#615 When your friend makes sure you got into the house safe after dropping you off at the end of the night

When your friend drops you off after a lazy hazy night it’s always nice when they sit with their engine quietly revving till you get in the door. And when you pop it open make sure to wave back so they can bee-beep or flash their headlights to say goodnight before quietly drifting away down into the dark suburban night.


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43 thoughts on “#615 When your friend makes sure you got into the house safe after dropping you off at the end of the night

  1. One of my “big deals” is waiting till people are safely indoors – and I *expect* them to do the same for me.

    Once had 2 guys drop me off in a bad part of LA, at my car, at night, and they didn’t even wait to see me get in the car – let alone whether or not it started up okay. I never rode anywhere with them again.

  2. i’ve loved so many entries, but have yet to comment.. until i read this.
    you can tell a lot about a person when this happens. those who love me wait patiently until i’m safe inside :) & i do the same in return, as is only fair.
    great post! awesome!

  3. My friends all know I have a completely [rational] fear of zombies and I live right next to a dark scary forest. They always make sure I get in the house so I’m not killed. Now that I drive I return the favor.

    1. “My friends all know I have a completely [rational] fear of zombies”-Jessica

      Thanks for that unexpected laugh that caused me to start coughing.

      I guess this is the modern version of a guy actually walking you to your door. I love giving the goodnight kiss standing so I insist on the walk outside.

  4. being a girl, my parents taught me at an early age than a man who does not wait until you get in your appartment before he leaves after a date, is just not good enough!
    i think i wisely applied this rule in my life, even with taxi drivers (i always had them wait until i entered my house):))))

  5. Always. And if I am not the one who drives back (say, if my friend drives him/herself), then I will text or call to make sure they got in. Awesome.

  6. I love this. Also, if my boyfriend drops me off at my car, he’ll get out and check my backseat. :) It really is the little things in life that make me get butterflies.

    1. My now husband has always done that for me. I think that’s part of the reason I love him. He always checked even though my backseat was always so packed a person could never have gotten in there. It is the little things that make you see who a person is.

  7. this is the best! ’cause what if you lost your keys and your cell is dead and you need a phone to call your roomate(s) to see what time they’ll finally make it home? and need a place to chill until then?! ahaaha

  8. I enjoy this. It always makes me feel special that soneone takes the time to wait til I’m safe, and that they care enough to wait. It’s something that I’ve always done….

  9. Wow I’ve finally caught up reading your blog from the first post til now. I’ve been reading everyday and it still took a while. From ttc rides to reading til I fall asleep. I think I’m in love with your blog. =P

    Back to this post – I live by this rule and I sure do feel extra special and important when someone waits for me to trudge back up the door of my house.

  10. I love my good friends who always do this for me, and I’ve certainly always done it for the people in my life, even when it seems a bit silly. I know my boyfriend can take care of himself, but its just a habit to see that he gets in the door.

  11. That extra shine from the headlights always helped putting that key in that hole during those 3AM “get in swiftly without waking anyone up” kind of nights. Love friends that do this.

  12. Beautiful website with so many things that we’re often too busy in our lives to take notice of. I liked this one especially. It one of those kind simplicities, like holding open a door for someone behind you, helping someone carry something to their car, etc that open a small windows into a person’s true heart.

    Thank you for this site. It helps many people keep their cups half full!

  13. My mom taught me to ALWAYS make sure someone gets in the house safe. I really hate when people don’t wait for me. “Not waiting for someone to get safely in their house when you drop them off at night” should be on the 1000 least awesome things.

  14. This is my favorite awesome thing. My dad always waits for people and so now I appreciate it when others do the same. I hope people who don’t wait and who read this will change their habits. It’s something small but it’s worth so much!

  15. I’m so happy to see this on your list!! I always do this! I never pull off before the person I’ve dropped off has made it into the house!! I love your blog – I love the awesome things you have here…makes us all think!!

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  17. oh yeah fa sho have to do this. another thing my momma taught me.

    usually though, me and my homeboy get in pretty late, so i’ll trust he can see me wave, and i won’t honk back :)

  18. The first time I noticed one of my friends do this, it made me happier than I can gracefully express. I thanked this friend the next time I saw him, and he said “anytime I drop you off, I’ll always wait for you to get to the door safely. We can’t have people kidnapping my jackie.”

    It’s essentially such a small gesture that takes so little effort, but means the absolute world. I love it.

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  20. Call me crazy, but I actually do not like this. It makes me feel pressured to get inside as quick as possible so I don’t leave them waiting. :/

  21. Brings back memories of a guy I dated in high school. He did this, but my father expected him to walk me to the door.

    For some reason, I didn’t have a housekey, so I had to ring the doorbell and my father would always get the door. He said, “He needs to walk you to the door.” And I was like, “Yeah, Okay.”

    It happened 2 or 3 times. Then my father answered the door, stopped me, and said, “Either YOU can tell him, or I will tell him; but the next time I come to the door and he is not beside you, it will be a problem.”

    So I told my date, and I was embarrassed as hell. Then I got a little older and now I understand.

    Of course once my dad came to the door eating an apple with a large knife. I saw the apple, but my date didn’t (I think that was on purpose.) My date refused to kiss me good night.

  22. Awesomeness!!! I do it for everyone!! .. It’s even more awesome when I rush to my door to unlock it quickly so because I feel bad to keep my friends waiting, and/or I don’t think they will wait and suddenly I look behind and they r still there to waiting!!.. Love it!!

  23. Eff yeah I didn’t know there were people rude enough to just drive away. Definetly AWESOME!!!

  24. My friend who is also my colleague does that every single night when i am late. He couldn’t wait once when we were in our office cab. Then he called me in the fone and asked me to stay in the line till i get inside . That was completely awesome!!!!! Only ppl who really care can do that.
    i jus luuuurve it !! <3

  25. i love this site !! When i have people over at my house for diner, i make sure they call me when they get home after the evening. They can either ring my home phone once or they can text me. I just wanna make sure they got home safely !

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  27. Yep. Thanks to a certain unnamed scary video game, I am now terrified a certain tall creature is waiting for me and the only way to be safe is to be with another person and softly sing “Lollipop”. So Awesome!

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