#589 Making the first footprint in fresh snow

Peek outside on a snowy afternoon and the world moves in slow motion. Jumbo flakes float to the ground and coat your cracked sidewalks and patchy lawns in a thin blanket of bright white. Winds whisper through the willows as you strap your boots on and bundle up to head outside.

Making those first fresh footprints in the snow is a great feeling. You’re an explorer blazing a new trail, a skier hitting the slopes early, or just a suburban hiker carving a new path home.


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31 thoughts on “#589 Making the first footprint in fresh snow

    1. It’s acceptable if you can see that birds or something have been on it, but I agree that while making the first step is satisfying it’s best when it’s untouched.

  1. I hate it when the snow becomes all muddy after a while, so the first moments of untouched snow are always great!

  2. It was funny to see this today with the weather snowing like crazy here in Maine. Hopefully I will get to go out and make lots of footprints :)

  3. Even better then this is seeing little animal prints in he snow when you first walk out the door. You had a little furry visitor.


  4. Young it was fun. Now, older there is NO fun in,on, or around it. Gimme 70 degrees anytime.
    Can’t even was my car until after it’s gone !
    Hey kiddies, don’t eat the yellow snow.

  5. I stay in a part of world where it doesn’t snow.(In a desert actually,but why overstate :) ]….I’m sure it must be awesome…………………….Making a footprint in a sand dune before anyone does……….It pretty awesome too

  6. Snow is great. But that certain variety with a crust of ice on top that somehow pushes up your jeans and manages to get to your leg is awful.

    and two sets of footprints are even better.

  7. Agh, that’s it, I need to move up North someday. Tennessee winters, where we get freezing cold rain instead of snow, really suck.

  8. If I feel mischievous, every now and then I hop a couple of metres in a bid to try and confuse other people who may wander along the path. “Where did that person’s leg suddenly disappear to? How odd.”

  9. Omg sooooo true! I love living in Nova Scotia! And fresh snow us one if the best parts! It’s so clean, crisp, and beautiful! Nothing like it!

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