#481 Licking all the flavor off your fingers

Get your snack on long.

Get your snack on strong.

Yes, as your movie-watching group melts into the couch for some lazy, late night, limbs everywhere screen time, there’s nothing finer than pouring Pepsis and passing around potato chips, cheesy puffs, and crisp-cracking nacho snacks.

People, life’s too short not too snack when we feel like it so keep snacking till you’re lying around with slow smiles, big crumbs on your shirt, and bright red fingers painted with barbecue hues, MSG marks, and Dorito dyes.

When you reach Total Snack Nirvana you’re loving the moment, but you’re sadly stuck with pasty mortar on your fingers that needs cleaning before getting red skid marks on the carpet, couch, or cat.

You know what to do.

Take a deep breath and slide those dayglow orange digits into your mouth to slowly savor the sweet salty encore of the snack you just scarfed down. Sure, sure, the curtain has dropped on those bowls of salty pleasure, but you stood whistling shouting ‘Bravo!’ long enough for it to come back for one final fleeting performance.


The Book of Awesome is coming out in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Holland, France, and Germany. Dates TBD and will be announced here.

— Email message —

“Hey neil! I got back from Europe and guess what I got as a welcome home present!?! If you said The Book of Awesome you’re 100% right! Of course I devoured it right away and as I was walking to class my friend noticed it peeking out of my bag. She grabbed it and started asking me about it and then I spent the next three hours reading aloud from the book to my friends! Everyone says I have a good voice for reading out loud, and it’s way more fun than keeping it all to myself!” – Reba

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41 thoughts on “#481 Licking all the flavor off your fingers

  1. Thank you for thinking this is awesome and not gross. If you’re not licking your fingers after a round of chips/other finger-dirtying foods, you’re not doing it right.

    So excited about the worldwide phenomenon that is The Book of Awesome! :D

    1. Are you new? May I refer you to numbers 989, 982, 951, 903, especially 896, 888, 855, etc. etc.


  2. Yay, I was doing this the other day :P, it tastes so good!! Like a giant cheesy hit of awesome!
    Can’t wait for the New Zealand release! and yes, you do a at least one fan down here :3

  3. I’ve never been into licking my fingers. If you do, you get your saliva all over your fingers and it just causes a bigger mess!

    Wiping fingers on couch while eating cheese puffs.

    Now that’s a different story.


  4. Bugger! Just spent a fortune importing it to the UK as a gift for the wife! She is loving it though! Will send you a pic!

  5. Wiping flavor off on a towel or washing it away is a big waste. Everyone knows food tastes better when its on your fingers and you have to lick it off. Its like…cake batter, it always taste better when you lick the bowl or the beater…or your fingers.

    When I saw the email in my inbox this morning for this post, I was a bit puzzled because all I could see in the subject line was “[New post] #481 Licking a”………. made me giggle.

  6. When I was a kid and sucked my thumb my first teacher always used to ask what flavour my thumb was. I remember making up a new flavour each day :D

    This is infinitely more awesome than that though!

  7. Do you know that in Indonesia, finger licking is not only for kids? I mean some foods here are yummier, hehe when we eat them with fingers, instead of using the help of spoons, forks, knives, and chopsticks.

  8. Yaaaayy!! I am so excited that the book is finally coming to the UK. Well that’s made my day.

  9. I hate this. Especially when people can’t help themselves and lick their fingers when they cook…

    It’s not that I’m paranoid (although I am), it’s just that it’s gross. :( Except for one situation aka your boyfriend/girlfriend… With them you exchange stuff anyway, pardon me french, so… Suppose you can take this too.

    Otherwise it’s such a no… Well unless they’re someone hot you want to exchange something with. LOL


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  11. My 1 year old grandson, Noah, is entertaining to watch when he LOVES something, for example yogurt… his forehead crinkles, his eyebrows rise up, stars twinkle in his eyes and his pupils dilate. His every spinchter kicks into overdrive; the muscles from his ears and temples down to his jaw rapidly shift from first to fifth as he sucks the food off the inside of his cheeks… looking like a little blow fish. There is a quick pause between bites for a high chair dance, smile and his very own 3 syllable song, then he opens wide like a baby bird in a nest…and clearly every single taste bud is a bloom! Awesome!

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  15. i have a friend who eats only frosting off cake and cupcakes- i am normally the recipient of the leftovers. then, one by one, she licks her frosting-covered fingers. yummo.
    i so do this all. the. time. especially witg cake batter
    this is totally AWESOME!
    from one of Neil’s AWESOME fans!!!!

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