got some repect. I approve.

    1. “But getting ids clothes is great.”

      Yes, it is! I love wearing kids’ clothing. They make such cute things for little girls.

      “Also getting mistaken for a highschool kid when I’m past college is a mix of funny/annoying.”

      I’m 28, and people always think I’m between 18 and 23. But it’s more because I look young than because of my height. I find it more funny than annoying.

  37. My wife: 5′ even. Me: 6′ even + 30 years together
    multiplied by 3 tall sons, divided by 3 young but growing grandboys = Awesome life, lots of reaching for things, lots of clothes, lots of LOVE!!!

  38. Wow. Interesting. I’ve subscribed to this blog for quite a while and never thought to read the comments….sure are lotsa sensitive people around here. I am five feet nothing and find nothing to complain about…..well, maybe the syrup bottle on the back of the top shelf at the market but….jeez, I don’t know…seems there’s lots worse things to be worried about. I read today’s entry and smiled…I can relate! Well, except the bit about shorter life spans but…..that’s just statistics! Lighten up, guys!

    1. The link says it’s more about short people who got that way due to stunted growth from various economical factors. If you’re just naturally short, I think it doesn’t apply so much. Like me with a short mom and aunts and granny.

  39. I get it. I don’t know if I like it but I get it. I usually love the heck out of this blog. I tell everyone I know about it.

    This post well…. ya. It stands by the twitter rule of it takes 1000 posts to get a group of engaged followers and 1 possibly insulting post to drive a bunch away.

    I respect the blogger and won’t hang him out to dry on one post. My only issue is that every other post did in fact have an awesomeness to it that you didn’t really realize till you read and it, had an epiphany and were like man that is totally awesome.

    This post on the other hand not so much.

    1. I think I take back my previous comment. I don’t know if you can hate on this until you read the really, really tall people post.

      I don’t know why but I felt kind of offended when it was about short people even though I’m 6’1. I didn’t think their was a height double standard but apparently… wrong.

      Continue to push the boundaries. I’ll keep following you till number one even if it is years in the works.

  40. Hmmm…
    As someone very short, I can’t say I’m overly offended by this post. There are a lot worse things that we put up with. And a lot of what was said is factual, well I find for myself anyway.

    However, it did make me scratch my head a little, what the ‘awesome’ part of being short was, according to this post. The conclusion was that the fact short people still get on with their life, despite their disadvantages. This did come across as a tad patronising, however I don’t believe the author meant for it to be so.

    Let’s not be too picky. It’s meant to be humourous, just like the other 374 posts.
    Besides. It’s nice to make the list lol.

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