#599 Walking around naked when you’re home alone

You are charged with one count of checking yourself out in the mirror, two counts of irresponsible couch usage, four counts of shower-to-bedroom carpet drippage, and seventeen counts of temporary nudity of the first degree.

How do you plead?


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69 thoughts on “#599 Walking around naked when you’re home alone

  1. I just discovered your website over a week ago, and caught up just now. Your blogs kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. Thank you for truly lifting my spirits, and allowing me to see how awesome the little things in life are. Whenever I was in a bad mood, I read more awesome things, and I instantly felt better.

    Thank you for being AWESOME!

    1. As a matter of fact, I am currently lying on my bed, naked, after just coming out of the shower. And reading this with complete and content understanding. :)

  2. This could not be more awesome. I like doing it best right when i get out of the shower during the summer and just walking around the house to dry off

  3. I did that tonight after I got out of my shower. Hopefully, I lose weight enough to not have this mental image make somebody puke. thanks for the awesome!

  4. The key to this one is home alone —Brings back some bad memories of the YMCA. I wish those old dudes would at least throw on a pair of tightie-whities!!!!

  5. When I do it, it’s definitely awesome… it’s just the idea of my housemates doing it as well when I’m not home that creeps me out :P

  6. I’m also guilty of exposing sensitive body parts to risky explosions and hazardous oil spills in the cooking department…

    Playing birthday-suit Chef… AWESOME!

    (Apron optional but strongly recommended)

    1. Oh my, that’s a risky hobby you have there. You don’t wanna spill hot, burning oil onto yourself!

  7. I never realized how often I do the shower-to-bedroom run until I had company for the past week. The “uh, you might want to avert your eyes” only works so often.

    1. yeah… My parents stayed over for a couple days recently and I’ve lived alone in this apartment for over a year now so I only ever shut the bathroom door enough so that I can get to the toilet. Defintely found myself closing it after pulling down my pants a couple of times…

      But yes, I do the naked bathroom to bedroom walk all the time after showers.

  8. Oh man, I love doing this each time when the family’s not around or when they’re on holidays. Eating naked and watching movies naked as well… bliss!

  9. When I read the title I couldnt stop laughing! I always do this… Does anyone else find it awkard when dog is lookin at u when ur naked? or is it just me?

    1. yeah! but we have cats. i also hate when the wander into the bathroom when you’re in the middle of your toilet business. creepy…

      1. bahaha, my dog doesnt follow me into the toilet or bathroom, amazingly. But i do normally shoo him out when im getting dressed :P

  10. Bare-butt best ’bout breakfast to beddie bye. Nude with food, mood rather good or rude.
    Click the furnace up in Sept and keep it there until the weather co-operates is the standard here. No bacon during the winter.
    Dog don’t care, he whines when I get dressed cause he knows (intuitively) I am leaving for a short spell.
    Come in the world naked, leave dressed…what’s that all about?

    1. i love to sleep naked all night and get up in the morning and walk around naked all day!!!!

  11. Add in one charge of thoroughly embarrassing oneself in front of family you did NOT expect to be awake, much less in the bedroom talking to your spouse and you have me dead to rights.

    Good thing I can laugh at and enjoy my own embarrassments!

  12. Have you not noticed that when home alone and walking around naked, that your always on a heat higher than normal?

  13. Also about this theme, how awesome is going to sleep nude and also going to the nude beach and swiming and skinny deep. I can say that is realy awesome. Maybe the best feeling of freedom that somebody can have. And i’m not talking about sex pleasure, but soul freedom. Have you tryed?

  14. The first thing I do when I get home (after shutting the door of course) is remove my jeans. There is always a trail of jeans leading from my front door because I forget to go back and pick them up (until I leave the house again and have to wade through the river of pants, but that’s not a good time to start cleaning). Then at the end of the week when I can’t find any jeans to wear, I have to go on a pants reconnaissance mission. Yeah I’m kind of slobby (but not in hotel rooms!).

  15. Absolutely agree! I love it…….once every one is out . the first thing i do is to lock the door and stripoff ….. some times when i dont get sleep in night i use to take a naked walk on the beach . its too good to feel the breez on ur body …………

  16. I love this! Just being naked is soo good! I’ve yet to go naked outside but if I lived on the beach I so would… love it! didn’t realise so many other people were in to this its a nice surprise… My family is going away in a couple of weekends time and iv been inspired to watch movies naked i’ve never done that before.. could invite people round and have a naked/pants for the shy (not a sex) party. possibilities are endless! thanksforthis!

  17. Well, I am not guilty! I always have to have one piece of clothing on!!! LOL!! But don’t worry I’m sure it’s pretty common to do that occasionally!!

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