#593 Swapping driver’s licenses with a friend and laughing at each other’s photos

If your friend’s paying for lunch and you accidentally make eye contact with the shiny, mullet-draped face staring at you from her wallet, then it’s time to laugh and peel out your pimply, glasses-covered driver’s license photo as payment.


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27 thoughts on “#593 Swapping driver’s licenses with a friend and laughing at each other’s photos

  1. I remember when I was at College in California (enjoying chocolate milk on tap). I had my license from Ontario Canada and somebody asked me for my ID.

    They got all excited and said, “I’m from Ontario!” I asked, “where?” and they replied, “Ontario!” I said, “ok, which city?”

    Then, speaking very slowly and using a tone that would suggest I am an idiot, they said “Ontario California.”

    I wanted to ask them, “does your driver’s license look like mine? do you have a city issued driver’s license?” But I was too polite.

    1. Used to fly into Ontario airport when I was working in Rancho Cucamonga. Before I started working there my first thought would have been Ontario, Canada too… it is a nice little airport

  2. Ha ha! I always look like a psycho killer. For some reason I have this reflex that makes my eyes open really wide just as the flash goes off.

  3. haha, i’ve been told that my driver’s license looks like my “fatter, mentally disabled sister”

  4. i’ve got one better…i work security in the dorms at my school, meaning i sit at a desk and make sure that non-residents get signed in by a resident. they can use any form of picture ID to sign in, so i always get to see people’s funny pictures (without having to show mine ;-P)
    there was this one kid i remember, his skin was so black and his eyes so dark that practically the only thing you could see in the photo was his teeth. it was great…although not a very effective ID!
    at least once a night i hear someone’s excuse for their student ID picture: “it was so hot out!” or “it was raining!” as they always take the pictures in the middle of your orientation tour.

  5. hehe the comments for this post are pretty funny. :)

    I was so terrified of having a bad picture on my license, but in the end it didn’t look too bad. The stars must have aligned just right or something, no other explanation for it

  6. me and my boyfriend were comparing licenses the other day.
    he looks like a california duuuude (not at all how he regularly looks) and i look totally blazed in mine.
    haha he was also 5″2 and 110 pounds when he got his licenses and im 5″3 and 115 pounds in mine

  7. Last time I had my license picture taken, I was all set for the flash and the photographer said “Don’t look down”, which I did of course, so they got me looking at the floor. I insisted on a retake and didn’t look down the second time.

    Why would he have said that? He should have said “Look into the camera.”

  8. My sis used my younger (skinnier) license for years. To the point where when she walked into her favorite bar, the staff called out her (my) name like Norm in Cheers.

    She told me that on her 21st birthday, she pulled out HER ID and said… “My name is actually Crystal, and I’d like my usual.”

  9. When I moved to FL, I finally got a decent license photo. I want to keep it forever. I also really like my passport photo, but that’s about to expire and I don’t think they’ll let me keep that one since I don’t look 22 anymore!

  10. Comparing passports great laughs because they say, “No smile,” making you look like a criminal, which is silly. Why would they want more work!
    There’s a gorgeous backdrop for Super Natural BC. and at the local Service B.C. office, a guy who always says, “Now come on, lets have a little smile:)”
    He’s even taken several, then helps you choose. Now that’s awesome, eh!

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