#610 Plugging in the Christmas lights from last year and having them all work

Nope, not even a year twisted into a ball of knots in the basement could take the sparkle out of these bright little bulbs. So untie them slowly, hang them quickly, and help get the whole neighborhood shining.


(Big news! We’re gonna unveil the book cover next week!)

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36 thoughts on “#610 Plugging in the Christmas lights from last year and having them all work

  1. I’m quite surprised that, despite our other amazing technological inventions, that humans have not figured out a more effective method for making this happen more often.

    Personally, I’ve never experienced this.

    Also, congratulations on the book progress. I can’t wait for that cover. Although why do I think it might involve bed-head baby…

    1. Seriously. This will be my 35th Christmas and I’ve yet to see it happen. ;)

      But that’s why, if it does ever happen, it will be truly AWESOME.

  2. Happens to me every year : )
    And its always the same string of lights,
    I test them every year.
    and every year i get


    : )

  3. Haha. I remember putting lights on the tree when I was young without testing them first. Then having to take the entire string off again because they didn’t work.

  4. We’ve never had that happen, I always end up scavenging for replacement lights, and this year was the worst, because we got a 3 new sets last year, plugged them in this year, and all 3 don’t work, and I ain’t got a clue why, so now we got 3 new sets, and plenty of replacements, heh heh.

  5. This is so true in the case of putting up Diwali lights year after year it is a struggle of uncoiling, dusting, hooking up without smashing any of the little bulbs and then holding your breath when turning the switch and lo! they are on in all their twinkling glory..small victory against obsolesence!

  6. Been putting up lights for over 30 years. I nearly fell over when this happend to me this year! Now I had another dilemma…what to do with the 3 hours in the cold I usually waste getting them to work!

  7. My family only started to hang Christmas lights 2 years ago and up until now they all still work, but not for long…

  8. Imagine when the days when the trees were lit by candles~ Yikes!
    In the 60’s, they were always a tangled mess; some were smashed glass and well, this was the real live version of the nightmare before Christmas.
    But today, I’m proud I’m here to say, I’ve transcended from Christmas’ past and make manifest more of #610; divine as it should be!

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