#584 That one email account you use for all your spam

Sorry, you need my email address?

Sure, no problem open house real estate agent, clothing store mailing list, or random membership-required website.

Hit me up at idontcheckthisaccount @sorryaboutthat.com


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55 thoughts on “#584 That one email account you use for all your spam

  1. The best is when you’re bored at work one afternoon with nothing to do and you read the emails!! I usually do that about once a month, just to find out how much viagra is going for these days…

    1. 100 in 3 months? My old email gets more than that in a day or two. You clearly don’t have enough people who want to make your penis bigger.

      Try harder! You can get there too!


      Even more awesome than this, however, is switching to Gmail so you don’t ever have to worry about it. Spam-B-Gone.

  2. My spam email account has so many email in it. There’s well over 6,000. I haven’t really checked it in a long time. I do have like 5 email accounts though. One for spam, one for work, one for friends, one for other, and one no one knows about so I can send prank emails to my friends and they don’t know its me.

  3. make sure you check it regularly, though, or it might…*gasp*…become inactive! and then you have to make a new one.

    i check my old email every few weeks to make sure nothing real got through (it does sometimes). i love reading all the spam titles :-)

  4. The domain name sorryaboutthat.com is for sale! I am kind of tempted to purchase it and actually set up that email address… Hmm…

  5. I regularly cycle through those :) I used to have a normal email account that ended with a 1 and when it got too spammy I moved on to sameemailaddress2…. but it INSTANTLY got spammed. Same with same3 – but then I caught onto the spam-me-here address idea.

    So I have that, and one for mailing lists that I trust (but not THAT much), and my real one.

  6. The e-mail that I use now used to be my spam one, but then I started giving it to friends. It’s a horrible one so my friends make fun of me for it, but I never knew I was actually gonna give it out. I should probably make a new one for real use.

  7. Thanks to the wonderful service provided by Sneakemail (see “website” above) *ALL* of my E-mail addresses are spam accounts.

    It creates a unique address for every site, which you can later turn off if it gets too spammy. Plus you know exactly which site it was who spammed you.


  8. I actually used to have 20 spam email boxes at one time!!!

    I have one that is so obvious….roxannespambox@(domainname)….still get tons of junk.

    I really think they believe I am a hermaphrodite. I get offers for viagra and to make my appendage larger (which i don’t own, tyvm) in one email, and in the next, how to get bigger knockers…..oy….

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  10. haha, i thought i was the only person that did that. apparantly not. yes! awesome indeed. i check it once a month as well and don’t bother to delete. too many to sift thru.

  11. Back in the day, before you had to wait for the email to “unlock” whatever you signed up for, I’d just use candice@hotmail.com (my first name) even though it wasn’t my email.

    They never bounced back, so someone must have had this as a legit account. I’d like to apologize for all of the emails you got because of me.

    I have to laugh, the first time I got, “Before you can get X, you must click the link on the email we just sent you,” I was like OH CRAP, I can’t get into candice@hotmail. That’s when I got my own spam email.

  12. I once had an email account, but I stopped using it. I didn’t use it for anything, not spam, not nothing. One day I was bored, and logged into that account, and around a thousand emails from spam exploded in my face. I treaded through random promotions from clothing stores I never set foot in, chain mail from forgotten friends, and then this really random email from someone I’ve never heard of. Curious, I opened it. And it from some guy who thought my email adress was his WIFE’S. So there was this gooey message there, and I was seriously creeped out. I was in fourth grade, man! So I deleted the account. Da end of the guy who thought his wife was an awesome ninja.

    1. That is totally creepy!
      I wonder too, how is it the computer knows your interests and all that gooey stuff nobody should know! This confirms the reasons I didn’t want one in the first place, but am now hooked.

      1. btw I’d eat wild flowers, cow corn and the duck I had to shoot before I’d eat spam!

        1. wait, I never shot the duck, but I did have to pluck and cook it. Sometimes you just gotta’ do what a hungry persons gotta do.

  13. Lool, i totally have one of these! I haven’t checked it for probably two years now, but I regularly use it so I know its not inactive!

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  16. I love having my own spam domain and giving each service their own address/alias. Easy to block if it’s ever sold to spammers…

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