#513 Peeling that sticky glue off the back of your new credit card

Peel the pleasure.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Smooth Roller who uses your finger to slowly wheel the sticky icky into a little jelly roll or a Stretch Inspector who grabs a glue corner and yanks it further and further until it eventually snaps.

Nope, doesn’t matter at all.

Just enjoy the ride.


The Edmonton Journal reviews The Book of Awesome

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“When I heard about The Book of Awesome, I ran out the door to buy it. It inspires me to really appreciate the little things in life. It definitely makes me feel better when I’m bummed out. When I start reading, almost nothing can stop me. I love it!” – Veronica

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73 thoughts on “#513 Peeling that sticky glue off the back of your new credit card

  1. Annnnnd then flinging it at someone like some kind of oversized booger.

    C’mon, don’t act like you never have.

    1. I’m not gonna pretend. I’m gonna shout it loud and proud.

      I flung it like a booger!!!

      …those people outside my apartment think I’m weird. I don’t think this is something I should have yelled out of context.

      1. I can’t recall actually ‘flinging’ the stuff, but I did have a lot of fun with it. Convincing my little brothers and then my daughter that it was actually a booger and watching them as I gross them out. Or having them run through the house as I chase them with it.

  2. Oh my my. Oh hell yes.

    This is my favorite part about getting gift cards or credit cards in the mail. I always look forward to pulling off that artificial loogie from the back of the card.

    And boy, when that baby stretches…mmm.

    I am most definitely the stretch inspector. Hands down. That’s the only way to go.

    Sometimes I wish the entire backside of the card was covered with the gooey film.

    The American dream…

            1. Yes, well, kind of a timing fail on my part, but better late than never. I realized I was singing it, and wondered why. Cue the light bulb. Hahaha :)

              1. Ha! This was pretty funny to read in full, after the fact.

                But seriously – that was pretty impressive that you caught that Laura. It’s like you two sharea special connection.

                *stirs pot some more*

                /Scurries away

                1. Well, we are funny people.

                  And it’s impressive because my music skillz are unmatched.


                  Remember my wall of records? Eh? Eh?

                  Oh … and I have an undying, unprofessed, and unrequited love for Cary. Is this what you are looking for, Freddo??


                    1. Really?? I was going to guess that the adjective that didn’t fit was “unrequited”..

                      *stir, stir, stir*..


                    2. Freddo, I hope your arm’s not getting tired from all that stirring!

                      Btw, I think you’re right. Cary doesn’t want to admit that “unrequited” is the black sheep adjective of the bunch.

                      P.S. Totally kidding :) Except about the stirring thing. hehe.

                    3. I choose “may have caught you”.

                      Where will this adventure lead? :)

                      I look forward to the next installment. I sure hope it doesn’t involve me falling into a cave filled with skeletons (which is pretty much where all my old “choose your own adventure” choices used to land me).

                  1. That’s better.

                    PS this thread has gotten so long that I can no longer reply to any subsequent comments, so I have to fall back.

  3. Why be either when you can be both??? I like to roll it up first and warm it so it stretches more. I proceed to stick it to random things until it loses its stickiness.

    1. I’m right there with you, man.
      I like to get it as stretchy/sticky as possible :]

      God I love that glue stuff.

  4. I miss the days when magazines would have your address stuck to them instead of printed directly on it. I would slowly peel off the glue and then turn the address card into a little paper airplane.

  5. And tell me it isn’t one of those things that shouldn’t come off cleanly. Nothing ever does! But this does! Every time!

    For the record, I’m a roller not a snapper.

  6. Oh, its been a while since I got to do that. I do kinda actually miss it. I too use to pretend it was a booger. LOL!!! (and I still do)
    And I am a stetch inspector. Grab the corner and pull. Watch it stretch further and further. So awesome

  7. I was waiting for this one for a long time. Thanks for getting around to it.

    …Is it wrong that I do my best to hold on to some of this stuff as long as I can in order to play with it? :P

  8. My dog always tries to eat that stuff. The second I roll it off the back of the card she takes some random flying leap off whatever’s at hand and tries to eat it. I love playingwith it though.

              1. Hooray! Congrats, Neil!

                (I also just wanted to join in the fun love fest that I was missing out on..)

  9. How delightfully satisfying. It just occurred to me that putting some of that stuff on a business card might be the smartest marketing move anyone ever makes. Who wouldn’t take your card?!

  10. Woooo :D Congrats !

    Today I was thinking of two other things and I have just now realized how much this blog influenced me… It really taught us to be grateful for there are so many little treasures for all of us to enjoy. :D

    Speakin’ of which, today I felt really grateful for washing my teeth in the shower… LOL That is totally awesome, when you’re done and the feeling you get is similar to the one you get at the dentist after a complete clean up.

    And I also remembered how great I feel when everything seems to go my way… You know that moment when you feel so special because you find the closest parking spot, you manage to avoid a car crash at the last moment, when the sun shines where you’re walking and just behind you apocalypse turns loose? LOL King of the world ! Awesome !

    So thank you, Neil, for making us see all the wonderful things going on all the time ! :D

    All the best !

  11. I’m a stretcher. I love when you can get a whole bunch of it and make a decent sized ball, then just throw it at the ceiling and see how long before it falls. lol.
    sooo awesome

  12. Ha, my last run in with this sticky goop, i got a bunch of it together, then i threw it at a window, and it stuck, and then slowly rolled down.

    it grossed my family out.

    Oh, synthetic boogers… :)

  13. I just got a copy of your book for my birthday from my cousin Alida. She sent it all the way from Kabul, Afghanistan through the magic of online shopping and Chapters! I keep it in my bathroom and love to hear the giggles that come from guests in the loo! AWESOME!

    Btw I gave you the Sunshine Award on my blog today. Thanks for the positivity that comes from noting that which is AWESOME!

  14. haha. how funny I just did that this morning. And great picture of the new Chase Visa Card, thats what I pulled the glue off of this morning. haha

  15. Then of course there is the reverse. Seeing a license plate from home when you are really far away.

  16. I like that (at current count) there are at least 7 different references to “boogers” in the comment string, yet Neil was able to avoid mentioning this characteristic in his initial post.

    It’s like he just left that obvious connection there for us to all pounce on, without stooping to that level himself.

    Well played, Neil – but we know you’re no more mature than we are. Boogers!

    1. I might even venture that he’s LESS mature than we are. But that’s part of his charm. :)

  17. I love that! So much that I was extremely disappointed when my latest card came with an entirely different kind of glue. I want my booger glue, you jerk bank!

    Not only that, but it didn’t even come completely off. Ew.

  18. OH MY GOD SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY HEAD. I thought I was the only one who played with this glue.

  19. I just heard about 1000 awesome things a few weeks ago and read all the way through laughing hysterically yet feeling a little creeped out because that’s everything I find awesome! I was a little bummed though by the lack of a post about “THE sticky glue.” good thing you know me so well

  20. Who knew other people enjoyed such a little joy in life too.
    You are amazing and this is why, all the awards:)
    Better late than never…Congratulations!

  21. *Stay with me on this one: Yesterday, I was in a growing line-up at customer service. Three people before me had major complex transactions involving heaps of “peculiar” items to return; charge cards to pay and so on. As if this wasn’t enough on the young clerk, someone sounded the alarm while exiting, and she alone, was responsible to clear. I started to worry, the clock was ticking and I was in a hurry to be elsewhere shortly. Then I turned my thoughts to “Awesome” and sent a smile her way. Upon my turn, in a tone of humour, I stressed I had ONE transaction, needed just ONE thing, ONE gift card. We exchanged a giggle. Then as she passed me the card she paused, said, “You won’t be needing the cardboard cover now will you?” I’d never been asked this before, but I sensed this was important to her so said no. She went on in a delighted tone, “Well then, let ME just peel this glue off too for YOU.” I laughed said, “That’s on 1000 awesome things.com!” She looked me with a gratifying gleen in her eyes and said, “Oh yes, I KNOW!” and we shared this esoterically, magical moment of unity, while she meditatively took her extended zen moment to om out, while peeling the glue off the gift card. Said in a theatrical calm tone, “Now then, there you are.” We both had a great laugh and she appeared to be far better off for the rest of her day.
    *Peeling the glue off a gift card, life saving, serenity; incredibly AWESOME!

  22. That IS awesome. Unlike most glue, this comes off easily and without a fuss, which you just gotta love :) Anything that’s a price tag sticker, it’s glue just stays there unless you go to by goo gone or something. Not the case with this. AWESOME!

  23. I totally agree, but i think peeling off the sticker on a lighter has got to be the worse. Unless you peel it off perfectly it aleways leaves that sticky film…ughhhhh…i hate that sticky film…lol…So i end up taking a napkin, soap and a little bit of water and clean it off…Presto! no more sticky film…lol

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