#556 When you’re in the fastest moving lane in a traffic jam

Sure, maybe you’re cruising way below the speed limit, but those other guys ain’t even moving. Yes, now’s the time to smile and enjoy your few fleeting moments as the fastest game in town.


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23 thoughts on “#556 When you’re in the fastest moving lane in a traffic jam

  1. This is sooooo true!

    I was just thinking, do you know what else is awesome? When you’re doing math or solving a puzzle and it just clicks in your head and you get it!

  2. I got stuck on an interstate in Arkansas for 3 hours recently…it was fun to get out of the car and walk around for a bit. :)

  3. It’s even better when you’re on the sidewalk, and realize you’re walking faster than traffic. I did that today – decided to walk to my doctor’s appointment (15 mins walk away) because of horrible road construction between here & there.

    When I started walking, I was two cars behind a bus. He caught up to me three times, but in the end, I crossed the street in front of him at my destination. Super awesome :)

      1. Don’t anyone try to slip an awesome thing past jdurley! She has the entire list committed to memory.


        That’s what we call the Durley-SmackDown!

  4. I think that when you’re feeling sad, a lone, and need a hug…your adorable puppy pops up and makes everything grand again is totally aWeSoMe!

  5. I love when you stay in your lane and the annoying person who is lane hoping gets further and further behind you :)

  6. I just feel that this information is tremendously helpful. I’m sure the following aphorism will appeal to your interest. – “Failure is not the only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others.” ~ Jules Renard (1864 – 1910)

  7. How about when you’re getting onto the highway and once you get on it and begin to speed down the road, you see that the other direction on the beltway is completely backed up with traffic. AWESOME!

  8. Even better is if you’re in the fastest moving lane at the canteen at recess. Although I can’t drive yet, so I guess that pleasure will wait for me!

  9. I pray for this every night before I leave work…it makes the hour plus commute just that much more bearable!

  10. I have this saying, “Shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’, never done anybody any gouda’!”
    However; just realized- not true for this:
    LOVE when we’re heading into Vancouver and because there are so many of us in a car we get to use the HOV/Car pool- fast lane… should’ve, if you would’ve, you could’ve been whipping along in here too…like Junk Drawer Kathy said, “… later suckers!”
    And sometimes for added pleasure, we’ll wave like royalty; give a peace sign or pull along side; just like the commercial, accent and all say, “Excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon?” then laugh and laugh and laugh…always so much fun!!! VROOM-VROOM.

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