37 thoughts on “#586 That one old guy in the grocery store who knows exactly where everything is

  1. Yes, that guy is amazing. There’s always one. Better than those greeters who don’t know where anything is. =)

  2. Oh man, I know someone EXACTLY like this at our local grocery store! He’s simply unbelievably, we need to step back and admire such dedicated employees!

  3. You’re right
    This is much better than the guy stocking shelves who you ask “where are the diced pineapples?” and he very assuringly replies “next aisle over” and you realize it’s in the aisle you were standing in when you asked….

  4. I used to work with such a guy in a DIY store. Not just did he know where all of the several thousand products were but had a 6 digit product code memorised for every one of them!

    What made it all the more impressive was that it was one of his two full-time jobs and he was usually drunk!

  5. I’ve got an independent bookstore owner like that. I can go in and say “I want a book… it’s about the Civil War… and there’s a dog in it….” and he’ll disappear behind his stacks and come up with exactly what I’m looking for, probably priced below three bucks, and throw in his personal review for free. AWESOME!

  6. Especially when you’re looking for something and u give the worst and most vague description ever and they know exactly what you’re talking about and where it is.

    Love that!

  7. This is a good one! I used to work in a grocery store as a student, and the full-time old guys were awesome! (except for the pervy one in the meat department)

    1. I don’t know what it is exactly, but every meat department seems to have that perv in it…

  8. My wife works at a small town retail store (the only one in town), and even though she’s usually at the checkout, if any cust. asks for an item, she’ll reply with a straight face; “It’s a small store….ya can’t miss it.” Nobody has complained in 5 years, everybody finds what they need, and most of the people know where everything is anyway.

  9. I’m that “old guy”…or was. Now it seems the stores move things overnight almost everynight….hoping the buyer will buy 14 other items while looking for the only item not yet in his cart.

  10. I stumped that guy one day. My wife had asked me to pick up some mint garlic. I looked and looked and could not find it, so I broke down and asked for help. The guy I asked had no idea, so he got on the phone. “uh uh. Yes, that would make sense. Hold on.” He looks at me – “is it possible that she asked for minced garlic?” I said yes, that would make sense. “Aisle 14, bottom right”. I slouched away embarrassed, but it does make a good story.

  11. I am that young girl…ask me where any office supply in Staples is and I’ll tell you what aisle, whether it’s on the left or right side, how far down the aisle, what it’s next to, and whether its high, mid or low on the shelf. Sometimes I’ll be able to tell you what color packaging it’s in.
    We can do this because we’ve had to put the product on the shelf a million times….

  12. That’s my dad. A DBA in his real life, he works a part time job at the local grocery store on nights and weekends. I never have to worry about finding anything when I go shopping with him.

    (Older employees rock.)

  13. My bio-dad makes up the corniest jokes ever, like on the last trip we ever took, we’re passing a farmer and he says, “HAY truck!”
    He visited a few years ago, we were walking downtown and he says, “My eyes are sure getting bad. What’s the name of that grocery store?” I answer, “Askews.”
    His response, “I just thought I’d ASK-EW,” with an elbow nudge and a belly laugh.
    Seriously, this family owned and operated grocery store has the best customer service; all of them either know or will help you find whatever you’re looking for.

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  15. I started working in a grocery store when I was 16. I will be 21 next month and it is the only job I have ever had. I’m not an old man… but I totally know where everything is! Until now I just thought it was sad. I’m glad to find out people think it’s awesome. :)

  16. I love how some people don’t know where anything is and then you ask another person and he/she knows where everything is!

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