#559 Getting to McDonald’s right when they’re switching from breakfast to lunch

You weren’t sure if you were gonna score that cheese-drippy sandwich or crispy hashbrown soaking through the paper sleeve. But you ran in the door and then barely scored a hot and steamy breakfast before the menus flipped, the lights started flashing, and hot burgers started rolling off the line.

Now you can kill your early morning munchies a few different ways. Yes, grab that greasy breakfast before the buzzer, snag a fresh lunch after the flip, or go half-and-half with an Egg McMuffin with fries stuffed in it or a Big Mac with a hashbrown patty in place of the middle bun.

You’re a fast-food superstar.


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44 thoughts on “#559 Getting to McDonald’s right when they’re switching from breakfast to lunch

  1. Mmmmmmm yes. I always used to take a trip to McDonalds if I got a late start at school, and it was like hitting gold when I managed to squeak into the breakfast time slot. I could really use a bacon egg and cheese biscuit right now…

    Oh by the way.


  2. Amen! I’ve full on raced to McD’s to score a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, the best hangover cure EVER. Nothing so awesome as getting there just in time…and nothing so disappointing as missing it by a minute or two.

  3. Once, I arrived at McDonalds at 10:40am (They stop serving breakfast at 10:30am here) and I asked if they had any breakfast items left, and they DID! I don’t remember what I had exactly, but it was delicious.

    Or, one time (truth be told) I asked for a breakfast burrito at 9:00PM! And I got it! (I guess it depends on how cool/indifferent the staff are, lol)

    It doesn’t hurt to ask sometimes. :)

  4. It’s always awesome when timing is right, just like when your at a red stoplight and count back 5-4-3-2-1-green and it changes. Walking into McD knowing my boys can get a Full Breakfasts, wait a minute and I can get a Big Mac, I like that!

  5. As someone who works at McDonalds, one of the best things about the job is watching the faces of horribly hungover people light up when you tell them they can still get an Egg McMuffin. On Saturdays and Sundays we serve breakfast until 11, so people often get a treat when they run in a 10:45 thinking they’ve missed it.

    And I know its not the same as a perfectly crispy hashbrown, but if you just ask, we serve hotcakes all day long.

  6. I remember leaving Knoxville, TN area around 10:35 am one morning headed to Nashville and wanted breakfast. I knew the time zone changed about 40 miles up the road. Down I-40 for about 35 minutes, pull into a McDonalds and the clock there read 10:05. Hot breakfast without needed a Delorean or Flux Capacitor.

  7. As much as I hate fast food, I will admit that McDonald’s hashbrowns are awesome, and eating them in a sparkling clean McDonald’s makes for quite the simple pleasure.

  8. Okay, I need the truth. Is Mickey D’s sponsoring you or something? This is the fourth(?) mention of them in your blog. Surely McDonald’s is not that awesome. Especially considering their various violations in worker’s rights, etc.

    1. haha! i thought this was an ad too! but i love me some morning mc nuggets and hashbrowns so who cares?

      1. Aha ! You got him!
        But please, don’t burn any McDo.In my university, some years back, there was a strike. Angry students destroyed an ransacked many offices, but they were wise enough to leave one building unharmed…the restaurant.
        Be wise.

  9. A couple weeks ago I went to McDonald’s at about 2 AM with a few friends. We sat there talking for 2 hours. At 4 AM they switched the menus from dinner to breakfast. It was an amazing, rare occurrence. It was also awesome.

  10. It’s interesting when you’re in there and they switch it over as you’re ordering. Makes you unsure if you should continue with that order or not…

  11. Honestly, I hate McDonald’s. I get sick if I eat fast food. Sooo… not so awesome for me :/

  12. Ugh.. I was deciding whether or not to stop at McDonald’s for dinner.. now I saw this, and I think it’s a sign..

  13. Does anybody else notice the irony of this appearing right after the post about pants that fit well?

  14. omg. I’m not a fan of McDs (tho we go a little ’cause of the kids), but you make even this sound AWESOME! :)

  15. Lizzie–lighten up! And all of you NOT into McD’s well just wait for another “Amazing 1000.”

    1. Ha! I love the “Amazing 1000”. It’s like 1000awesomethings.com’s slightly awkward step-brother website, where things aren’t quite as good or awesome, and everything is just a little bit off.

      #675: When the radio station is playing mmmmBop, and you switch the station, only to find the other station is ALSO playing mmmmBop!

      And you just decide it’s a sign from above and get your groove on.


      Btw: I totally agree – some of the commenters from above need to lighten up a little.

  16. I’ve only done this once. I went through the drive-thru right about 10:25am. I asked if they were still serving breakfast (I love their breakfast!) and the guys said “We are serving both.” I got a sausage McMuffin and a McChicken!

  17. I worked at a McDonald’s in around 1980 (it built character, I tell you), and back then, we had a one-hour overlap between breakfast and lunch that we called “hell hour.” Hell because you had two different menus to worry about, with both burgers and Egg McMuffins on the grill at the same time, and only one crew to deal with it all. If the health inspector really wanted to screw with a McD’s back then, all he had to do is show up around 11:00 or so and see the gigantic mess in the kitchen.

  18. When I was younger, at around 10:30 when breakfast was over the nice lady who was on duty at my local Maccas used to go around giving out the leftover/stuff they cooked too much off, like hashbrowns and muffins etc, was always good to score an extra hashy for the walk to school !

  19. At 10:30, just about any McDonalds will make you a patty McMuffin (egg McMuffin with a burger patty instead of ham or sausage) or a Chicken & Waffles (chicken patty with waffles as bun). Both are excellent.

  20. I didn’t like McD’s breakfast. But parents always stopped there on family trips.

    I loved it when they’d get there at about 10:15. I’d ask to wait to order so I could get a happy meal!

  21. Yeah!! Exactly!! And the best thing is the person behind u doesnt get to buy the breakfast meal!!! Hahaha!!!

  22. I’m not a big fan of McDonalds but I’ve been too a lot of restaurants that serve breakfast and I always get to chose breakfast or lunch


  23. My brother loves McDonalds but I hate it it’s so unhealthy I even herd that a woman sued McDonalds for making her kids fat.

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