#612 Finally farting after the guests leave

When the dinner party wraps up, the quilting bee buzzes off, or your friends all grab their coats and head down to catch a cab, it’s time to take a second to stand alone in the center of your place, smile slowly, and finally just blast it out.


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83 thoughts on “#612 Finally farting after the guests leave

      1. That’s exactly what it’s like to pass gas when they leave – short, sweet and makes me smile so hard!! :)

        1. I agree with the sweet and makes me smile but short? Pffffft… I could spend an hour letting go everything Id held in before.

  1. This is good, but I like “leaving your fart behind” even better. Now go listen to “Walk On” by U2 with this in mind. heh heh.

    1. Sometimes I leave one in the elevator for the next person. The worst is when you’re that person, and then someone else gets on and thinks it was you!

  2. Farting. So awesome.

    I think I speak for everyone that farts should play a far more significant role in the following 611 things.

    Well played, good sir.

  3. I am a teacher and I will fart in my classroom after school once all the kids have gone home. Then I pray that no other teacher walks in (or a kid who stayed after school) and smells it!

      1. I actually hold it until I get to my car. But, if I really have to, I’ll hold it until I get out of the school building.

  4. My hubby farts in the car before we get out, and then when we come back, it’s like trapped in there still and the car smells like ass. It’s strange and hilarious.

  5. I’m a retired teacher: nothing beats the startled looks on students’ faces when they come into a classroom in which the previous teacher left a fart behind as he/she was leaving. “Farting is such sweet sorrow…” to quote one such student.

  6. And if you happen to hear or smell someone’s blast, be sure to share it with the rest of us at dealt-it.com. (You can anonymously let them know as well)

  7. I find that if you run up the hallway and drop one out of reach you need to be careful the fart doesn’t hitchhike back with you and deliver an invisible cloud of shame!

  8. It’s even better when the visitors are really close friends so you just don’t give a damn and let it rip therefor breaking the ice and now it becomes a the laugh of the night as everybody is joining you… Now that’s awesome!!!! lol

  9. Haha, so true. This site reveals all the hidden little secrets of humanity, and the rest of the world shares shy, sheepish smiles…then shrugs, and says, “Whatever,we all do this!” And we all laugh and virtually high-five eachother. :)

  10. My long-distance boyfriend was visiting for the first time, we were cuddling side by side. I laughed and then farted!

  11. LOL KATE SAME HERE! When i fart, its either loud but no smell, or silent but deadly xDD

  12. Lol!! This best is after a night of drinking! Sometimes that rank will go on for days..

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