#581 Looking at all the hair on the floor after you just got a haircut

It’s just so satisfying to look down at the clumps of hair shards covering the floor of the salon and think to yourself “That just came off of me!” Of course, the runner up to this feeling is when you notice a big hair haystack clinging for dear life onto your slippery nylon apron and then you just flick your fingers underneath it so it slides slowly down to its doom.


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49 thoughts on “#581 Looking at all the hair on the floor after you just got a haircut

  1. I am not sure I agree with you, it freaks me out instead. I just got my long hair layered and when I turned around to look at how much hair was on the ground, I panicked a little. I always do when I have a good amount of my hair cut off, “Will it grown back?” What is awesome is how slick, flowing and smooth my hair feels after a good cut.

      1. Cary and Jen, that’s hilarious. Do you also do what I do and furiously brush your neck and T-shirt collar off as soon as you get off the chair? I admit it feels a bit weird spraying hair shards everywhere, but we gotta do what we gotta do, you know?

  2. This is awesome! To be closely followed by the awesome feeling of showering after a haircut (to get rid of all those tiny hairs that get all stuck to your face and ears… those belong on your alter-ego netherlist 1000 Annoying Things!)

    1. Great call, Tony. The post-haircut shower is a great moment. Let those hair shards disappear down the drain and annoying scratch somewhere else.

    1. Absolutely! I try to avoid the barber as long as possible, but I’m always amazed at the greater amounts of gray hair piling up, and swear the barber is pulling some out of his pocket and tossing it down just to make me feel older.

      1. Amit and Greg, I hear ya! I think I personally convince myself that they come from my old barber’s gummed up clippers from the guy before me.

  3. I agree with the first part, but as a hairdresser, I find the habit of flicking hair off the cape irritating. Not so much when it just slides off, but when it’s a violent flick that gets air. It’s distracting, and I’ve had people do it in the summer and had the hair land on my sandaled foot. Think of it this way…do you really want your stylist looking away just as she’s getting ready to, say, cut around your ear?

    1. Jess, honestly, I had no idea! That’s such a great point. And the hair on sandaled foot thing is hilariously disgusting. I picture a six-year-old with lollipop-smeared cheeks excitedly flicking hair onto the floor and you just staring at him coldly through the mirror.

      Seriously though, love the hairdressers perspective on this.

    1. Eric, yeah, I’ll say. Because it’s like “Wait, wait, wait, I’m totally bald. Where did all this hair come from? And what am I doing at a barbershop?”

  4. My hair used to be three feet long, by choice, it’s now about 1’/2 ” long all over my head and I love it!

    Just had a haircut today and wow! There’s a lot of white in those trimmings. I guess I’ve earned every one of them.

  5. my favourite haircut was last fall when i cut off to the scalp my hair i had been growing since sophomore year of high school (was jr in college @ haircut). the hairdresser let me hold the 7 ponytails that i was donating: it was amazing how much they weighed.
    best haircut.

  6. If the floor is clean I leave.
    If it is full of globs of all colors I wait my in line time and allow the busy barber to add to it.

  7. The sight of all that hair on the floor recharges me for some reason. Yay, that’s n less minutes of grooming for school!

  8. a couple of things… that are awesome…

    I overuse the word awesome but that is just awesome.

    I really want the book and in preparation I’ve spent over an hour reading your blog

    I have this thing where I constantly see if people write their blog on my birthday (I just find it awesome to connect to people that way, I don’t know why)

    in regards to Aryq comment I will soon be chopping my hair and donating it.. It will soon be long enough. Yay! I can’t wait to hold my hair in my hand and have a new hairstyle. I’m so excited!

  9. Seconding someone’s “showering after a haircut” – for anyone who’s ever had really long hair cut really short, that feeling of running the shampoo through your newly cut hair when suddenly, it just…stops! Weird, but awesome!

  10. Just 2 weeks ago; looked like a tri-coloured rats nest, with some silver threads shining through; I thought about your gramma post as I cleaned it up and I smiled.

    1. I just remembered when a “little sister-friend” had cut her hair very short, but kept growing a very long braid; it was in vogue. One day she was in the chair and our other “sister-friend-hair dresser” accidentally cut it off…we looked down at this 3+’ braid laying there, dead…eyes popped, jaws dropped for us but “little-sis” in an Eeyore tone just said, “that’s okay, it’ll grow back.”
      “Little-sister” grew all her hair long again and went on to do remarkable things for she is Chief of Tsawwassen First Nations people.
      Very Awesome=D

  11. Lol I allwayss look at the hair on the ground. I always run my fingers under my hair expecting it to be long but it isn’t

  12. For sure … I have a jewfro with super tight curls and very thick hair. Everytime I get a cut I watch them sweep up my excess and am amazed that the equivalent of a small puppy was removed from my head…

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