26 thoughts on “#552 When you went to the gym yesterday

  1. I disagree with Dillinger… I love this feeling! Because, even if your muscles hurt, you feel so ACCOMPLISHED for having gone to the gym yesterday — AND you get to take the day off today :) Love it!

    1. Yeah, the muscle ache shows that you accomplished something! In this case, IMO, the pain is definitely outweighed by the satisfaction. Awesome!

  2. You guys forgot about awesome thing #804: Gym Pain!

    I worked out the day before yesterday, so I don’t get to take a break today. ;_;

    1. You beat me to it, Serena! I was just about to chime in with that (in an effort to beat jdurley to the punch) – but you won the game today! We’ll get you next time! :)

  3. I worked out yesterday and now today I am in major pain!! So this one definitely makes me smile. I am on a fitness plan, so I have to work out today too, but Sunday is my rest day and that is AWESOME!

  4. I went for a long ride on my bicycle yesterday, so today is my break too. This is awesome because it means I’m going to go for another bike ride tomorrow!

  5. That day would be tomorrow for me but I might still add some exercise because I feel awesome when I can feel my body working and being healthy.

  6. True – you may have sore muscles but you are usually feeling too smug about how healthy you’ve been to notice

  7. This is so true. I participated a futsal match last night and I feel so good today, even the muscles are taking its toll on me.

  8. We all have different schedules, and we all have different time preferences to exercise. The truth is, a person who claims lack of time really is telling us they have poor time management skills. Adopting three 1 hour sessions a week is as simply as watching less television, spending less time on the internet or spending less time out with friends.

  9. I’m grateful to go on a walk-about when I can and on a really good day, free dance!

  10. gaaaaaaaaaaaahsh I wish I had the motivation to get my ass to the gym! :( I loved that day-after feeling..

  11. I usually do Monday = workout Tuesday = workout Wednesday = rest Thursday = rest Friday = workout Saturday = workout Sunday = rest !!! :D

    Todays my happy rest day :D

  12. Anyone who would be willing to exercise in a room heated to over
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