#571 Realizing you still remember your childhood friend’s phone number

Etched and sketched into the spider web recesses of our brains are all kinds of cold storage items and garage sale knick-knacks we don’t really use anymore. But once in a while it’s fun to reach back, back, way back, and discover that our creaky treasure chests are holding bits of buried gold.

Realizing you still remember old phone numbers gives a great smile-and-sunshine vibe. Lips curl, eyes twinkle, and memory reels start whirring on the rusty projector as you remember dialing those digits, day after day, day after, day after day. Making plans for the park, grumbling about teachers, whispering about cute classmates late at night, you just suddenly remember those times, those moments, and those old, old friends.

Dial them up today.


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46 thoughts on “#571 Realizing you still remember your childhood friend’s phone number

  1. Now that I think of it I remember my childhood pal’s number better than my own childhood number! I guess cause I rarely needed to call my own house :p

  2. I remember my best friend’s number a lot. Sometimes, the number pops up in my mind and I get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I remember whose number it is .

  3. Oh the old days, when we actually had to remember a number, always had to dial it (literally) and sometimes many times because the line was busy. Back when the phone would ring and you would have absolutely no idea who was calling until you answered. Oh the joy or disappointment.

    Now it is so easy to add and recall numbers from the phone directory. If I ever lost my phone (knock on wood), life would be difficult. And, I can’t remember the last time I heard a busy single.

  4. I didn’t really call my friends, they called me instead. I remember my old phone number before I moved.
    336-2513 :D
    I still remember my godmother’s, grandma’s and aunt’s phone number by heart.

  5. What a nostalgic topic! I still remember my friend’s phone number from 50 years ago. PLUS, it was when phone numbers began with letters: RE (for Regent) 9-2700! PLUS they were party lines! I never thought I was that old until now…
    Lindsey Petersen

  6. Oh yes. I can actually remember several. When I was a kid we didn’t have to dial the first 2 digits of the prefix, so my best friend was 70787. I can also still remember the number of the store my parents owned till I was 12 and since it hasn’t changed I have called them a few times over the years for information about the town.

    Sadly though, I still have to look up my mother-in-law’s number.

  7. very true.
    my old best friend’s number will never leave me! I think of it every so often, and always think about how she is doing. It’s funny how things change, isn’t it?

  8. I remember a bunch of phone numbers from my friends! the problem is I usually forget whose are they, so I usually end up accidentally calling another person.

  9. My best friends number ended in 0008. I thought that was pretty cool until I bought my first house and got 0001. It was sad to leave it behind…years later is was assigned to the retirement home my aunt lives in. Is coincidence one of the 1000 things?

  10. The other day I ran into my childhood best friends mom, which is always a little emotional for me; My best friend passed away when she and I were 10 from lymphoma. I’m 23 years old now and it’s still hard to see her family. Long story short, she told me that they had recently renovated the kitchen and that next time I was in town I should definitely come see it. I said I would give her a call and asked if her number was still 1163. I will never forget the expression on her face after I repeated that phone number, one I haven’t called in well over 10 years. I’m nearly positive I saw a glimmer of a tear in her eye accompanied by an emotional relief. I think it was comforting for her to know that even after all these years of detachment, the memories of my childhood with her daughter were still fresh and will never be forgotten. Not two days later, I was on this site, as I am Monday through Friday, and what was the awesome thing of the day? #571 Realizing you still remember your childhood friend’s phone number. It was just a simple awesome coincidence and I wanted to let you know how awesome it made me feel. Thanks, can’t wait to buy the book.

  11. I remember well my elementary school friend’s phone number. In today’s world of programmed numbers in your cell phone not many people take the time to memorize numbers. When I do take the time to dial-a-digit it always reminds me of her and I smile.

  12. ooooo…. I want to see how many I remember…


    Wow! I even remember everyone’s address except one.( O.K. fine, three of them were on my street ;)).

    1. I always did a small number switch of the actual number.

      Some guys would actually ask you about it if you saw them again. It made it less awkward if I could say they just copied it wrong.

      Although I’m not sure why they didn’t get the hint, but that’s probably one of the reasons they didn’t get the correct number.

  13. After being gone for many years I now live in my home town, same as my high school BF Jan. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called her mom’s house in the evenings trying to reach her!!! 4270? No silly that was 1991.

  14. Oh Neal!

    I came to your site from cakewrecks, and I’ve been nodding in agreement and laughing at so many of these entries (and tearing up with a few too–what a beautiful elegy for your friend Chris)

    I finally had to comment on this entry, because I am 26 and I still remember two of my childhood friends’ home phone numbers! I’ve lost touch with one of those girls, but I’m delighted to say that the other remains one of my very, very dearest friends today.

    Thanks for this site .

  15. My best friend moved away in 5th grade, but I still remember her old phone number better than I remember her current number OR cell phone number. It’s probably because, nowadays, I have this nifty little gadget called a cell phone and don’t have to dial numbers anymore.

    Thank you for the reminding me of the awesome little things that make me smile.

  16. I have a friend who I was very close with when we were younger. For the past couple of years, we haven’t really spoken much, but lately we found each other again.

    The other day I called her from my home number (for the first in many years), and she told me that the second she’d seen the number she knew it was me.
    Made me so happy.

  17. I remember them all, but they all got new phonenumbers, so I can’t use them anymore :(

  18. I remember it ***-3276…I miss her, her parent’s still live there wonder if they’ll give me her number so I can call her…wow

  19. Not only do I remember thier phone numbers but we used to play a game reciting number plates (licence plates) and I still remember most of those after 35 years :)

  20. Tempos atras, ao lembrar de amigos que não via há muito tempo, me surpreendi ao ver que ainda me lembrava de seu telefone. AWESOME!!

  21. I personally did not have to remember my childhood friend’s numbers, only my own. I do miss them though: Zachary, Corey, and Robert. We were friends for years and we were so close to each well since we lived on the same street anyway, then one day, Zach moved. I got the chance to see his new home in and out, but after that day, I never saw him or heard of him again. Then went Corey. We moved before Robert ever had the chance to, but we lost touch with him as well. I’m 18 years old now and this all occured around a good 7-8 years ago.

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