#560 Putting on your most flattering pair of pants

Just slide smoothly into that second skin and get ready to rock the streets with your perfectly wrapped package. Yes, it’s time to shake that booty strong and get your moves on long because you look great, girlfriend.

See, we all have that one perfect pair of pants that fits us best. And I think we all know how it feels to throw them on before heading out.


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30 thoughts on “#560 Putting on your most flattering pair of pants

  1. Way awesome! I love your site! I’ve been visiting for a long time now, and just now thought I should leave a comment. Love what you do!

    1. i saved my favorite jeans that weren’t fit to wear anymore and had my aunt make them into a quilt for me for christmas. it’s so warm and AWESOME! : )

  2. aw man that feels sooo good its all like aw so smoth and flat….then you sit down for the first time….then your all like crap

  3. My favorite pair are all ripped and worn on the bottom, and a stain on the knee, but they fit me like a glove. Makes my booty look good too!


  4. :-) YES!!!!!!! I don’t have many pairs of jeans cuz I can’t wear jeans to work. I have this one pair that I recently bought that I wear almost all the time outside of work. Love ’em!

  5. Awesome post Neil!

    I have a suggestion not related but it keeps popping on my mind everytime I am in this situation: Finally peeing after holding it in for a LONG while!

  6. I do have that pair of Jeans! I’ve had them for over 6 years… sadly I just realized the back left butt part is totally worn, and has turned into a hole…ahhh :(

  7. i have these jeans, they’re ripped from the bottom and have pen marks here and there but i love them

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