#476 Biting off the last piece of the popsicle without losing any of it

Careful now.

You started strong but now you’re down to the drippy ice-cold clump in the middle of the stick.

You can’t reach it from the top, you can’t reach it from the bottom, and using your fingers or a fork is cheating. No, you’re going straight in and facing the big risk of a cherry chunk of icy goodness crashlanding into a neon pink stain on your shorts.

There’s no time for stalling so put on your game face and let’s get to it.

Take a deep breath and carefully twist the stick upside down really quickly while tilting your head sideways and loudly sucking your way into a tongue-twisting, teeth-tightening, gravity defying moment of pure popsicle biting


— Email message —

“I’m a teacher of the blind who teaches braille to kids. I seriously want The Book of Awesome in braille! I’ve begun leaving little pieces of ‘awesome’ around my class in braille and we go for ‘awesome hunts’. These kids have it hard…i mean, REAL hard sometimes. Life’s hard when you can’t see, but there’s also a bunch of awesome stuff that you can do when you can’t see too! Thanks for making me a better teacher by teaching my kids how to BE awesome, and SEE the awesome in their world!” – Rachel

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37 thoughts on “#476 Biting off the last piece of the popsicle without losing any of it

  1. This is a tricky maneuver and definitely one worth getting its fifteen minutes of awesome-fame!

    You’re so right: using fingers is cheating.

    Rachel: First of all … I LOVE the photo! :D Second of all, I really admire you for the work you do. That’s so great.

    1. I have far too many grape stained t-shirts that betray the fact that I am not very good at this skill.

      However, the few times I get it down, it is truly awesome!

      As someone who eats at least one popsicle every day (I’ve found this irresistable brand with three flavors – watermelon, honeydew, cantelope), I have a large sample size, and I’d argue that I only get this right about 25% of the time. Wah wah.

            1. Welllllll…some people in the south also refer to all soda as Coke ;)

              (I can say that because I was born in the south.) Hehe.

            2. Yes, it is a flavor in the Brazilian countryside too. Alongside with green, and maybe blue, in the posher bakeries, the ones with fluorescent lights and tiled floors. It would be unfair to call them anything else since all colour is gone after the first lick, leaving you with some of the most delicious blocks of pure ice on Earth.

              1. “red” covers any red fruit or punch flavor (strawberry, cherry, watermelon, etc)

                “coke”, as Laura stated, is any soda. For instance, if I ask you for a coke and you bring me a 7up, it’s all good. If you order a coke at Subway, they’ll give you a pepsi without asking if that’s ok. It’s understood.

                If you want an actual coke that comes in the red can and won’t accept any substitutions, you MUST specify Coca-Cola.

          1. I always say something tasted red, blue, green, etc. be it a popsicle, sports drink, fruit, or other yummies. My friends argue that those are colors, not tastes. I’m glad someone agrees with me that red tastes yummy!

      1. I’m sorry to hear about your 25% popsicle-last-bite success rate, but holy cow…awesome flavors! Whoooaa! :D

  2. yes. the last piece of the popsicle is awesome! – I’m still smiling from this post ;)

    Rachel, you’re amazing for doing such a great job and for adding a bit of awesome for these precious little kids.

  3. Parallel to this is being able to eat an entire ice cream cone without the bottom softening and dripping chocolate on your white shirt.

  4. I watched my son eat a whole popsicle off the stick for the first time today. He is nearing his second birthday and has never been able to get through a Popsicle without dropping a large portion on his lap or down his shirt. Today he made it without dropping any of it. The joy on his face was completely awesome.

  5. I dropped of my icecream on the bus this afternoon, the rest just tasted like disappointment

  6. Here’s how I deal with this (sans fingers): after I’ve eaten the popsicle down to the part where the stick is embedded, I start inching the rest up the stick using suction…then I just eat the rest as I work it up the popsicle stick.

  7. this is why i love dole bars… they kind of stay on the stick better than most and i NEVER stain my shirts! (of course, now that i’ve said that, i’ll probably have a nice red stain tomorrow…)
    i don’t know what it is about them, but i’ll take what i can get!

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