#546 Running to the door when your mom or dad comes home from work

After playing, playing, playing, you finally hear the car pull into the driveway, the boots clomp up the steps, and the key sliding into the front door.

Time to drop what you’re doing and run full throttle down the hallway for a big welcome back celebration.


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57 thoughts on “#546 Running to the door when your mom or dad comes home from work

  1. Though I don’t live at home full-time anymore, my parents like to remind me of the days when I got that excited to see them. I’m still glad, of course, to greet them, but this post reminds me of childhood days gone by when my daddy would come home and I would, just as you said, drop everything and bolt towards the door for the best hug ever.

    You’re so awesome :)

  2. This is, in my opinion, the most awesome thing posted so far on the whole blog. (Not that everything else isn’t awesome as well!) Something so simple that we enjoy over and over again. I think it’s pretty awesome from the parent’s side of things, too; there’s nothing like knowing your children are happy to see you and have, quite possibly, been sitting on pins and needles for the past hour just waiting to hear your car pull up the drive!


  3. I am 20 and no longer live at home, but when I am home for the weekend or breaks, I still do this. As soon as I hear the car into the garage, a get up and race to the door with my cat and dog normally ahead. We always arrive just in time to hear the key turning and Mom/Dad comes in. Maybe it is because I am an only child, but I am always glad to see me parents get home and I always have something I need to share with them. And well, who doesn’t like a good race to the door with the animals? Awesome!

  4. Also related to this topic would be how awesome it is when your pet greets you at the door! I often come home from work drained and exhausted, but when my little puppy Loki is super excited to see me and I pick him up in my arms and get slobbered with kisses pretty much takes the whole stress of the day away. Oh, unconditional love for the awesome!

    1. I have two cats who greet me right at the door, but each has their individual style:

      the male – rolls around on his back just in front of me, as if demanding a belly scratch.

      the female – calmly observes my entrance from the chair next to the door and says “meow”.

  5. My two and a half year old daughter does this! It’s the most incredible feeling, having someone SO HAPPY that I’m home. It’s the purest feeling of all time. The more she learns to talk, the more she tells me she loves having me around. It’s entirely:


  6. My mother said one of her favorite memories is when she came home from a 3 month long trip, and my brother, father, and myself bolted outside to greet her as she pulled in the driveway…
    I love my parents.

  7. I used to know my mom’s footsteps and would wait for them to come up the sidewalk. The best sound of the day…

  8. I see my niece do this a lot.

    She’s getting on for 18 months now so she can walk and run quite easily but when she runs it’s still that awesome “trying to run whilst wearing a nappy” run.

    1. Very cute! My wife and I do as well, depending on who gets home first. We have a whole routine, where…

      Actually, I started to describe it, and realized that it was particularly schmoopie, and probably nauseating for anyone who isn’t either her or me. :)

      In any case, it’s always a big, exciting moment when someone gets home in my house. I hope that never fades…

  9. I live thousands of miles away from my parents and get to see them maybe 2 times a year. It’s exactly the same – my mum running out of the airport screeching or opening up the front door bouncing up and down. so awesome

  10. One of the best feelings in the world is being the parent receiving this greeting. There is nothing like the hug from my girls to make all the stress of the day disappear!

    Truly AWESOME!

  11. This posting made me cry and smile at the same time.
    I use to run and greet my dad in the driveway every evening when he came home from work. He passed away 4 years ago, and I’ve since moved out. My mom now greets me in the driveway when I come home.
    This is an amazingly awesome post, and brought warm memories to my heart. Thank you.

  12. I like receiving those hugs from the kids that I watch. I also love when I get hugged by little kids in supermarkets because they think I’m their mommy. Kids and their pure, unending love, it’s inspiring and heart warming.

  13. I don’t remember doing this as a child (maybe I didn’t?) but my almost-2-year-old daughter comes running to meet me if she gets home with Daddy before I get there. :)

  14. I turned 18 today, and for 18 years I’ve been running to the door for my mother and father :) I think I’ll continue to do it for many years to come!

  15. When my youngest son was about 3, he did this to me, and it was totally awesome. He would hear me pull into the garage, race over and throw open the door, and shout, “Mommy! You’re BACK home!” He’s 12 now, but I still secretly picture him standing at the door every time I pull in.

  16. We used to play hide and seek when Dad came home. We would hear the car pull up and we would run for our hiding places. We would sit there and giggle until he found us and we rewarded him with a hugh hug!!
    My daughter now runs to the door to greet me when I get home. I love this.

  17. I remember when we were kids my sister and I would run to the door and shout “Surprise!” when our dad got home from work. =)

  18. i teared up reading this. My mom passed away over 18 years ago, (I’m 29 now) and I would give anything to run to the door and see her coming home.

  19. Aren’t I lucky? At 52 I’ve 4 kids, eldest 10, who run out to welcome me home from work. Of course my biggest thrill, and I found theirs too, is to gently twirl their ears in return for the hugs. Makes me wish they’d not grow beyond that.

  20. That moment is super-awesome!!! Running into my Mommy or Papa’s arms is the best feeling ever when they return home after work!

  21. now that im all grown up and moved out… i yell out my roomate’s name and run to her from whichever room im in when she gets home from work. its a comforting thing. and im 56% sure she enjoys it as well.

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  23. i simply loved this entry. Me and my brother, who ever heard the noise of the engine first would give a shout out “ DAD IS HOMEE!!!”Or mom if it was her.. and we would compete to catch them first.. running all the way down to the porch and garden even at times…

  24. This is an awesome moment as a kid, but soo soo much better when you’re the parent.
    There is nothing like having your kid run to you.

    Everyday I watch my kids get excited and run to their dad when he gets home from work and it always makes me smile.

  25. I used to do the same thing and it was doubly awesome because my parents both worked late and came home together. Around 9 o’clock there would be a knock on the door and I would run up the stairs and fling the door open for my parents. Unfortunately this memory was ruined when a group of robbers realized my parents came home late and knocked on the door around the same time. I flung the door open to robbers. Happy moment destroyed.

  26. I remember laying awake as the rest of my preschool classmates took their naps. I would listen for the sound of jingling keys, hoping that each time it was my mom. I would eagerly look to see if she was standing in the doorway, but she was always late =(. When she finally came, I was overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing her after twenty agonizing minutes of impatience.

  27. One of my favorite memories is of my then 2 year old daughter giving me the “Happy Dance” everytime I got home from work.

  28. One of my greatest moments every day was when our three children heard their dad come home from the day’s shearing. He would be carrying his tucker box, gear and jacket and the kids would run to him and soon the three of them were all getting a ride inside on him…laughing and telling him stories from the day, as I would watch from the window…AWESOME.

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  31. The thought of that particular feeling, the one I would get when the whole family was in for the night, is bliss. My dad was the last one home. I can still hear his truck turning off and the jingle of his keys to the door. The best part is that while i was waiting for him, he couldn’t wait to see his family either. What beautiful memories.

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