#577 Looking at the clock and seeing that it’s 12:34

When this happens it’s like your day is winking at you. It sort of feels like all the mysteries of the world are about to unfold before your eyes as the universe puts up its hand and says “Hey, stop for a second!”

Also applies to 11:11.


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161 thoughts on “#577 Looking at the clock and seeing that it’s 12:34

  1. Ah, it was 12:34 in the morning when my boyfriend and I officially got together. It’s a very special time for me. :)

  2. personally, I am a great fan of 22:55 as it’s symmetrical :p
    (also by some sort of freakish coincidence it’s often exactly this time when I look on my phone…)

  3. I have my phone on 24-hour time, and the best are 13:37 and 21:12 (fans of the band Rush will appreciate the latter).

  4. my best friend and i have a tradition whenever we see 12:34 on the clock. we pat each other on the head once, twice, three times, four times, as we say “one, one two, one two three, one two three four.” don’t remember how that started but we love it!

  5. 4:21
    I look at it almost every day. I’ve even been known to wake up in the early morning and see it. 5:55 was what I always saw as a kid

  6. 12:34 on the clock, or the treadmill is awesome.

    But it’s also awesome when the clock, the temperature, and the speed all show the same number as I’m cruising down the road!

  7. I will never forget when it turned 12:34 in the afternoon on May 6, 1978. At that moment it was 12:34 5-6-7 8. I was fourteen years old and running around the house pointing it out to my siblings, who were wildly unimpressed. But for that minute, I was in heaven. It was fully AWESOME!!

  8. When I was a little girl, my cousin and I decided that 11:11pm would be “Party Minute”. So, during our many sleepovers we would wait, staring at her digital alarm clock, for the Party Minute. Then we would get all excited and make little noises like fireworks exploding, giggling for the full minute…I still do it today (I’m 36 now) and it still makes me laugh :)

  9. Better yet is balanced time. I’m pretty sure my messed up mind invented it, but I can’t look at a clock and not figure out what the next ‘balanced time’ is, nor do I like getting out of bed unless it’s on a ‘balanced minute’.

    Basically it’s as if the whole clock was sitting on a see-saw with the point of balance being under the colon. Since the outer numbers are twice as far away they each have twice the weight as the inside numbers. It’s balanced when the hour and minutes have the same moment (apply the same leverage) on each side.

    Hence, some balanced times would be:
    12:02, 12:40, 1:10, 2:01, 2:20, 3:11, 3:30, 4:02, 4:21, 4:40, 5:12, 5:31, 5:50,… 9:52, 10:01, 7:32, 11:30, 11:53,
    and so on…

    I even made a spreadsheet for all the balanced times in a day, both on a 12 hour clock and a 24 hour clock. Did I mention I’m messed up?

  10. I love seeing my (or a friend or loved one’s) birthday time- June 16th –> 6:16. Never fails to put a smile on my face :)

  11. I’m not a huge fan of the time thing. I went through a stage of feeling like I was going crazy because every single time I looked at a clock it was something like 10:10, 14:14, 12:21, 15:51 etc. It freaked me out for some reason, for a long time. It doesn’t happen as often now, but I try to avoid looking at digital clocks.

  12. Was Happening to me,3 times around december last year.definetly something spiritual. i would walk into a room randomly and the time would be 3.33a.m on a digital clock.the number 333 is supposed to be Angels number so ive hear. so if u see this randomly u probably are lucky or it could be coincidence, personally in the experience i had i beleive it wasnt coincidence. at the time i had quit smoking and was stressed out.also witness’d hauntings +types of paranormal dreams.any1 hav more info on this subject or ever experienced dreams where ur in the past.in one of my dreams i got out of bed looked around my room which was set out how is was a couple years ago, i remember sensing a presence.i thought to go downstairs, i tried open my door but i cudnt open it fully it was like somethin was stoppin me. so i thought id turn my light switch on…. wouldnt happen so i turned around and lied on my bed i heard a voice next to me then i suddenly woke up. Freaky!.. anybody had any experiences like this or know anything about this.

    1. I hope you receive this message. You could read, “Entering the Circle,” by Olga Kaharitidi
      and information on spirituality and the truths about shamanism; sounds like you have abilities.
      Very awesome.

  13. i tend to always notice my clock at 01:23, am and pm cause my phone is set to 12hr. my friend Claire has gotten fed up with me texting her at 01.23am when i notice it, telling her the time – i send her it cause she was one of the people with me when i first realised in school at lunchtime “here i always look at my phone at this time its really strange” and she nicely told me “thats probably the time you’re gonna die at”. my greatest achievement was texting her at 01:23:45am just last week. the night before we started back to school. i’m sure she loved that..:)

  14. I always catch the clock at weird times like 12:34. Its creeping me out. Then it rubbed off on my brother, and he was looking at the clock at weird times. And i looked on a box of ice cream, and there was ‘236’ on it, which happened to be my homeroom number in school!

  15. What’s even more awesome is reading this post and then looking at the clock on the cable box and it reads 12:34. Score!

  16. I always think 10:10 is awesome, because think of all the clocks in all of the stores that are reading the same exact time!

    (most clocks with hands are set to 10:10. I think it has to do with showing the hands of the clock)

  17. My friends used to go nuts when the time lined up to be 12:34 on their watches. Or 12:34:56.

  18. About 3x/year, my husband wakes up at 6:49 and that day he buys a lottery ticket.
    My favs are 7:11 and 7:47, to take me away down memory lanes if but for a minute.

  19. 11:11 alwyas had a feeling with it , in arabic اا:١١ is like writing god name الله and its also connected with the fact that God is 1 and the only 1 , since i was young when i see 11:11 in anywhere ,car clock , phone clock . Any other digital clock i feel its a SIGN ( dunno for what actualy )

  20. Omg it happens to b tht when ever I read these things on my iPod it’s always 12:00 am I luv it!!! Especially when it’s 10:00 o clock it looks lik 1000

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