#477 Starting the lawnmower on the first pull

Time for a trim.

Yes, step into those grass-stained workboots, toss on a faded ballcap, and roll the rusty mower out of the wobbly tin shed. You’re about to spend an hour mindlessly chopping lawn so stare at those grass-covered wheels, duct-taped wires, and chippy paint patches before getting down to business.

Now, if you’re like me then before pulling that cord you sort of get it in your mind that you’re in for three or four full-body yanks before that machine starts purring. I don’t know about you, but since I’m a limp, wimpy noodle of a man I find pulling that cord about as physically draining as benchpressing a full keg of beer, building a house out of boulders, or dragging an 18-wheeler up a steep hill with a rope.

See, I put my whole body into it and just get some slow sputtering. Wheeze, wheeze, die, you feel me?

But hey, that’s what makes it great when us noodles  pull those cords and they start up on the first pull. Now when the motor starts up and the gas fumes float up we suddenly get to feel like the World’s Strongest Human.

Yes, pass the black spandex shorts, tattoo a skull on our neck, and toss us some barbells, baby.

We’re going in.


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“So I finally bought The Book of Awesome! I’m addicted to books, so for the past while whenever I went to the book store, I kept seeing your book. Annnnnd every time I would pick it up and open to a random page and read it. Automatically I loved it. However I was broke until this past weekend. Its probably one of my favourite books because when I’m feeling down, I just open it up and I feel better. Oh and today I made homemade pizza. It was the best, its one of those things that make me happy because its fresh and you feel proud that you made it. Maybe it will become one of the 1000 awesome things, because it is pretty awesome?” – Tiffany

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25 thoughts on “#477 Starting the lawnmower on the first pull

  1. I don’t start lawn mowers very often, but I can very confidently say that the times I have, I did NOT experience this success. I applaud he who starts the lawn mower on the first try. Hooray!

    I’m ok with it either way, though: gas fumes are gas fumes and I’m all over those. ;D

  2. Try “starting the mower on the first pull after three weeks of unsuccessfully trying to get the friggin mower started on your day off”. I did that sunday and my friend, I felt like a GOD.

  3. Oh my god. I was thinking that this should be on here today! I mowed my yard today after a eek straight of rain and couldn’t believe that my mower started so easily today! Thank you so much for this, haha.

  4. Does anyone remember that little inflatable ball you had to push a few times to encourage the mower to start up? And remember the ones that you just pushed with no gasoline?

    BTW, now that my brother and I have moved out, my mother has a 50″ plasma AND a gardener! This is the same woman who wouldn’t blink at the idea of standard cable! WTH?

    1. I do! I do! Sometimes I get it to start after pressing the hell outta that ball thingy. VROOOOM!

      Oh, and straight-up push mowers? Yeah, baby. I remember them. I miss the sound of those. You can mow in virtual peace and quiet.

  5. My lawn tractor has a key start, so this doesn’t apply. However, the snow-thrower is a different matter. I got a big powerful one to do the 400-foot driveway, and I paid extra for an electric start. Too much extra. The thing does work, but to do so I have to drag an extension cord out, plug it in, start it, return the cord. I did that for two years then one time, first snow of the year, I though “Why not try the pull cord. How hard can it be?” Turns out this baby starts first time, every time. It’s a beauty, and much easier than schlepping cords around. It would be awesome if I hadn’t bothered with the electric started, but it’s still pretty cool.

  6. awww, this one almost makes me miss having a lawn to mow. almost ;-) i love renting and not having to worry about mowing a lawn or shoveling a sidewalk. but i do remember the joy of getting that lawn mower started – awesome.

  7. Last week I told my wife, “I can start this thing with one pull!”

    She said….. “ok tough guy”

    I pulled the thing and ripped the cord right off the mower. It started, but we had to finish the whole lawn without shutting it down.

  8. Even better when it’s the motorboat. And even better: the moment you figure out how to work it. Last summer, my grandpa tried to teach me how to drive the boat. I’m 15….I crashed it twice.

  9. Oh baby! If there’s anything better than this, I have yet to see it! This one goes right to the top of the list! :-)

  10. Another awesome thing: a photo from your hometown gets on your favorite blog! Yay for Paul Anderson (and his park)!

  11. A single mom working hard to make things for my 14 yr old son, being the odd one out in the family and amongst the friends.. am at the rock botton… but i always live with the hope that there is no more sliding down.. waiting for simple ray of hope.. and it came in the form of your blog.. right now am sneakingly reading ur blog at my work.. during my lunch time.. but its so much doing it..
    Also for me the most awesome thing is sharing a pizza with my son.. eating all the crusts while he eats the cheesy pizza part….best bonding.. and being blessed with him.. is the most awesome thing in this entire world….keep up the good work.. looking forward to read more from you..

  12. I PWNS AT STARTING LAWN MOWERS!!! I will gladly start your lawn mowers for you at the low price of 99 cents per lawn mower.

  13. I know some of you may despise the thought, but I just realized my dream of buying a battery-powered mower. No smelly gas fumes, and more importantly…….

    NO PULLING!!! :-) :-) :-)

    Just lower the bar, push a button, and I’m good to go.

  14. Today I failed to start my lawn mower after about fifteen pulls.

    Then I came in to read this and then tried again. Miraculously, it started!

    It felt great. Thanks :)

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