#587 Taking your ponytail out

Okay, you know how good it feels when you peel your socks off at the end of the day? You know how your crinkly leg hairs all get a chance to relax, stretch out, and breathe a sigh of relief?

Well, taking out your ponytail is like that times a million.

All your hair unbends and finally points the other direction. Shivers shake down your spine as you bend your neck and shake your hair out. Yes, all the pressure just melts away and it feels like an instant scalp massage. Plus, if you tied your shaggy mane up when it was wet then it’s even better because somehow everything was twisted even tighter up in there.

Taking your ponytail out is the getting comfy equivalent of putting on your PJs, taking your bra off at the end of the day, or twisting around all your sheets and blankets in the middle of the night till you get ’em jusssssssssst right.


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68 thoughts on “#587 Taking your ponytail out

  1. Omg! Just took socks off! Feet feel amazing!!! It’s nice to recognise the little things we take for granite.

  2. This is such a wonderful feeling! As a guy who’s recently grown out his hair, I just love taking my hair out a ponytail at the end of the day. It makes me want to sigh with relief and moan with pleasure at the shivers running down my spine, even more so when I massage my scalp after letting my hair out. Heavenly!

    The same thing happens if I let my hair out in the wind on the beach. The wind stimulates the nerve endings on my scalp and oh my God, it’s amazing!

    I can’t believe society has denied men this awesome feeling by making them keep their hair short. I’m not cutting my hair, no matter what people say!

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