37 thoughts on “#562 Not bumping your head on something you always bump your head on

  1. Do you know how many times this happens to me??? Being as tall as I am I have a lot of situations where a good healthy bump will temporarily ruin my day, but a good dodge will brighten it for just as long, if not longer. It’s the psychological middle finger to shower curtain holders and low exit signs. I always give a nice grin just to say “I just bested you, universe. You can’t stop me now.”



    1. No, we just experience the flip side: being doubly disappointed when we actually DO bump our heads on something, because we’re not used to it.

      But…being able to reach things that are normally unreachable? AWESOME!

      1. Uh-oh Dan.. do we really want to bring up that post again?

        /ducks & covers to avoid the ensuing comment war

  2. Last night while doing laundry I bumped my head on the open upper cabinet…and yes, it would have been AWESOME to not have done that. :) Great post!

  3. On the flip side, one of the worst things is renting a car you’re not used to and bumping your head on the trunk door every time! thanks goodness for hats, or my head would have been so bruised.

  4. My childhood home has a china cabinet that overhangs the kitchen counter. We all have divots in the crown of our heads from its dreaded corner.

    And when you see someone’s head snap up from their sandwich preparations…suck in your breath waiting for the crash…but then…whoosh. Only a ruffle in the hair. Sigh of relief all around, because we’ve all been there, brother! Yep, this one is pretty awesome!

  5. Having lost the hairs on the top of my head, I would have to say that I find myself bumping my head quite often. I don’t have that little cushion of hair on top that gives you a split-second warning before you do bump your head…OUCH!

  6. How about “seeing someone ELSE hit their head on what you always hit your head on”

    nothing better then knowing your not alone.

  7. My older brother is 6-foot-6 and besides it being hard to find clothes that fit or beds that are long enough, he definitely had a clumsy streak once he reached 6-foot. One night after dinner, Mom yelled for him to come downstairs right away. As he came running, he smacked his head on the overhang at the top of the stairs and blacked out, tumbling down the stairs. Now we have caution tape sealed to the overhang, and he hasn’t hit it since!

    1. That made me laugh.

      My sis had an apartment that had places where you had to step down to get into another room. We kept missing them and falling into rooms.

      Finally, her friend told my mom he’d cure her. He waited until she was about to step into a room and screamed “STEP DOWN!!!” Scared the crap out of all of us.

      But it worked. We didn’t trip after that, although we’d always giggle and say, “step down” when we walked into a room.

  8. …I will find it, with my head…oh, my poor head… I’m donating it to science; that is if they’ll even have it by the time I’m done with it???!!!***

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  10. my computer table sometimes when im down there i think about it before i decide to get up i always feel so accomplished afterwards

  11. The weirdly placed shelf right above the area where one stands to scoop ice cream at my job. Got me once, but I learned my lesson!

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