#488 Drying your hands on your pants

Swipe your dripping paws on those handy leg towels and let’s get back to business, baby.


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— Email message —

“So…I heard about this blog from a friend and started following it just a few weeks ago! I told my other friend about it, who also knows that I never get things in the mail at college and I check my mail last week only to find The Book of Awesome in a cardboard box in my mail! I’ve been loving it ever since…”

48 thoughts on “#488 Drying your hands on your pants

  1. No paper towels? No problem. I think you’ve mentioned it before: who has time for hand dryers anyway??

    I love seeing handprints on people’s pants/shirts. You know they’ve just experienced some awesome.

    Getting mail AND getting the Book of Awesome?! Double whammy! In a good way.

  2. That’s why I dig a good pair of jeans. Super absorbent, and super hand-print hiding action.

    My hero.

  3. Finally someone who understands me! I’m always drying my hand on my pants either if the said pants are pale or dark colored. My friends always make fun of me. But now I can tell them that drying your hands on your pants is AWESOME.

  4. I just did this!! Like two minutes ago. I spilled some of my water, so I just wiped my hands on my pants instead of walking down the hall to get a towel.

    Hand dryers don’t really work anyway unless you have ten minutes to spare.

  5. I used to have a professor who liked to say, “Clothes are just a big, wearable napkin.”

    Just be careful – those greasy handprints show really disgustingly under blacklight.

      1. You said it.

        Awesome things are about the little things in life that produce the biggest smiles and moments of childhood memories. Pants = towel is no exception.

        1. Wiping your hands on your pants = happy childhood to you? I feel sorry for you..

          My point was just that that it isn’t awesome enough. It gets weird if you start saying ‘AWESOME’ to every single thing you do in life. Seriously.

          1. Well, if the things you commonly do in life include leaving snide comments on positive and upbeat blogs, then I agree – saying “AWESOME” after them probably isn’t appropriate.

            But if you, like most of us, continue to enjoy appreciating the little pick-me-ups in life, then AWESOME is most definitely appropriate.

            1. Sherriff Freddo, mighty nice to see you again in these parts, keeping things orderly.
              Mighty nice. mmm-hmm.

  6. I love this! I’ve always done this.. The reason may sound a little weird, but I HATE the smell of that brown paper towel! And that smell stays on my hands.. yuck

  7. Oh this one was totally unexpected and made me cry a little. When I was litttle, my dad would let me dry my hands on his pants. He passed away when I was 9. Thank you for reminding me of awesome times before he got sick.

  8. While using my pants as paper towels is an awesome thing, I think even more awesome is when there is a friend / parent / sibling / special someone and you can use THEIR pants / shirt / whatever as a paper towel :)

    1. I like seeing wet handprints on people’s jeans; I think it’s funny. Tells me that they’re people on the move with no time to fiddle with towels or dryers (or that maybe they washed their hands in a ghetto location that doesn’t supply either).

      It’s funny to see where people go for it: butt, tops of thighs, sides of thighs … this past weekend I was helping my sister move, and one of her friends walked out of the bathroom with two handprints on her belly — they hadn’t unpacked any towels yet :D

  9. Am I the only one who doesn’t like doing this? lol. I usually find it annoying when there’s no other way to dry my hands.

  10. I did this today! I was covered in dirt from gardening and washed my hands with the hose. Talk about a childhood flashback…!

  11. Ni Neil,
    I love your blog, it’s full of awesome happiness !
    I love making people happy too, come and vit my blog “Follow Bella’s Paw Steps to Hapiness” and let me know what you think !
    Love, Bella the Westie.

    (I had a few issues with my PC and had to resubmit, I hope you ‘t get this comment 3 times !)

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      1. *snickers* my first thought on seeing that post was “freddo’s not gonna like that…” so not awesome, Baza. So not awesome.

        Happy belated birthday to you, Freddo :)

  13. I was already so used to doing this, I had forgotten how handy and awesome these moments are… thanks for reminding ;]

  14. I am blog newbie, but how lovely and awesome to stumble on this one. Yahooey to recognising life’s little buzz’s. Are contributions allowed? If it’s not one of the 1000, (and speaking from a recent cold sufferer) I love the moment when your nostril clears and you can breathe through both. Ta mucho for the smiles.

  15. The next best thing that comes close to this is wiping your lips on the sleeves. I still giggle when i do that and see my dad watchinh :D

  16. Pockets are great for this. Put your hands in, push outward while squeezing the inner lining and in an instant you’re almost completely dry.

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