#575 When the guy with a full cart of groceries lets you go ahead because you’re only buying one thing

There you are holding a dozen eggs behind a guy slow-rolling a fat shopping cart stuffed with frozen pizzas, cases of soda, and piles of produce in plastic bags. But just as your eyes start skimming the tabloid headlines and you steady yourself for a long wait, he peeks back and notices your tiny purchase and offers you the next spot in line.


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42 thoughts on “#575 When the guy with a full cart of groceries lets you go ahead because you’re only buying one thing

  1. I love it when that happens; once in a while, I’ll plaster on my best smile and nicely ask if I can go ahead of the guy with a massive full cart when I have my one or two items. People will often surprise you with how nice they can be.

  2. This is like letting a group smaller than yours play through in mini-golf; it only takes a second, and you feel good about doing so!


  3. Ditto

    I love it when I have a couple of items and the guy with the loaded cart in front of me let’s me go ahead of him. I will return the favor myself. It’s a karma thing.

  4. This is so great, especially at the end of a long day. Has anyone else noticed “express lanes” are now 15 or 20 items? What about the person with 2?

  5. A gentleman such as myself will always yield my 20 items or less to a lady with less than my 20 items.
    Usually because I’m fishing for my coupons or my plastic, since I just found out I’m short of cash.

  6. I not only do this all the time, but it’s like looking quickly behind you when going through a door to make sure you’re not dropping the door on someone behind you: just plain old good manners. I think of it as my good deed for the day. I also know that if you came in for like 3 things, you are probably are in a hurry, as me, the at-home mom, has a more flexible schedule. It’s a little kindness I really enjoy doing. And have had people do it for me too (which was great, as I stood there w/ baby medicine and a baby w/ a fever waiting at home…).

  7. Never had that happen, but I’m cursed. I’ve actually started counting, and more than 70% of the time, when I run in to get something quickly, it doesn’t matter which line I choose, it’s the one with the holdup. Someone needs a price check, a kid throws up, there’s a problem with the card machine, the customer knows the cashier and they start chatting thus slowing the checkout process to a crawl, etc.

    And it never happens right away. Not till I’m committed and there’s a few people behind me. If I switch now, I’ll have to start at the back of another line, so I just sigh and feel thankful that I gave myself extra time because I already knew this was gonna happen.

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