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  1. It was always so weird staying at a friend’s house overnight and on the next morning the scrambled eggs would look so different than my mom’s ones. and every single time I came to the conclusion that my mom’s are definitely the best! :)

  2. Nope, ‘fraid not…my mom *always* overcooks them enough so you end up with liquid running all over your plate. But that’s ok…her banana pancakes are the best. :-)

  3. Obviously you have never had the experience of eating some of my mom’s scrambled eggs. Not even our dog would eat them…

  4. Sadly, my mom also overcooks scrambled eggs (for my taste). But happily, my husband makes AWESOME scrambled eggs.

  5. personally i like more those from grandma… they are just awesome but coucine of my mother and grandmother are very different so its from time to time

  6. Mine are the best in my family when I was a teenager and my mom was going through cancer treatment she would make me stay home from school, just to make her scrambled eggs when nothing else tasted good. Must’ve been the trick shes been healthy for about 16 years now.

  7. Mom’s scrambled egg’s are awesome! She makes a mean fried egg, too. Taught me the perfect technique. Delish.

      1. Bacon really makes EVERYTHING better. I hear there’s a place around here that sells dark chocolate with bacon in it…haven’t found it yet. Gotta hone my baconey senses better.

  8. My mom’s scrambled eggs are awesome! She puts a little chive (which I hate), a very little bit of cheese and cooks them just right. I can never make them the same.

    Her tuna salad is also the best. In fact, I don’t eat it anywhere else. She uses the solid white tuna, light hellmann’s, a little onion and something else… man, it’s just amazing! I eat it straight out of the bowl!

  9. Agreed!

    My step-dad on the other hand, used to make the WORST scrambled eggs. They were soooo runny and undercooked, you could almost drink them. *barf*.

    But thankfully this post was about “Yo’ Momma’s Eggs”, which are indeed, delicious! They look a lot like that picture, in fact!

  10. For me it’s my brother’s scrambled eggs, actually — he’s the real cook of the family. But yeah, nothing like your family’s cooking :)

  11. My family and I always comment on this haha. My late Nonna made awesome Italian ones, my Grammy makes incredible ones that have lots of milk, and my mom makes very basic, but still delish ones that I enjoy often. Ohhh so good

  12. I hate my mother’s scrambled eggs she always under cooks them so I have to put them back in the pan for a few more minutes.

  13. MMMMMMM. I used to scramble for Mom’s scrambled eggs. No yoke, she shelled out the best. (trivia: how many parts to an egg?)
    6. Also: Did you know that when you eat a chicken egg, your not really killing the chicken? That is because the dad of the chick didn’t fertilize the egg yet, so their will never be a chicken in that egg.)
    Okay, I’ll scram.

  14. This post reminds me of something my mom always says: “Eggs are always better when somebody else makes them”.

    …Especially now that I don’t live at home anymore. I can TRULY appreciate how delicious my mother’s scrambled eggs are as opposed to the rubbery, tasteless, quantity-over-quality dorm eggs that I’ve been choking down for the past 8 months.

  15. Actually, my dad’s are the best, in this instance. He’s not a complicated chef and doesn’t know a whole lot of recipes, but those he does, he prepares with abandon.

    1. ME TOO! My dad is actually better at breakfast than my mom. He can make ANYTHING!!!

      But my mom wins, hands down, for every other meal.

  16. On the theme of eggs, in particular on the hard boiled variety, I would like to add that it is AWESOME when you roll an egg on the table, create an egg-quator, and successfully remove the shell in two neat pieces!

  17. My dad’s are the best. Tomato sauce and taragon and toast, oh my! Mum never makes enough. I can eat 6 eggs and 2 slices of toast and that makes me full (what my dad gives me) and she makes 9 for three of us… Isn’t it also awkward when your Grandma and Dad both want to make you french toast and you have to say who’s you like better?

  18. My mom puts potatoes and onions in her scrambled eggs. What I really love is when she’s feeling nice and gets up to make them for me before I leave for class. (Being a live-at-home college student has some seriously cool benefits.) =D

  19. I had a Celtic gaurdian~one of the best ever; cook and man I’ve known!
    He’s not a mum, but I have to say, he made the best thing he called Easter pizza, and it was scrambled eggs with a whole lot of other goodies and it was delectable. I must locate the recipe!
    Freddo, did you see there’s a Duck in the house??? Look up…it’s true!
    Another thing, I have some friends who grow virgin eggs and they are the best…stress-less eggs, never fertilized…you can taste the difference!Just one more thing, children or not, you should read this beautiful story:
    “Emma’s Eggs”, by Margureit Ruurs.

  20. I remember when I was seven I tried to make scrambled eggs and I had to almost go to the hospital. I had literally burned the hell out of my arm when reaching for the balsamic vinegar for no apparent reason whatsoever. Still have scars today

  21. Having lunch with my daughter, Janella, and we both decide at the same time to check the AWESOME app on our iPhones for today’s awesome thing. . She then said I made awesome eggs!! Thank you all!!

  22. Omigosh this is so true. I have never thought about it before but I guess that’s the whole point and beauty of this app!!! Yay scrambled eggs!!! Awesome!

  23. Naja mein Vadder macht super Rührei! Aber meine Mama macht die besten Weich gekochten Eier <3 love my Mami

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