#591 Sitting on your freshly made bed and admiring your work after cleaning your room

Once again your room is at the top of its game.

No more tripping on crumpled jeans flowers on your way to the light switch. No more grabbing random sweaters off your desk only to notice streaky mustard stains later in the day. Nope, no more dust bunnies, no more dried-out pudding cups, and no more bedside tables jammed with junk.

As you sit on your bed and look around you enjoy a brief moment of living in an IKEA magazine. Crisp and clean, free and fresh, you can practically hear the phone ringing and a fast-talking group of Scandanavian engineers begging to come over and study your work.

Well, if they call then I say let them come onnnnnnnn over.

Let them stare down their glasses at your tightly crisped bedsheets. Let them make clipboard notes on your clean carpet vaccuum streaks. And let them swipe their lab coat sleeves on your dust-free couch seats.

Yes, you burned the clock cleaning up the joint and now your place is sparkling and looking special. It’s always nice stopping to soak it all in.


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47 thoughts on “#591 Sitting on your freshly made bed and admiring your work after cleaning your room

  1. Thanks for using one of the old IKEA magazine pictures, from before they switched to Verdana.


  2. It’s awesome to have a sparkling clean room … but it only lasts for about 2 days before it gets messy again. That’s my room!

    1. If you get a bicycle pump and pump cold air under the covers after you’ve made your bed it feels crisper for longer…My Gran knows some pretty awesome stuff! (she has a special pump to plump up pillows two! its really wierd!)

  3. 2 days? Wow, mine stays clean for 1 if I am lucky. Not to mention it’s a week long effort to get it clean in the first place. However, I do feel that sense of accomplishment! Mmm actually I’m in the midst of cleaning my room right now. So give me a week and I will be feeling this particular AWESOME!!!

  4. amazing site.
    awesome entry.

    one little thing:

    “Once again your room is at the top of it’s game.”



  5. Once I was looking at something purchased from Ikea and I noticed it said “Made in Russia”. Needless to say I was disappointed

  6. Amazing that even as I grow older, my room is the one that takes the abuse. (How can I force the kids to make sure their bedrooms are clean when mom’s is the catch-all storage unit of the house) It is the one that takes the hit when rush cleaning is needed elsewhere when guests are coming over… it is sooo awesome when it is finally clean!!

  7. This one is one of my absolute favorite awesome things! Yes yes! Best feeling, especially after you’ve rearranged furniture. Then it’s even MORE fun!

  8. If only this post was about how good you feel when the BATHROOM is clean, THEN I could have made another tick mark. Alas. It is not.

    1. We haven’t had a bathroom post in a while. I think we’re due… I fully expect one in the next 10 posts..

      Don’t disappoint us Neil!

  9. Alas, that wonderful feeling only lasts 2 seconds when you have a cat who literally rejoices in distributing his hair evenly across the bed in a maneuver that is SO cute IT is AWESOME. I call it the “drop and roll”. It’s highly effective at disarming any notion that crisp clean sheets are worth a retort.

  10. I did this New Year’s weekend. I even put up decorations that were still in the original boxes thus, consequently, collecting dust bunnies. It was definitely AWESOME!

  11. That is awesome! I love nothing more than collapsing on the couch after a long day of cleaning and just enjoy all my hard work! Until someone comes along and drops crumbs on the floor… :-/

  12. Yes, the enjoyment I get from having a clean room slightly over comes displeasure I get from a messy room. So I too like clean every now and again! But i would say awesome is when some one cleans for you!!

  13. This was me on Monday! I’ve been sick and am finally feeling better–I had a burst of “I feel GREAT” energy–and I cleaned the WHOLE HOUSE! But my room got the special treatment–hung up the clothes, tossed the trash, vacuumed everything…awesome : )

  14. You can go further and have a shower, Clean clothes and a glass of water, have it on a Friday and have a brand new book to read…now thats awesome!

  15. This feeling is beyond AWESOME! I literally jump on my bed, back against the pillows, and smile like an idiot. If only the clean-state could withstand the test of time (or at least a whole week).

  16. I just found out about this site today, and I just cleaned my room and sat down on the bed to read it. That is awesome. Oh and for the ‘e-mail required’, I gave the one I never check =)

  17. Do you have a presence on twitter? I can’t seem to find #591 Sitting on your freshly made bed and admiring your work after cleaning your room | 1000 Awesome Things on there and I would like to connect with you there. I like your writing style, thanks Lacey Schultz

  18. You know those clips that show the high and low room design budget strategies?
    Well, I’m always tempted to develop “The latest and greatest in ecclectic,
    nifty-thrifty-frugal-finds, naturally simplistic styles and designs for the gratefully alike minds.” This is one thing I’m really good at and proud of too! So that’s what I’m tempted to do. “What a feeling!”

  19. I luv that feeling especially when the sun is peeking through the window! The AWESOME app really makes us stop and appreciate the small things in life.

  20. I just cleaned my room last weekend because I had an openhouse, we are moving! so everyone that came in got to admire my work, like to engineers you were talking about,

  21. Wow my room is never Like that like it takes a month just to clean under my bed jkjk but still it takes enough time just to make ur bed so just do that n have the rest of the day to ur self no on the bed or floor

  22. My mom always tells me to clean my room, but I don’t often do it. Then when I finally do, I look back at my room, and I feel like I’ve broken into someone’s house and I’m admiring their room. My room never looks like that. I wonder….

  23. That sounds like a really wonderful and calming experience indeed. Sometimes we just need to take one day off from anything and everything that we do to just set aside sometime for our rooms and other parts of the house. Organize all the knick knacks and other loose items inside one storage container and do not forget to label accordingly for easy retrieval later. Those that are lying around, find a correct place for them like wardrobe and so on.

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