#574 Nudging the shower faucet a little bit hotter then a little bit hotter

If your body starts getting used to that hot water it’s time to crank up the heat to keep the steam coming. Or if you’re in a race against the tank just turn that dial without mercy and get ready to lean back, relax, and sweat it all out.


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52 thoughts on “#574 Nudging the shower faucet a little bit hotter then a little bit hotter

  1. this would be much more enjoyable if my shower had more settings than boiling fire, and negative degrees.

  2. Something i cannot enjoy here in Australia,
    Damn water restrictions.
    They want us to take 4minute showers, so its basically get in there, wet your hair and out you go.

  3. When age piles up, pleasures pile down. One of the few, which is not immoral,illegal or puts weight on, is a nice every-morning-shower. One of the best pleasures which costs you very little. The warmer the better !

  4. “He steps under the shower, a forceful cascade pumped down from the third floor. When this civilisation falls, when the Romans, whoever they are this time round, have finally left and the new dark ages begin, this will be one of the first luxuries to go. The old folk crouching by their peat fires will
    tell their disbelieving grandchildren of standing naked midwinter under jet streams of hot clean water, of lozenges of scented soaps and of viscous amber and vermilion liquids.”

    Ian McEwan, Saturday

      1. Yay! Winegirl is in on the fun.. Glad to see we have someone else to pick up the slack when jdurley and I are asleep at the wheel!

        1. I was totally asleep at the wheel! I read the post and thought “hmm… don’t really have a comment for this one”… So thanks again, winegirl!

  5. We recently installed a tankless, on-demand water heater. Now there is no excuse for getting out of the shower until we are good and done. My rule is that I cannot turn the temperature down. If it gets too hot, then I get out. That way I don’t spend the whole day in the shower.

    1. Have you noticed any difference in your utility bill? If it has improved, how long would you estimate it will take to pay for the tankless system? I’m very curious about these.

      1. I have your answer Chad, it’s hogwash; a total rip-off. We know there was an increase to hydro since we moved, but we did everything green, including this tank and our bill sare atronaumically highter than ever before! Very disheartening.
        But on the awesome gratitide note…we have water and many people on our mountain have to haul it in.

    1. Or during a heat wave when there’s no A.C. This happened to me on my holidays last summer. Cool showers were the best!

  6. Oh yes, every single morning!

    And usually when I feel saturated with heat. I turn the hot tap down completely.

    The cold is terrible for a minute and you won’t be able to stop huffing and puffing. But when you get out of the shower you are rewarded with a very comfortable, long-lasting warm-up experience. Aah!

  7. Before you know it the dial is completely cranked and tour skin is so red you actually feel cold again. I love that early morning rush.

    1. I can win gold in this event. I love using 3/4 millimeter turns until the water is hot enough to make lemon tea!!

  8. It’s even better when you think that you can’t make it any hotter, but you check anyways and when it turns it’s like a bonus surprise!

  9. When I take a shower I can be in there for more that a half-an-hour just because it is so relaxing. I also love it when your mind just goes to la la land and you get so many great ideas that you never thought were possible.

    1. Haha, I find that my most creative thoughts always come when I’m in the shower. My friends all think I’m weird because I usually get all my thinking for the day done in the shower.

  10. I live in a dorm and the water never gets cold–if I could, I would live in the shower during the winter! AWESOME!

  11. Hot, hotter, steaming hot, and then, when you almost overdo it: As cold as it gets. Yeah! Cold.
    When turned off–> Awesome!!!!
    Sorry, no cold, no awesome.

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  14. I lik warm baths . I had to have blood work today  OWWY she took about 5 huge tubes of my blood!!! Did she really need tht much!! now one arms smaller then the othery is lif so difficult!!!

  15. Totally!! And I don’t realize that after nudging it for so long it could cook pasta!! But the feeling is great !!!! AWESOME!!!

  16. Such an unbelievable feeling! Especially if its a really cold morning. I also like to put my clothes next to the heater vent on a cold morning so they are warm by the time I get out of the shower!

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