#588 Tossing garbage in the trash can from far away

If your bad back, busted ankle, or bum knee is keeping you off the courts, then get ready to lean back in your desk chair and reminisce about the game you loved…

Just crumple that hot inky sheet yanked from the photocopier’s paper-jammed bowels, swivel your desk chair sideways, and shoot a majestic three-pointer into the metal garbage bin. And don’t worry — if you’re inside the line, just go with a hook shot, buzzer beater, or big swooping alley-oop over to the glass fire extinguisher case hanging on the wall.

Two points!

Now, before you start firing, it’s important to really make sure you’ve got a size and weight that works. Crumpled printer paper and waxy, balled-up hamburger wraps are great. Flimsy granola bar wrappers and chewed up gum generally is not. If you try tossing those things you could find yourself missing the hoop and then casually glancing around to see who saw before sheepishly sharp-elbowing you way to the basket so you can scoop your own dirty rebound.

No, the key to pulling it off is simple: Grab a ball that flies, aim your hands to the sky, and fire that garbage into the trash can nearby.


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36 thoughts on “#588 Tossing garbage in the trash can from far away

  1. and if your not so great in real life (like me), then theres the iphone app – paper toss. :) much much easier & still get that great feeling of accomplishment when you get it in first go :)

  2. Don’t you mean into the recycling bin? Surely, you didn’t just write something about paper going into the garbage…

        1. Haha. I was thinking that you’re all tools for thinking that recycling matters.

          What a coincidence!

          1. Not recycling would quickly deplete forests and cost everyone money. It matters environmentally, economically, and it’s a plain good manners. Didn’t you ever learn that? But perhaps you’re kidding.

        2. Yes!!!! In my municipality you can be fined for throwing paper in the garbage. Reduse, reuse, recycle!! :)

    1. Thanks David Suzuki. You’re really making an impact on the world…

      I really don’t understand why people have to be so politically correct when it comes to this. Good job, you saved a tiny fraction of a tree. Would you like a parade? It’s a piece of paper, get over it.

    1. Great idea… maybe call it the Office Olympics? Other games could include:
      – opening the bathroom door without touching the handle (creativity)
      – fastest at weighing packages for postage
      – fastest paper jam fix
      – most vendors visited in food court/cafeteria to create your lunch
      – fastest time to get a coffee
      – closest parking spot

    1. That’s a high risk/high reward strategy.. if you make it, you’re struting down the court like MJ.. you shoot an embarassing airball that comes up short? Get ready to catch a few glances that makes you feel like if a giant game of train station dodgeball were to break out, you’d get picked last… just like back in gym class.

      Or is that just me?

      1. If you miss, you have to get up, pick it up, and then shoot it again around behind your back from right beside the bin so it can’t miss. And then celebrate like you meant to do that all along.

  3. I did that today in the cafeteria with an empty cup of coffee. Gave me a feeling of awesomeness while writing my boring essay.

  4. My version is heaving the trash into the rubbish bin in front of my apartment building (European city so the trash bins are on the street). It’s just so satisfying to see that plastic bag o’ smelly fruit/coffee grounds/that thing from the fridge sail though the open lid of the bin to land with a wet thud in the bottom of the bin. Bags of used kitty litter are great for this too.

  5. Haha :D I do it all the time. And if I don’t make it, it all goes down with a “pfffft…”, If I do make it though… Who’z Shaquille? WHOOOOOO? :P

  6. Last year i went to throw out a friend’s rubbish and i missed, not once, not twice, but three times. It was all the more embarrassing for the fact that i was literally 40cm away from the bin!

  7. On a larger scale, I love when I’m taking a whole bag to the dumpster and I can fling it in from at least ten steps away. Just gotta be careful – one miss with a weak or badly-tied bag, and I could be cleaning up for another 20 minutes.

  8. Does it count when you trow the paper at that ‘super annoying’ guy in the seat next to you?
    Ten points for getting him square in the face!!!! :)

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