#468 The moment of anticipation just before the first kiss

Stare into those eyes.

Pupils grow wide and hearts thump fast as brains jolt and thoughts rollercoaster around. Conversation jumbles and stumbles before fading into footnotes as fingers touch and linger, thoughts twist together, and eye contact drifts and sways before catching and connecting as everything goes quiet…


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“A few weeks ago my Dad was hospitalized with a severe heart condition, and had to undergo a major surgery. It’s been a stressful few weeks, but The Book Of Awesome helped me get through it. I read it out loud to my Mum and brothers in the car on the way to and from the hospital and we forgot about waiting rooms and needles. And the awesome thing that I’d like to contribute? Doctors and nurses who save the lives of people we love!” – Katie

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51 thoughts on “#468 The moment of anticipation just before the first kiss

  1. My favorite post yet!

    “Stare into those eyes. Pupils grow wide and hearts thump fast as brains jolt and thoughts rollercoaster around. Conversation jumbles and stumbles before fading into footnotes as fingers touch and linger, thoughts twist together, and eye contact drifts and sways before catching and connecting as everything goes quiet.”

  2. <3
    So great :)
    Not sure how to feel about that moment when you remember the good times with your exes though. Bittersweet awesomeness?

  3. I actually don’t remember mine and hubby’s first kiss. Is that a bad thing? We never really had a first date either. We just sorta started hanging out and then….BAM…we were married. I do remember the first time we told each other “I love you.” That was a very special moment.

    On a side note…. I do remember all my other first kisses. Some more awkward than others. I do wish I remembered mine and hubby’s. :-(

  4. I just recently had my first kiss with my AWESOME guy. I’m so blessed to have him in my life. I’ve waited a long time to find him but it was worth the wait. Gracias Antonio…you are so awesome… : )

  5. With luck, I think I’ve experienced my last ever “first kiss” about 9 years ago..

    And while I always enjoyed the moment of anticipation before every one of my first kisses before that one, I would never trade any one of my dozens and dozens of daily kisses from the love of my life for another “first kiss”.. I’m a very lucky guy..

    1. Freddo, this is very, very sweet.

      Hopefully if your wife ever does read these comments, she sees this one.

      1. Well, it hopefully will help to make up for me revealing all her secrets about nutella covered snuggies and letting out little farts when she naps.. ;)

  6. The first kiss my husband and I shared was on our wedding day (on purpose and with some deliberation). Now THAT’S what I call memorable.

  7. I LOVE this. The moment right before is often better than the thing itself. Anticipation of joy becomes more joyful than the thing itself. BTW, I did something today that was supposed to be completely un-awesome, and instead it rocked! I joined the secret community of Those Who Rise Early. 5:30 AM! Awesome! http://www.livewithflair.blogspot.com/

    1. I ‘ve been on this community for a few months, and you do get some awesome days (not most of it). When you don’t feel tired at all, just happy because you had time to do everything you needed and still have time to have fun!

  8. I have never gotten a perfect kiss, but the moment before has always been like straight out of a movie: on a buss stop in the middle of the night when it’s raining, on new year’s eve at twelve, staying up late after a party and staring at each other’s eyes…

    Somehow the kiss itself never quite lived up to the expectations.

    1. Mimi, you’re perfectly right. This moment before, dozens of butterflies swirling in your stomach and then, the guy tries to hoover you…

  9. I’m so glad I finally found this blog. Where has it been all my life? I went back through and read all the top 1000. I will definitely be back!

  10. Inasmuch as my first kiss with hubby was great, I’d have to say, when my grandkids first know what a kiss is, and they can give me one…that’s pure heaven!

  11. What’s awesome is that I got the e-mail with this awesome thing before what ended up being the most awesome first date I’ve ever had. And also the most awesome moment of anticipation before a first kiss.

    Doubly awesome!

  12. totally!especially when its with someone you’ve liked forever and you never expected it to happen<3

  13. kissing for the first time, with the one you like or love is priceless. – and i completely have forgotten that special feeling. sad, but it’s true. good thing i haven’t lost my appetite to love yet.

    great blog. i would definitely buy the book if i come across it somewhere.

  14. Me and the girl that I’m just, absolutely in love with, apparently aren’t anything anymore. She left me. I just read that and got sick to my stomach. I miss her so much.

  15. Well I’m 14 and no boy has ever had a crush on me, let alone kissed me! So I have no idea what this feels like. I can only imagine. Oh well, I guess I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to find that one guy…

    1. Exact same situation for me :P It’s frustrating to not be able to do anything at all, only dream… but I’m sure waiting will be worth it rather than hastily jumping at an opportunity :)

      1. hey ladies, I was 18 when I was first kissed. I thought that I’d never get my chance..keep wishing and it’ll come true (when you least expect it)! Plus, this way, you remain mysterious!

  16. i havent experienced this with everyone i’ve kissed, but when you do thats when you know its something special :) awww lol.

  17. I definitely know what you mean! And sometimes it can be just that awesome even without it being your first kiss – with them, or whenever.
    I tried it with my beau a few days ago. He leaned in. I leaned in. We both stopped. I looked up, waiting for the “signal”, he wrapped his arms around me but didn’t pull me in as tight as he could’ve… and we both waited. I wondered if my breath was fresh, he told me later that he wondered if I’d kiss back at all. And then the tenseness of the moment grew even darker and, almost as if by magnets, our lips locked.
    And after three months of not seeing – much less kissing – him, this moment was pretty darn

  18. I just had my first kiss with the guy I liked the other night, we were sharing a bed so we were all cuddly and half asleep so I didn’t think he would actually kiss me but he did and it was so sweet. I didn’t even mind the sleep deprivation at work the next day from not getting much sleep.

  19. I just ended a 7 year relationship, and I truly the first-kiss-with-the-new-guy experience. Any time my friends would meet someone and go through the “first kiss” I ask for ALL the details.

    As much as I hated breaking up and started over; I was kinda excited to have that opportunity to do that again…

    I recently did have a first kiss with an old friend, and it was AWESOME, WONDERFUL, and AMAZING… To the point where I wonder if I’m going to have another opportunity, or might this be the start of something that should have happened a while ago…. :)

  20. Just experienced this about 2 hours ago and I immediately thought of this post. It was a great moment just now with lots of silent gaps followed by laughs.
    Then it happened and I’m still giddy. Haha
    Thanks for this one, Neil. Especially since I was able to come back to it a little over a year and a third later. :3

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