#616 Trying to understand what your friend’s saying when you’re underwater

If you strain your ears and figure it out you’re a master deep-diving codebreaker who speaks the strange and mystical language of Bubbles.


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26 thoughts on “#616 Trying to understand what your friend’s saying when you’re underwater

  1. I gave you guys an award on my blog! love the blog… love the idea! I’m a list person as well, my blog is 365 days of people, not quite as inspirational or as up beat as your blog, but still fun. Come on over.

    1. Under the sea, under the sea
      Nobody beat us
      Fry us and eat us
      In fricassee!


      I used to have “tea parties” at the bottom of the pool with my older sisters all the time. I think I would be a tougher man today if I’d had older brothers instead.

      1. OK, so you totally didn’t get my “Simpsons” reference, but I guess it’s cool that you wrote another verse for the song…

    1. My cousin and I read this every day (or midnight when it comes out) and that was the very first thing she said!! That was a fantastic scene!

      Of course my sick mind immediately went to guts by Chuck Palahniuk…. there is something wrong with me.

      1. If I could un-read Chuck Palahniuk’s book, I would. Some things are burned into my brain that I wish were no longer there.

        1. I have the same feelings for Doris Lessing’s “Briefing for a Descent into Hell”. (Probably the title should have tipped me off…)

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  3. to be understood…totally satisfying when drowning!
    ***Freddo’s tea parties sound totally awesomer!!!

    1. “ybbesb bpbleasebbbubbles”…
      oh, that reminds me, I love Bubbles on “The Trailer Park Boys,” but who wouldn’t, eh!

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