#496 Seeing way worse weather on TV somewhere else

Now, we certainly don’t wish trouble on our neighbors around the world.

It’s just that when we see rain filling up roads, snowdrifts burying mailboxes, and giant hailstones peppering people’s Preludes, there’s just one big thought that flashes through our brains and makes us feel lucky.

“I’m sure glad I’m not there.”


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43 thoughts on “#496 Seeing way worse weather on TV somewhere else

  1. Oh man, that’s a great feeling. Especially when you have a flight to catch and the bad weather is nowhere near you or your destination!

  2. Though hardly as far apart as we could be, my sister and I tease each other about the weather for wherever one of us is vs. the other.

    She goes to school about 10 hours away from where I currently live, so it’s funny to send her a text and tease her about how I’m experiencing a snow day while all she’s got going for her is a monsoon. However … it’s a little bit less funny when she texts me a picture of her poolside cocktail while I’m walking around in sweatpants and a hoodie.


  3. Surprisingly, I’m on the fence about this one.

    I LOVE weather. And when I say weather, sunny and 70 doesn’t count. I like rain, hail, and especially piles and piles of snow. Just gives us another excuse to curl up inside with a book or a stack of DVDs. Not a bad alternative to an otherwise busy day.

    1. I looooove storms (hail included) as long as I’m someplace semi-safe. :)

      I appreciate the changes in weather. I think I’d get really sick of living someplace with only one or two seasons. Every time a new season rolls around, I think, “Oooooh yes! I LOVE this time of year!” Eventually, I get sick of it and am ready for a change.

      1. hahaha…I do that. I was so sick of winter after the first time I had to drive in the snow and I love winter! I’m usually excited for summer to come to we can all play outside, then the humidity hits me, the bugs bite me, I get sunburned, and then I wish it was over.

      2. I could live with winter forever, and people thinkI’m crazy for it. I love winter, I love snow, I love muh birfday, and I love being cold.

        Don’t ask why, but I do.

    2. I do love storms…not so much snow storms. I hate having to drive in the snow or when the roads are icy. I am such a wimp when it comes to that. If I don’t have to be anywhere and I can stay home, yes…I do love a good snow storm.

    3. You guys can keep your seasons and changing weather. I’m perfectly content to enjoy my year round “sunny and 70’s” here in SD..

      And I love this post.. it basically speaks to the main reason I moved here to SoCal. Whether its the winter, and I get to laugh at my friends back east while I’m golfing in January, or its the summer and I get to laugh at my friends back east who are battling humidity and temps in the 90’s, and I’m still comfortable in the 70’s.

      My sentiment isn’t so much: “I’m so glad I’m not there…” as much as it is “I’m so glad that I’m here.. and I don’t ever want to leave.”

      1. How plain. How boring. How uneventful.

        I live for the eight inches of snow, the pounding rain, and the baking heat. Okay, maybe not that last one, but still.

        Freddo, you need to move to a place that actually has weather. Like Ohio.

        1. So this is the weirdest thing ever. Not actually ever but you know how things feel like the wierdest things ever when they are happening! Anyways, I love winter too! I love the snow, the cold everything and I could have it be winter all the time with no complaints. I have never heard another person say that EVER! Do you get the looks from people like, “You are an insane person. You don’t know what your talking about and I can’t believe I am stading here listing to you talk about how much you love winter.” ??????

          As well, I was having a conversation the other day about how much I love the weather where I live (Calgary) as it is so unpredictable. You can get all four seasons in a day! I love not know where the day is going to lead, rain, snow, super warm, whatever. I am always prepared for anything and most people make fun of me for always having a bag big enough to hold my umbrella (and am I right in saying that it is awesome to be carrying your umbrella on the afternoon that it just happens to decide to rain!) or having mittens in my pocket in May. . . until I use them and their hands are left freezing (haha suckers! Should have brought your mittens!)

          Cary, I am so glad that I am not the only person out there that feels this way and I know that you posted that almost a year ago but still I hope you never change your mind!

          One of the most awesome things that I have realized is happening becuase of this blog is that people are starting a dialogue. They are able to connect with other people around the world. They are realizing that they are not alone in their likes, dislikes, wierd habits, wants/needs. The world is becoming a smaller, kinder and more understanding place all because someone decided to write some things on the internet and a huge line of communication was opened because of it. If that’s not AWESOME! I don’t know what is.

  4. This is our national pastime isn’t it? No matter how bad our weather is (prairies, maritimes, territories) …it’s okay as long as Toronto is getting hit by something….-40* with a windchill of -50* and skin freezing in less than a minute at home – no problem as long as the snowbanks keep rising in TO. (We still love Toronto…it’s just sibling rivalry :-)

    1. Totally! Half my family lives in Ontario and the other half in BC, and we have a HUGE weather rivalry going!

  5. I live in Hawaii so I experience this constantly. My favorite is watching a football game on TV in December or January. The screen shows snow and everyone bundled up in sweaters, and I’m enjoying a beer while wearing shorts and flip flops.

  6. Its weird sometimes. My mom gets way different weather than I do and we live only 50 miles apart. I’ll get snow, she’ll get rain. I’ll get a small storm, the storm’s so bad where she is her power goes out. Last winter, her power was out for a week, mine never went out. (of course she had places to stay..I wouldn’t let her stay there without power).

    I also remember watching on tv where people had to dig their cars out after a snow storm last winter. We never got THAT much snow. Yes, it was awesome that I didn’t have to dig out my car. Sorry for anyone who did, though.

  7. “APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land…” As T.S. Eliot grasped, the transitional moments in seasons can be soul destroying…..

  8. I live in that place! as flowers spring out and bloom across the country….I deal with frost and snow. Every May I dream of moving somewhere else…sigh

  9. I do this with traffic reports on the radio. I live in a small town, but I listen to radio stations from the biggest city in the state. It’s AWESOME to hear the words “I-85 headed into downtown is seriously backed up this morning” as I cruise along the country roads at 55 mph.

  10. So.Awesome. Occasionally I hear people complaining about the recent heat, and I feel this definitely puts a different spin on things, that feels fantastic. Rock on Neil!

  11. I hate that this is truely awesome but it so is. I live in the Berkshire Mountains now and lived in Buffalo for college and I loved watching the news and seeing other places having more snow than us like DC did this year. Sorry DC blog readers :-)

  12. I grew up in upstate NY, live in MN, and now live in AZ. I LIVE by this mantra – it’s (almost always) nicer here than other places. Remembering the weather in the middle of winter in those two states always confirms why I love AZ so much!

    My Dad lived in upstate NY all of his life, until he and my mom moved to AZ to help me through chemo. They were always giving me a hard time for sending them pics of the sunshine and beautiful weather, telling them how gorgeous is was here. Now that he owns a home here, my Dad is the FIRST to send pictures back to family and friends of us bbq-ing in the backyard whilst they are shoveling the driveway. He’s back in NY for the summer, and is back to calling me names when I send him pictures of the weather here. Awesome!

  13. I have to disagree on this one. I love weather! The worse the better! Can you tell I plan on majoring in Meteorology?

    It seems that I always seem to bypass the bad weather and fume over the county next door that always gets it.

  14. My father and I live on opposite sides of the same town, and we traditionally head outside to watch the tornadoes when they’re near. Afterwards we will talk on the phone over who got the closest view. The rest of our family will be in their respective basement, but I caught the bad habit from him. We also love hail, but will seek cover for that. If it’s warm rain, no lightning, we’ll be the ones outside going for a walk. Other weather we’re glued to the windows and the weather channel, hoping to get the bragging rights of having the worse weather!

  15. Yup, I’m where the bad weather is (Alberta). How ironic to see this post the day we get 20 cm of snow dumped on us! At least *somebody* feels awesome about it. :0D

  16. I like seeing the little kids playing in the snow thats like five feet deep. It makes me wish I was there sometimes.

  17. Just found your blog after seeing the WordPress posting about you. Making a success out of literally counting your blessings, and the world loves you for it. Congratulations and thank you so much for proving that people don’t just love the crass and cynical things in life. You really are Awesome.

  18. I enjoy seeing worse weather somewhere else, I live in Edmonton which can get darn brutal (like the rest of Alberta).

    What I enjoy even more is when I see weather that is less severe than what I’m experiencing causing mayhem some place else.

  19. Whenever I see those images of people boarding up their windows I think…”huge sales day at the Home Depot”.

  20. I can’t help but think of the forest fires happening in Canada. for those who don’t know, they were so bad that there was a haze of smoke hovering over the woods near my grandparents’ house. and they live in New Hampshire! I can’t actually say that I feel relieved that none of this is happening to me, in fact, I feel sorry for the people suffering from the forest fires.

  21. Ok so I’m sitting here in my English class, and the French Exchange Student totally pointed at my screen and lol’d when she saw this one, and then she imitated someone pointing at the television and made a cute little evil laugh. Made my day.


  22. I love storms outside and when they are at other places just curling up with loved ones in a warm blanket makes it feel warm everywhere storm around you or at other places!

  23. I love the book of awesome!! Something I would add would be hugging a loved one after not seeing them for a long time! I would have to say that that would be the most aweome thing in the world to me!

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