#527 The night before a really big day

Stare at that ceiling.

Sweaty palms, white knuckles, deep breaths in bed.

Maybe the ring’s stowed away and the reservations are made. Maybe the results are coming in and everyone’s coming over. Maybe you’re buttoning down for a new job or following your heart and leaving an old one.

As the moonlight shines in your window excitement bubbles in your brain.

It’s almost here.


The Book of Awesome comes out tomorrow!

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57 thoughts on “#527 The night before a really big day

  1. such a fitting post for today :)
    book of awesome tomorrow ! :)
    can’t wait to get it!!!

    1. Haha, nice.

      I can’t believe I read this post in the book just now. In a few minutes, I am about to accept a job offer for a job I really look forward to doing, and need to tell my present job, where I love the people I work with, that I will no longer be working there. Definitely not easy. I spent last night talking over possible scenarios with my wife before going to sleep. So I can attest, this post is bang on.

      I hope it all turns out well.

  2. Or the night before a long road trip, where you end up leaving on just three hours of sleep because you just can’t wait any longer.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on that book! (oh wait, I have one already, w00t!!!1)

  3. Congrats on the book hitting stands tomorrow! I will definitely be putting it on my birthday wish-list!!

  4. AHHHH!!!! So excited for you….I will for sure be thinking about you tomorrow! I’ll be looking for that book in every bookstore I enter.

  5. Oh comon… I just signed up for your RSS feed today, and hours later you come up with this?

    I have two tests tomorrow! =P

    …also half past midnight at the moment.

  6. what an inspiring quote for my day tomorrow, i have my last appointment to close the financial aid portion, for the start of my following (and first) year of college.

    I’m sure most everyone here knows that this happens to be the hardest, and most nerve-racking part. lol.

  7. I read this a full two minutes ago in my reader and then moved on to fashion blogs, and it took me a second to figure out that I was still smiling two minutes later because of this post. CONGIANTRATULATIONS! I love this blog.

  8. Fitting in that it’s my birthday tomorrow as well. I mean not as exciting as a book release, but still cool.

  9. I love this feeling. I usually can’t sleep the night before a big day. Its like being a kid and trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve. Anxious, excited, maybe a little scared….

    We are all excited for tomorrow. Congrats, Neil!!!

  10. Or the night before your going on a big trip when you are a kid – and you can’t sleep

    or Christmas eve…


  11. I have this feeling at least once a week – I try and make even the “little events” so special – I love this post

  12. I’ve had many of these nights before a important day.. such as my wedding, the night before leaving for our honeymoon… its beautiful!

  13. Actually, I loathe the night before a really big day. Why? Because on those big days I usually have to get up early, and my fear of oversleeping prevents me from sleeping at all. So the night before the big day is spent nervously twitching, trying my damndest to stop my brain from thinking so I can actually sleep and be rested for the big day.

  14. @megan

    I have multiple alarm clocks for that reason. Well, not multiple. One “real” alarm clock and two on my cellphone, hidden somewhere in the room. They’re spaced a minute apart so I have time to sit there and drowze before getting up to stop the second/third alarm going off.

  15. You mean the big night before filing my taxes tomorrow, right? ;)

    Congrats on all the success, and best of luck tomorrow. We’ll all be thinking of you on the eve of your book launch!

  16. Were almost to tomorrow! I can’t wait for your book Neil, it’s going to be long term coffee table happy status.

  17. So, it doesn’t really apply to today’s post, but I thought of something awesome while reading it.

    Plus, it happened to me today. :D

    Finally having enough money to go to see that band you’ve always wanted to go see.


  18. I liked the phrase “As the moonlight shines in your window excitement bubbles in your brain”
    Congratulations, nice blog for self help

  19. You’re really right!! I just read about your blog at Yahoo Mexico homepage when I was trying to read my e-mails and I thought this blog is a really good idea!!
    Will never forget sleepless nights when I was a child waiting for Christmas morning or before going to my first day of lessons at school… thank you for making me remember those night again!!

  20. So fitting! I entered the TOMS/TeenVogue shoe design contest and the results are supposed to posted tomorrow!

  21. Congrats on the book and I’m so proud of you! How perfect: Tomorrow is the first performance of my school’s play, and I have speaking parts. AGH! But of course 1000 Awesome Things helps me though. Doesn’t it always? You know what Neil? You are….


  22. Just read about this in the Star. This site is so amazing! Congrats, Neil. I “knew you when” you were at Golden Words. Funny then, awesome now! :)

  23. congratulations! you deserve SO MUCH success for bringing a smile to so many people every day! Here’s to your soon-to-be bestseller!

  24. Saw a link to your site from the ‘Stuff news website’ in NZ.
    I had an awesome moment yesterday while I was having a downer day about my boyfriend. Couldn’t focus at work. I was feeling a bit heavy hearted and had tired eyes from crying the night before.
    I was walking along the riverbank of my hometown during my lunch break and up pops this kid from nowhere. He was on a fishing stand on the river and yelled out to me, ‘Hey! We caught two fish!’
    It was like a totally random moment but was the highlight of my day.
    I said, ‘Yeah, giz a look!’
    He looked at his mate and said ‘show her!’
    I said, ‘what are they?’
    They both replied, ‘Herrings’
    I said, ‘U gonna eat them’
    They said, ‘Nah. We’re gonna throw them back in, dead’
    I said, ‘cool well you can feed the other fish and hopefully a bigger fish will come along’
    They were like, ‘Yeah. Seeya!’
    Something simple and innocent like that just gave me the unexpected boost I needed. It didn’t take my problems away but it was definitely uplifting and awesome!
    As I walked away I said to myself, ‘thanks for that kids’. And after having a glum face for most of the day I couldn’t help but crack a smile.

  25. Today is my first day as a substitute teacher after taking off a couple months and figuring out what I want to do. I am glad I realized that this is it. I forgot how awesome the feeling of the big day is. =)

  26. Having this same moment right now. We are unveiling the book that I have worked on for two years this afternoon. I know exactly how you feel. Amazing work on yours and I hope mine turns out just as well.

  27. This post spoke to me, even though I’m a few days away from this exact feeling. I finally get to introduce my husband to my family this weekend. I am absolutely BURSTING with excitement! I just know they’re going to love each other!

    I have a pretty AWESOME family. I am so very blessed.

  28. I felt that way the night before I went to Anime Boston for -the very first time- two weeks ago. hell, I felt that way about a week before Anime Boston. I kept having dreams about it (which were nothing like the real thing,) thinking about it all day during school, etc. I was so jumpy the night before and I went onto Facebook, one of my friends that was going too felt the exact same way! (btw, Anime Boston was AMAZING! did anybody notice me as being the only L with braces?)

  29. 5/19 & 5/20 for me– the 2 nights before I see Pearl Jam 2 days in a row at Madison Square Garden!

  30. Hey,

    I’m making a rather long move tomorrow, finally going to be close to my fiancé. We’ve had to endure a long distance relationship for a few years and I can’t be more excited. As I lay in bed unable to sleep I figured I’d google ‘awesome’ and this was top of the list.

    It’s a double awesome. Moving tomorrow to be with the one I love and discovering this amazing blog. Can’t wait to get the book.

    I wish you the best with your endeavours, and can’t thank you enough for your blog.

    Keep up the awesome.

  31. Haha, this night is just before me. I will meet my cousin tomorrow, and we are together for just one week in a year, so I’m very excited.

    I love your blog, keep up the good work!
    Good night!

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