#577 Looking at the clock and seeing that it’s 12:34

When this happens it’s like your day is winking at you. It sort of feels like all the mysteries of the world are about to unfold before your eyes as the universe puts up its hand and says “Hey, stop for a second!”

Also applies to 11:11.


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161 thoughts on “#577 Looking at the clock and seeing that it’s 12:34

    1. It is Awesome when I see same thing on the odometer in me car. It is getting to close to 44444 miles… and I don’t want to miss that number !

    1. A kid in my class first learned about pi and then set his watch and when the alarm went off, he and his friends were like, “Pi o’clock!”

      1. I always celebrate Pi day: March 14.

        If you’re ever in St. John’s, Newfoundland, there is a very good pizza joint called “Pi”. The pies have cool names like “The Archemedes” and such. And the food is excellent!

      2. Pi O’Clock! I love this.. I’ve always been a big fan of 3:14, but I never knew there was such a good name for it. From now on, I’m scheduling all my appointments at Pi O’Clock..

      3. My wife was born on 3/14. Everytime I see that time I tell her “Happy Birthday. I’ve always been a big fan of Pi, so when I found that her birthday was on Pi-day, I knew I had found the right person. ;-)

  1. I am definitely a fan of 11:11. If it’s 11:12, I will sometimes run around trying to find a clock that still says 11:11, lol!

      1. My sister always says, “Make a wish, it’s 11:11” and I always say, “No, I’d rather make a wish in 7 minutes, that’s my birthday!”

        She can now mouth this as I say it. But she still tells me to make a wish every time it’s 11:11.

      1. Yeah I always seem to look when it’s 11:34. Not quite as warm and fuzzy of a feeling; I’m not superstitious but it kind of seems like a bad omen…

  2. better than 12:34 is if you can catch your birthday on the clock. November 22nd equals 11:22am or pm.

    That is awesome.

    1. My ex-husband, who never remembered my birthday when we were married, called me and sang “Happy Birthday” at 7:14 which is my birthday, but it was April. Men!

  3. Sarahmoriah, you read my mind. It seems like I catch the clock at 3:18 all the time. Awesome, given that my birthday’s in March. :)

  4. Like Kelly, I am glad I am not alone in this! Any sequence of numbers that is any remote sense of order – such as 12:34, or 2:46 or 10:10 – is just another reason for a smile.

    My only problem is when I wake up at some time like 2:31… I have to lay awake for three minutes until it changes to 2:34!

  5. I like when you have no idea what time it is and you say “oh, I bet it is about 7:52” and then you check and you are spot on.

        1. 23:45 is good too, nice one. Most folks don’t seem to dig on 24 hour time for some reason though… I prefer it.

  6. For some reason I ALWAYS look at the clock at 4:44–4 is the lucky number in Japan, so it’s kinda cool :D

  7. Its nice to see that other people do this!! Whenever I catch 11:11 I make a wish… When its 12:34 I text my best friend…. On my birthday time, which is 6:13 I secretly sing happy birthday to myself in my head.
    Another thing with numbers….I just took a picture of my speedometer~ it was 123456

  8. I love 12:21. On a digital clock it reminds me of IZ:ZI. I was having a really rough night and I looked at the clock and started laughing about the clock saying Izzi. Seems silly now, but it always makes me smile. I love number sequences. Does anyone else look for patterns in license plates?

      1. 8:08 always reminds me of a band from back in the 80’s … 808 State.

        there’s one song that pops into my head whenever i see that time on the clock.

    1. Me too! I also look for math problems in dates. Like two days from now will be 2/5/07 or 2+5=7. Days like that give me a little boost of joy. :)

      1. I do that too! License plate numbers, house numbers, dates, etc. Any random sequence of numbers that I can find a pattern in makes me excited :)

    2. I have a habit of factoring the time. Easy ones like 10:24 (= 2 to the 10th) or hard ones like 1259 (a prime). Sometimes I wake up and it takes so long to factor the number that the time changes, and I have to factor that one too. Once I get it done on time I can fall back to sleep.

      I’m probably all alone here, aren’t I?

  9. I was born at 12:34 AM. :D

    I thought I was special until my niece one-upped me by being born on 9/8/07 at 5:43. Super awesome!

    1. On 3/2/10 my friend goes around telling everyone that it’s 3 2 1 0 and they’re like, “Oh my gosh! Really!?”

  10. I reset “trip2” on my odometer between oil changes, and when I checked it last week, it read 5,555.55. I thought that was pretty awesome. I was driving at the time, so there was only like a 3-second window to catch it.

    I’m approaching 100,000 with this car. I’m hoping i’ll be able to snap a picture with my cell phone once it happens. Don’t worry, I’ll pull over first if I have the opportunity.

    1. My sister recently sent me a photo of her car when her odometer reached 90210. Unfortuantely, the picture captured that she was driving 45 mph when she took the photo! (the speedometer was also in the shot).

      Glad to hear that you won’t be reckless like my sister Mike!

      Enjoy the 100,000.0!

  11. I noticed years ago (before I saw anything about it) that it seemed that OFTEN when I looked at clock, it read 11:11. Then when I told a friend (who also started seeing it a lot, power of suggestion!) – she said we should make a WISH when that happens… so now I do.

    Another friend made me notice that a lot of watches (with arms) are set in store to say 10:10. He said this is because it’s like a smile… I don’t know about that – but it’s true! And, of course, now I see Often 10:10 on clocks… and have to Smile!!

  12. And maybe the awesomest thing that have ever happened to me was last september, the 14th. Few days before i had written 1409 to my hand to remind me of a big day (can’t remember what it was). Anyways, on the 14th of septemper i sat on a bus and i looked at the number on my hand and thougt to myself “It would be so cool if the time was 14:09 right now” Then i lifted my head and saw the bus’s digital clock – and it was 14:09! That really gave me goose bumps.

  13. WHOA! As I was reading that, I was thinking, hmmm.. it’s probably around 12:34 right now, and I looked in the lower right hand corner of my computer screen and wouldn’t you know it, it was exactly 12:34. Kinda creepy, and weird, but also kind of cool!

  14. That is so cooooooool, never thought of it. :D But I do constantly think of 2.22 and 3.33. I only see 2.22 and 22.22, but that happens like all the time. And at some point, before I got used to it, I started to feel like I was Gary Sinise in CSI when he kept on getting phonecalls at 3.33. LOL

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