44 thoughts on “#605 Christmas hugs

  1. Happy Holidays to you too! Thank you for bringing a smile to our days… It’s very much appreciated and needed.

  2. You are very welcome for my reading, supporting, and spreading the word of your AWESOME site.

    On my bookmarks bar it is literally labeled “HAPPINESS.” because every time i read your latest post, I always (without fail) get a warm incredible feeling inside of me.

    so thank you.
    for making my holidays happy.

  3. Merry Christmas. When we stop to smell the roses we then realize how truly awesome life is.
    Thank you for this site.

    You are…….AWESOME

  4. For a perennially cynical bastard such as myself, I really appreciate your unabashed sincerity.

    Have a happy holiday, and thank you for your upbeat outlook.

    Don’t ever stop!

  5. Because images count much more than a single word!

    A simple post which made me happier than 5 minutes ago (and I was already happy!!)…

    Merry Christmas everyone, guys! :D

  6. Merry Christmas and have very happy new year to 1000awesomethings and all the readers and commenters. I just wantvadd that reading the comments add so much colour to the posts. Thanks for the daily fun.

  7. This reminds me of when I was a kid, and my brother (who is two years older) refused to hug me except once a year on Christmas :) Yay Christmas hugs!! (Now he’s a good sport and hugs me any time of the year) Anywho, thank you very much for much enjoyment and Awesomeness! :) Merry Christmas all :)

  8. A very Merry Christmas to you and all your readers. I look forward daily to receiving my Awesome Things, they really push my “grin” button.

  9. Hugs are the best!! My favourites are from my nephew because he gives real heavy duty squeezers. Those are the only types of hugs I know how to give :) These people that give the half hug don’t know what they are missing…

  10. Thank you for an excellent read! Its actually the only blog I’ve ever read, and I thank you for it! Merry Christmas (though a little late =S) to you too!

  11. Merry Christmas in… August. oh well, its the thought (and the hugs) that count, whatever time of year! But =O you were up at 12:01? Santa didnt come that year! oh im so sorry :P

  12. I’m not an emotional person. But, even awesome ninjas don’t have cold stones for hearts, and Christmas hugs are sweet.

  13. Yeah, especially from relatives that you love and only ever see them near and during Christmas! ;) …. Happy Summer!!!

  14. Is it me or tgis app is only recycling old post??? If only they could repost awesome thing on appropriate date…

  15. Obvious repost of old material from 2009. They can’t even get the date right, doesn’t somebody check these things?

  16. Wow you guys using the app I guess. Well since youobviously didn’t read the description when you downloaded it: it shuffles through all of the awesome things. This isn’t a repost and it isn’t supposed to be the newest post! Stop being such haters, it really degrades the whole point of the thing!

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