#489 Watching the sports highlights of the game you just finished watching

Couch potatoes of the world, hear my call.

We all know it’s great capping off three crumb-covered hours on the sofa by watching the highlights of the game you just watched. Yes, you lasted through all the timeouts, challenges, and pitching changes, so now’s your chance to relive that Sunday afternoon investment with a quick-clicking slideshow of the best parts.

Also, it’s fun comparing your Sportswatching Skills against the network to see who’s better. Did they show that blown call? Or that big save? What about the funny sign from the crowd? Chalk one up for potato if they missed something big.

Now, the greatest move is when you see the game live and then watch the highlights as soon as you get home. You’ve got a whole new camera angle and can even put both hands on the TV like a kitten to try and find yourself cheering in the crowd.

Yes, you came, you watched, and you saw the highlights.

Nobody can take that away from you.


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“Hey Neil! I am now a broke college student but finally received my first pay cheque of the summer! First thing I bought with the money?.. The Book of Awesome, of course!” – Amberli

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28 thoughts on “#489 Watching the sports highlights of the game you just finished watching

  1. Damn fine thing to spend your hard earned money on.

    Sports is my thing. At least…watching sports. Those that know what I look like can vouch that I don’t exactly have that athletic build. But I do love the thrill of watching a game from start to finish, and it’s always fun watching the highlights.

    I also live for Sportscenter’s top 10 plays. Never disappoints.

  2. Aww. I suck at appreciating this one firsthand. I’ve only been to one live (professional) sporting event … and the game was so uneventful it was barely worth recapping.

    However … I have two male roommates so I understand the importance and awesomeness of televised sports / highlights. They’re practically all that air on the TV in the living room. If they’re not catching them on TV, it’s on their phones or computers.

    I’ll pass the awesomeness along. ;)

    1. Laura – don’t you live in the middle somewhere? Like St. Louis? You guys have a great baseball team there – you should go to more games! I’ve been two STL twice, and both times I was impressed by what seemed like an intelligent and committed fanbase to the Cards.

      However, I’ve got to say I’m on the other end of the spectrum for you on this one. I love attending sports live, and during the football season, I go to every one of my team’s games. However, instead of just watching the highlights when I get home? I’ve usually DVR’ed the entire game, and watch the whole thing again. My wife thinks this is nutty – she was just at the game, she has no interest in seeing it again. However, I want to soak in every minute of the action again. [Note: This only applies to when my team wins. If the team loses, I can’t bring myself to watch it all again. Hurts too bad.]

      1. Two points for memory, Freddo!

        I’m a couple hours away (I actually do go to STL all the time), and you’re absolutely right — there is a Cardinals cult-following, practically state-wide (they’re waaaaaaaaaaay cooler than the KC Royals, the other Missouri pro-baseball team). Plus, Busch Stadium is super-awesome and practically brand new [rebuilt in 2006].

        Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t been to more. It’s not for lack of opportunity! I have friends with season passes to the Rams, friends who work at the Scottrade Center and can get cheap/free Blues tickets, and lots of friends who have season passes or who go to every Cardinals game; one of my friend’s dad even gets free [NICE] tickets from his company.

        I do like watching sports live (I’m with your wife, though … watching the full game after just watching the live version would more than likely lose my attention!! Hahah) … maybe I’ll employ my mooching skillz and go to more games this year. :)

        1. ALSO I forgot to note; I have a friend who plays for the Dodgers … so I actively seek Dodgers highlights/recaps, listening for news about him (in addition to hearing what happens with the Cardinals, which is unavoidable). I’m sure LA is not your team, living in SD and all, but I just thought I’d mention that :D

          1. That’s pretty awesome, Laura. Can you give us a hint as to who he is? Maybe I should draft him for my Fantasy team, and then I can share a bond with you where every night we’re both cheering for this guy.

            It would go against my SD loyalties though, as the Dodgers are our main baseball rivalry down here.

            1. His name is Blake DeWitt (#33).

              I would love to share a cross-nation baseball bond with you, Freddo. :D Hahah.

              I understand about the rivalry, though — everyone from my hometown is always so conflicted when it’s LA vs. STL … victory for Blake means some type of defeat for the Cards.

  3. (At the game, at the opposite end of the pitch to where the event took place)
    “No WAY that’s an offside! What f***ing game are you watching referee? Way to cost us the game. Is he seriously paid to do this for a living?”

    (On TV later)
    “….uh…hm. Yeah. Okay so he was like a mile offside.”

  4. I enjoy when the Highlight Montage is set to some really good, lyric-less music that makes the game seem like it’s one of epic proportions.

  5. love this, especially being from philly! i’m not a real big sports girl, but I will watch any philly team and yell at the tv as though i know all the rules :)


  6. I’m only big on watching the highlights if I missed the game or a really great shot (move, tackle, pass, hit, block, whatever). If I got to watch the entire thing without missing anything, I won’t watch the highlights.

  7. I couldn’t relate one bit, but my husband and all his friends can. So, to throw the mom-with-kids-and-no-time bias here, my awesome thing today was having the vegetables already cut up for an omelet I was making for breakfast. It only seems boring, I promise. http://livewithflair.blogspot.com/

  8. thanks so much neil! i woke up to this this morning and it made my day so much better!
    i forgot to mention i’m going to school for radio broadcasting and talk about your blog/book quite a bit!
    more people need to know about this.
    thanks again!

  9. Yeah, pretty awesome.

    Is that Guy Forget and Paul Haarhuis playing on the TV? Wow, that photo must be old!

  10. Just found your blog and am currently working my way backward. Good stuff! Congratulations on your recent success as well. Can’t wait to read more!

  11. This applies to movies, too… I love watching a really great movie, taking a minute’s pause, and then seeing how the trailer portrays it.

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