46 thoughts on “#596 Driving on the highway really late at night when the roads are empty

  1. Or really early in the morning. Like when you have to catch the earliest flight out of an airport that’s two hours from your house. Being “Ruler of the Road” is pretty much the only plus to being awake that early. Thanks for pointing this out; it’s easy to pass over the small things in life that are just so darn AWESOME!

  2. Truly awesome. Especially how the traffic lights change to flashing reds and yellows so you never have to wait.


  3. That may be the best one yet. It’s so sweet to hit straight green for blocks and blocks. Even more awesome to go 95+ on the freeway when there isn’t even a cricket out to make sounds :D

  4. It’s also neat to do this in Smalltown, USA, where the roads, parking centers, and almost anywhere else seems to have temporarily turned into a ghost town while you cruise the barren intersections unabated.


    1. I do the same from DC (I-95), and it would be awesome…

      if it weren’t for the trucks. They are scary when they drive above the speed limit.

  5. And I usually say to myself “This is how I remember this highway in the 80s before everything got so built up and congested!” And then I think “God, you’re such an old fart now. You sound like a crotchety old man.”

  6. This is my absolute favourite thing about driving, especially with some nice and inspiring music on :)

  7. That’s so funny – this morning when my radio came on to wake me up, the DJ’s were talking about how sweet their commute is at 4:30 am. The only hazard is the newspaper delivery person driving down the wrong side of the road so he can chuck the papers out the driver’s side window!

  8. Yes, it is wonderful. However photo radar is still in effect. When my vehicle had its portrait taken, I noted that mine was the only visible vehicle on the road. The photo arrived with a request for $75. Ouch!

  9. I had to drive back from LAX 60 miles North of LA on the 405. Between the 101 and the 118 there were absolutely no cars, (except me) it was AWESOME and a little creepy too.

  10. Yes!! There is a small, winding stretch (with great visibility) that I love to travel down, imagining I am in the luge track, cutting turns and taking all of the bumps. Weehee!

  11. Heh, I do this all the time when I have to drive from Southern California back home to San Francisco. It also makes for epic night-time talks with one of the best roommates one makes in their college years.

  12. This is one of my favourite things about going back to my tiny hometown. Cruising along the highway I learned to drive on in the middle of the night; no streetlights, no other cars, just the lake, the mountains, and the stereo…

  13. It’s like piloting a starship through the deep reaches of space, with stars above, below, and all around.

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  15. Coming aroung the bend nearing home town; seeing city and street lights; where there were Orchards, new divisions~spanning and sprawling~across the mountains and the valley’s, saying to self, “See the town how big its grown,” feeling a well of emotions…it looks and feels alot like Christmas.

  16. I luv when the roads r empty cause its not loud and it makes me want to get out of the car and run around free

  17. Its even better if its when ur almost home from having a long drive back home from a toad trip or something cause its so peacful on the road by yourself and well knowing ur going to be home in a few mins

  18. That looks so cool! And it would be scary because what if the rode was closed and you didn’t know you just thought everyone was sleeping and you just kept going! That would be creepy

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