#573 That one person who laughs when you tell a really bad joke

This is also known as The Pity Laugh and it somehow manages to save your terrible joke from being a complete bomb. See, now you didn’t serve up a dud that hit dead air. No, no, your humor is just a little high brow and hard to understand, that’s all.


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33 thoughts on “#573 That one person who laughs when you tell a really bad joke

  1. I love this! And I also love when one person laughs then the rest of the people feel obliged to laugh too!

  2. This person is me! I laugh so easily at everything that it is not a pity laugh either.

    Related: On the 1000 most annoying list should be when you laugh at a completely innapropriate moment (I can’t help it, it’s a nervous tic).

  3. There are two muffins in an oven.

    The first muffin gives a little sniff, turns to the other muffin and say “Oh my goodness I think we’re burning!”

    The second muffin says “HOLY SHIT A TALKING MUFFIN!”

  4. I think it is funny when someone tells a really bad joke, or falls flat telling a good joke. We all need to laugh a lot more, take every chance you can get!

  5. I just wanted to suggest an awesome thing (because, as my little sister pointed out- you must have a hard time coming up with all of these):

    That, “Thank Goodness I Didn’t Mess That Up” Feeling

    You know the kind you get, when you’re having a really important conversation with someone, or on your first day of a job, and by the time you’re done, if nothing went wrong, you’re in this state of wowed happiness. “I can’t believe I got through that without messing it up!”

  6. Awesome! I once did stand-up in front of 400 people. the material i prepared wasn’t right for that audience, still there was one guy in the front row laffing his ass off! I just focussed on him and thank go he was there otherwise I would’ve totally died!!

  7. I am the one that usually forgets the joke, ha! :). So everyone laughs at my attempt to remember it. It’s okay, at least they giggled!

  8. My wife really likes puns.. and I’m always coming up with stupid puns, that everyone else I know groans at, but she always giggles at them. Another reason why my wife is #1 on my personal 1000awesomethings list.

    One time I was up to my usual tricks, and someone told me that I should be put in a pun-itentiary.. my god, she laughed for days.

    1. Another sweet representaion of true love, by Freddo and his wife.
      By any chance do you and your wife give relationship seminars?

  9. oh dear, definitely me. and i have a distinguishable laugh too.. so in high school when my friends were in plays.. and i was in the BACK of the auditorium.. they knew it was me. :)

    and Freddo that is so adorable!

  10. Right on. But … sometimes there is only one person listening who does, indeed, gets the joke.
    He/she might have been the only person there of that subject (religion, nationality, etc).

  11. When i know i’m telling a bad joke, I just start to laugh really loud myself. Then everybody just look at me real stupid, and now i’m laughing even harder because of their reaction. My laughing gets out of control and i cant stop anymore! Oeh man, does my belly hurt!

  12. Alternately, there’s the delayed payoff, when most people do laugh, but someone doesn’t get it until a few minutes, hours, or even days later. Out of the blue, you hear them go, “Hahaha! Now I get it!”

    1. Omg, you have described one of my best friends perfectly. After about 30 seconds, once everyone is stopping their laughter after a bad joke of one of our teachers, she alway says loudly “ohhhhh I get it now!!” which results in groans and laughter from the rest of us.

  13. Yesterday while already seated and enjoying coffee with some friends, some more arrived and while they were in line, I was admiring one girls new sneakers. Then I said, “…but there comes a time and a certain age, when you have to start questioning what’s right to wear… too young, too short, too hip, too not; inappropriate you know? Which can be confusing.”
    Both these friends are single; one says, “Yes, I know; there comes a time when these are the questions one has to ask when dating guys too!” We laughed so hard and loud. The others sat down; both married and asked to be let in on the joke; when told, they never laughed at all. We looked at one another bewilderedly and laughed again!

  14. I am told I am wry and Far-side, so some people get me and some don’t at all. C’est lavie!

  15. Idk how many times ppl keep telling me I’m hilarious …. I think it’s jst that I’m really witty, I cant do puns and honestly I don’t lik them to much but I always laugh at my friends and families jokes, it’s always a joy when ppl laugh bcuz thts the whole reason the person told the joke, to mak u laugh… The only person I don’t laugh with is my math teacher… Ughhhhh he has the WORST sence of humour but almost all my friends have made me laugh so hard at least once that it made me pee my pants

  16. Lol, being a teen, it can be so funny how all of my friends pee their pants at a joke, then we tell it to an adult and they give us weird looks, which makes us laugh harder!

  17. And the time in sex-Ed where the teachers said “now I know that you probably don’t know too much about sex…” lol! We make jokes about it! I love how there are secret inside jokes that the adults can’t know, it’s so fun!!

  18. Ahahaha ya it’s funny the things ppl do and say in sex Ed classes ther was this one guy who super shy and he was at the back row and then the teacher showd a pic of a girl and he ran to a front row seat and his mouth droped and his eyes went huge then he whispered “ther so big” and my male teacher said “I know they r beauti……” then he coughed and stoped his self lol!!!!

  19. I teach middle school math. I find it awesome when the kids humor me and laugh at my math jokes. (Math jokes are rarely funny.) :)

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