#579 Eating the ice cream stuck to lid of the carton

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Yes, in terms of Kitchen Anticipation not much compares with yanking out a steaming, freeze-chilled carton of cold n’ creamy from the back of the freezer. Bowls hit the table, spoons clink on the countertop, and the carton starts frosting up as you peel back the lid.

Stare deep into the light pink swirls, cookie dough chunks, or vanilla bean dust looking up at you, but before you plant your spoon deep into the silky smooth layer, make sure you scrape off the milky fresh and creamy soft bit stuck to the bottom of the carton.

It’s your ice cream appetizer.


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42 thoughts on “#579 Eating the ice cream stuck to lid of the carton

  1. Oh yes, I can totally relate to this. I used to eat lots of ice cream, and the first thing I would do was to peel off the lid and lick the ice cream first!


    1. Lala, I had some ice cream yesterday at a friend’s house and she had a fancy little mini-tub of the gourmet stuff. Well, it had a plastic peelable cover instead of just the cardboard carton roof…

      … it was a lot less satisfying.

  2. Something that I find awesome every time I do it: Wipe my mouth with the paper bag that fast food comes in after I get done eating.

    1. Eric, that’s hilarious. I picture you as a massive environmentalist. You just sorta pull up to the drive-thru, wink at the girl in the paper hat and say “Keep the napkins, baby.”

    1. Mint is my favorite flavor of ice cream. Well…when it was green it WAS my favorite. Now it’s peppermint. The other mint. THAT one’s my favorite :D

      1. couturerin and Cary, honestly, who can keep track of all the mint flavors these days — peppermint, mint chocolate chip with green ice cream, mint chocolate chip with white ice cream, candy cane, etc.

        One of the best things about mint ice cream is that the ice cold glass of water afterwards is extra refreshing.

  3. Using a spoon is far superior to licking the lid. Have you never watched the way the ice cream breaks from the surface and folds over on itself as you drag the edge of the spoon across? It’s not quite awesome, but it’s rather aesthetically pleasing.

    1. Yes! And if you lick it, sometimes you get a little melty chunk that won’t stick to your tongue so you have to keep chasing it around the lid until it melts away. No tongue aerobics for me, baby. It’s spoonin’ all the way :)

  4. Ahhh.. ice cream, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways..

    1) You are creamy and delicious
    2) I can eat you from a bowl, a cone, in a sundae, in a banana split, directly from the carton, between two chocolate chip cookies, etc.
    3) You have enough flavors that I could reasonably eat a different one every day, and get through the better part of a year
    4) When I eat you, I go to my happy place
    5) You never judge me

    Wait! I think I just found the perfect sequel for 1000awesomethings.com…

    *runs away to domain-name-squat at 1000awesomethingsabouticecream.com*

    1. Freddo, what a great list. The only problem is that it makes me curious about the other 994 entries now. Hmm, let’s see here.

      6) Tastes great just before a glass of ice cold water
      7) Name tells you exactly what it is. More foods should be this way.
      8) Comes in dirt cheap and crazy expensive versions… perfect for everybody.
      9) You can’t really make it at home (very well) so it’s always a nice outside treat

  5. The only thing better than the lid is the top layer.. the untouched sugar-crystallized part on the top of the carton, is waay better than the lid in my opinion… if you don’t know what I’m talking about go buy a carton of Hagen Dais vanilla.

  6. eating with the lid before the ice cream in the cup is just like stimulating or preparing yourself for the climax

  7. I know I’m a bit tardy on this post… but as a kid, the best ice cream was the single serving cups with flat wooden spoons that we’d only get at school on special occasions. There were no parents around to chastise us kids for licking the lids either.

  8. I’m definitely a spoon user for this. And it IS awesome.

    Oddly though, I hate eating “shared ice cream” I don’t want a family size, with a portion in a bowl. I want want my own individual-sized carton. And I want to eat it directly out of the carton. I swear it tastes different (BETTER) like that, even if it’s the same brand.

    When I was younger, my parents wouldn’t buy the individual ones because it was more economical to buy the family size. But now that I’m an adult…


  9. Something just changed here midstream and I wonder if I’ve done something wrong for being on awesome too long?!* Kind of “Bill and Ted” or “Back to the Future.”
    Anywhoow, yesterday my daughter, grandson and I were on route to the big city and I got myself a craving for a child-size, (just enough for me), DQ Jack and Jill sundae. She pulls up to the window, most certain they are NOT going to know what this is, but they do~ they told me! She wont join me…I am alone with Jack and Jill; Noah’s not of age for dairy yet. So I start saying how there has to be an awesome written for enjoying every single bit of something so remarkably delicious as this without an ounce of guilt, just like I did=D

  10. I agree that ice cream is awesome when you get it off the lid. Especially if it’s say chocolate chip cookie dough and there is actually a chunk of dough on there too.

  11. I love eating the ice cream on the tip of the lid it tastes better than the ice cream in the container

  12. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the ice cream tastes different at the top but I usually eat it in the end :p

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