#518 Napping with somebody else

Jam your elbows in that stomach, breathe in those shampoo fumes, and squeeze your knees into the puffy cushions while spooning into a quick catnap on the couch. As drool drips, skin warms, and a slippery sweatfilm slides between you, just smile, close your eyes, and fade into a quiet cuddly moment with someone you love.


Great news! The UK and Australian editions of The Book of Awesome are coming Summer July/August, 2010. Dates TBD but awesome is on it’s way!

–Email message–

“NEIL! I bought your book yesterday and I found a surprise inside! It’s a note written on a piece of yellow construction paper that’s slightly bigger than a business card. It says ‘You are outstanding! Every part of you!!!’ It’s awesome. Discovering your website couldn’t have come at a better time. 2009 was a really difficult year for me for many reasons. So thank you, Neil, for The Book of Awesome, also known as ‘the Book that keeps on giving.'” – Julie

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60 thoughts on “#518 Napping with somebody else

  1. I miss this. I haven’t tandem-napped in a while. But you’re so right … it is awesome.

    AWESOME note!

    1. Laura – you have one of the awesomest auto-generated avatars…it’s the simplest one i’ve ever seen. Nice work!

      1. Thanks, I put a lot of time and effort into getting that thing auto-generated. So I’m glad someone is finally appreciating my hard work. ;D

        I do love it.

  2. Ah yes, the ol’ PPS. For those unfamiliar, this would be the age old activity of Public Pile Sleeping.

    There was a core group of four of us, all different shapes, who would twist ourselves together into an everybody’s-a-pillow comfort zone. Occasionally, we would have as many as eight people involved. And even though some of us (hint: me) were scrawny, bony, or awkwardly shaped, it never failed to be comfortable. Those were the days…

    Oh, but I guess regular spooning works too.

  3. Australia and UK experience Summer at different times…!

    I think you mean us Aussies will see the book on shelves in Winter 2010!

  4. After putting in The Fantastic Mr. Fox and falling asleep with my boyfriend I awoke to check 1000 Awesome Things. Maybe an awesome thing is being able to experience such an event and then being reminded by the world of just how awesome it really is : )

    Thanks for the posts, we read them together daily.

  5. YAY! to the australian edition!

    My birthday is in winter 2010 :)

    pretty gosh darn awesome… now who can i drop the awesome present hint to???.. hmmm..

  6. Oh, how I love random naps with my boyfriend (my first true love)!

    My boyfriend and I got the book together and read it while relaxing on the couch.
    It’s a great pick-me-up for any time of the day! This is the most amazing thing I have come across in a very long time.

    It helps us realize how special those little things in life really are. (wink wink ;) Tyler)

  7. Whether its with hubby or my daughter, little naps with them are always awesome. I might wake up with my daughters feet in my face or hubby rolling me off the couch…but its still awesome.

  8. Sometimes, my sister and I will just be watching some stupid show neither of us really like on TV and we’ll just fall asleep like that.
    More often then not we’re woken up by someone saying, “Ahhh, the twinkies fell asleep together! Take a picture!”
    Me and V are twins by the way, so it does look super adorable.

    1. I’m a twin too. Love the term twinkies. Womb mate is awesome as well. Fetus friends works too. Haha

  9. I totally identify with Bekah’s post. Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon power nap with the whole family dog piled on top and around each other on the couch! Often preceded or followed by a spontaneous tickle fest!!

    Thanks so much for this blog. It is a beautiful, powerful thing.


  10. So July 2010 or December 2010 for Australian fans??? Please please say July 2010 because December is not close enough!

    I’ve just found you…you…people like you… are part of my 1000 awesome things. I am just filling up with joy… I’m crying reading your posts, happy tears …over things like glue films and paper towels to babies on chests and this post.

    You are awesome.

  11. I’m so glad I found this! What a nice reminder that most people look for awesomeness and not awfulness!

    Any napping is awesome, but with someone else, it’s definitely even sweeter. And that groggy, dreamy feeling you have when you wake up? Mmmmm….

  12. The other afternoon, I spent the best hour or so of my day lying in a hammock with the most handsome, caring, loving, talented, friendly, and simply awesome person I have ever met.
    There is nothing like being at complete peace with the person who loves you the most, and you feel the same.
    Thank you for agreeing how awesome this is! Napping will never be the same.

  13. Yeah, feels so right when you wake up first and discover the tenderness of a helpless loved one, and say to yourself : ” I’ll take care of you”

      1. WOOHOO … I’d be sad if it went away. I remember the email-change scare of a few weeks ago; that blue square was pretty but just not quite you.

        P.S. Aww a blog! I will follow it :)

        1. :-) Thanks… not a very good blog, but its a blog. I talk about this site and the book a lot.
          Really glad my green square stayed. i don’t know what I would do without it. LOL

  14. Ah… Napping. Gotta love it, and you gotta love it even more when someone else can join you.

    This is one of my favorite things to do after a long day’s work. My significant other and I sometimes don’t even say “Hey, how was your day” or any other formalities. I’ll come home, silently join her on the couch, and we’ll just fade off into Sleepy Land. Aweosme. :)

  15. this post made me smile (: despite the description involving drool and sweat, which is kinda icky. its all a part of the glorious event that is napping with the person you love.

  16. Have you considered the awesomeness of taking a nap with your baby (small child, not significant other!)
    There’s no nicer smell and nothing more pleasant than a sleeping child.
    Oh, for those long ago days!

  17. As long as the nap’s a short one…. yep, awesome.

    Longer than about 15 mins… pins and needles in that poor entrapped extremity (unless the nappers are consummate in the art of coordinated sleeping posture-changing – in which case, double awesomeness!!)

  18. My boyfriend and I love taking naps together. And i haven’t seen him in a little while and you are really making it hard to not miss him terribly 1000 awesome things! :(

  19. MAN!! those last 2 pics, the ones of julie, Made me skip a beat.

    Julie: You are gorgeous!! Coffee some time?!

  20. napping with someone you love is awesome – it’s one of my favorite feel good things !!

  21. i wanna nap with someone i love! when the person i love is gone, holding his/her sweatshirt and breathing in their smell is beyond relaxing.

  22. In this day when there is so much doom and gloom it’s nice to realise how lucky we really are.
    Some of my fav’s
    1. A cat purring loudly 2. When you scratch a dog in that spot that makes his leg go
    3. When you and your friends are watching t.v. and put mute on then try to lipsinc funny dialogue to what the actors are saying on the t.v….works really well for soap operas
    4. Riding public transit with friends and audiably pretend that you speak a foreign language or say everything with a scottish/irish/jamacian etc accent…very fun!
    5. Climbing into a sleeping bag
    6. Someone shares the last oreo with you and gives you the cream half.
    7. A first kiss with a new love.

  23. *sigh*
    I once ruined a perfect moment like this only because “Slippery sweatfilm”grosses me out. :(
    Darn, mulligan please!

  24. Oh I definitely agree! When all my friends lived in the same town (damn you graduation!), we’d quite often end up staying at someone’s house after a movie night because we were too lazy to go home. So it’d end up with six of us all tangled up together in a big old dog pile of bodies on a futon mattress on the floor. Suprisingly comfortable.

    My best friend and I used to take tandem naps a lot too. We’d be watching a movie, and one of us would doze off, so the other would happily curl up and join the other in slumberland. Very sweet.

    1. You will, some day. Not too long ago, I had no idea what it felt like. Now it’s like a mutual unspoken agreement that if I turn on the jewelry channel (lol) and turn down the volume, it’s time to take a little nappy.

  25. Ah! That’s a good one! I was just thinking about that while browsing through the list! What’s nice too is when the other person, while not napping, let you fall asleep on his laps or shoulder and let you sleep there patiently!

  26. I’ve never fallen asleep with a guy before, but I go to an all girl’s school and we’re really close. We’re always on top of each other. I stretched out today and had 3 people sitting on me at once.(: I’ve also fallen asleep with a friend, and when you have a sleepy baby in your arms? So amazing.
    My favorite part is the warmth, I get cold SO easily, but another person is amazing.

  27. 8 people piling onto an old couch in a shady basement and managing to fit everyone comfortably, then all drifting off into dreamland at the same time…Especially when you wake up and tell everyone about your freaky dreams that involved one of them and Giraffe, Very satisfying~!

  28. Well selected pic of the 2 in the meadow~looks like bliss.
    And lovely message to and from Julie.
    God Bless.

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