#474 When someone who doesn’t like pizza crust gives you their pizza crust

Personally, I’m a crustless gentleman.

Gimme that melty tip of of cheesy goodness, gimme that pepperoni with crispy edges, and then gimme another slice.

Yes, for my money Belly Space Analysis dictates I’m better off grabbing another slice from the box rather than chomp away at the crust’s puffy blandness. So I gaze up at the feasting lions clawing the pizza zebra to bits around me and offer up my crust to anyone who wants it.

Sometimes I even leave a little cheese and sauce at the edges to sweeten the deal.

If you’re a crust lover this is when your eyes flash fast and you growl at the others before tearing it from my hands and ripping it to shreds.


Massive congrats to our friend Justin Halpern for hitting #1 on the bestseller list with his book Sh*t My Dad Says

— Email message —

“I have been a fan of 1000 Awesome Things since #708. When I heard The Book of Awesome was out, I was SO excited! I couldn’t find it at my local bookstore but my grandma lives in a different state than me so when I visited I checked her bookstore. Lucky for me, they had it! In fact, when I asked the man at customer service about The Book of Awesome, his face beamed and he immediately said yes. As it turned out, he was also a fan of your blog before the book had come out. He led me to the shelf, and there, in the middle, stood the book.” – Sam

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39 responses to “#474 When someone who doesn’t like pizza crust gives you their pizza crust

  1. yes, love pizza crust!

  2. grace

    First of all- Am i rly the 1st commenter? Awesome!
    Oh, I was about 2 go insane w/ 2 awesome-less days so i was forced 2 make my own which actually included making pizza. I got all the leftover crusts from my little brother…u have extremely eerie timing sometimes.

  3. aimeewrites

    We call them pizza bones!

    I think the fact that my husband (then boyfriend/fiance) doesn’t like his pizza crusts is the main reason I gained fifty pounds in college.

  4. grace

    Oops- oh well second is awesome 2 :)

  5. I LOVE pizza crust! I am SO glad this made the awesome list! :D :D :D

  6. Jan

    Pizza crust was made just for my dog. That is why he hangs out with me when pizza is for dinner.

  7. Talita

    I hate pizza crust, but do you know what’s INCREDIBLY awesome? Pizza Hut’s “garlic bites” – garlic bread on the edges of your pizza! Best idea ever, and whoever had it was most definitely stoned.

  8. Awesome!…Until I became germophobic lol

  9. Laura

    Having a friend who likes the crust is kind of like finding a good chicken wing partner. Of course, I’ve never met someone who prefers all crust and no pizza, but I have a few friends who will happily sacrifice a full slice or two in order to nosh on everyone else’s pizza-slice rejects.

    However, I’m with you; I’ll gladly save tummy space for actual pizza in lieu of filling up on crust.

  10. it’s not that I don’t like pizza crust, just i’m too full to eat it. So there’s always that person that i’ll ask if they want my crust and he’ll never turn it down. my own personal garbage disposal

  11. This reminds me of the skin off Kentucky’s Fried Chicken… I’m always happy to lap them up from others!

  12. I always get my daughters crust. I like to dip them in Ranch dressing. Mmmmm…….

  13. Cary

    Pizza crust is my fave, especially with some garlic dipping sauce. I don’t understand people who don’t like a good helping of crust. Shame on you.

    But not really.

    Only slightly.

    • Laura

      Ok, dipping sauce (I’m with Bekah on the whole ranch thing, though) changes the game (… but only slightly). If it’s decent crust, you’re working with more of a breadstick à la sauce than a rejected 1/10 of a pizza slice.

      Hey, wait a second … shouldn’t you appreciate us folks who don’t like the crust as much? More for you :)

  14. Catrien

    Love the blog. Very disappointed at the photo of a zebra being killed. Please don’t do anything like this again.

    • I remember being scarred for life once… It was a really long time ago. I was reading my science textbook, and what did I see on the next page? A pic of this poor, defenseless zebra, covered in blood in the mouth of a lion.

      Poor younger version of me was pretty disturbed, and most likely missed a question on her science test because she couldn’t quite focus on those pages. ;)

    • Freddo

      To be fair, this isn’t exactly in bad taste.

      1) Even for animal lovers, this doesn’t exactly qualify as animal cruelty – it’s not someone engaging in dog fighting. These are animals fulfilling their niche in the ecosystem. No different than the plant absorbing sunlight, the buffalo grazing on grass or the whale eating krill. Circle of life and all that.

      2) I watch a LOT of nature documentaries, and this is about as tame a picture of a lion eating a zebra as you’re going to find.

      3) If I’m not wrong – that’s not even an ACTUAL picture of the event taking place. It looks like it’s a picture taken of an exhibit at a natural history museum. Do you avoid going to museums?

      Anyways – back on track:


  15. It’s also supremely awesome to give away your crusts to your husband and daughters, especially if you are on a diet! “Who wants my crusts?” is a very nice offer and avoids the whole lion killing zebra issue. http://livewithflair.blogspot.com/

  16. Pizza crust is the most delicious part af a pizza!!

  17. No pizza crust for me. I prefer the gooey bits in the middle.

  18. Wotcher! Not a pizza crust girl… But I make my dad happy whenever we have pizza. :]

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pizza crust. I love eating pizza with peeps who don’t like the crust…
    So yummy good! Hm… :)

    Actually, I love carbs period but that’s beside the point.

  20. The crust is the best part of the pizza. Try it next time. My favorite is meatball pizza. Also try mushroom pizza sometimes.

  21. Carol

    More awesome even is having a constant source of pizza crust from my mate. He’s the pizza, I’m the crust – perfect relationship.

    As for the crust, I like to re-toast leftovers and dip into butter then parmesan & garlic. Drool….

    • Yes, I don’t mind it when I have something to dip it in… Bring on the chocolate, butterbeer, alfredo sauce, honey, parmesan cheese…. Yum!!

  22. Is that Sam from the Panic Button?

  23. EvilSkittles

    I love pizza crust!! When i’m done eating the pizza part i sprinkle some parmesan cheese on my plate and dip the crust in it mmmmmm.
    First time commenting on here, and i love this blog! :)

  24. Art


  25. Ha ha ! im the someone who doesnt like the crust lol. i guess im responsible for some awesome moments…

  26. i coudnt agree more…

  27. I’m the person who “gives it away…gives it away now.”

  28. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome content! Looking forward to seeintg more!

  29. Stuffed pizza crusts are the best!
    Cool blog :-)

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  31. Jessica

    The day I discovered dipping pepperoni pizza in honey garlic chicken wing sauce was epic.
    I now have a reason to eat the crust.

  32. Karen n

    That picture is awful

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