#466 Using milk instead of water

What’s up, instructions?

Why you gotta be recommending water in our pancakes, hot chocolate, and jello pudding? Why you trying to blandify our oatmeal, brownie mixes, and cream of mushroom soup?

Look, we’re sorry but there’s new chef in the kitchen and things are going to be a little different from now on. We’re talking creamier hot chocolate, puffier pancakes, and brownies that will make tears of joy spray out your eyes like a sprinkler system.

We’re talking about using milk instead of water, baby.


— Email message —

“Thank you for speaking at the summit today! I was sitting at the back and your story and words were so encouraging. My husband left in 2007 and my supposedly secure job was a goner when the economy took a down turn.  I was laid off exactly 90 days after I closed on my first house.  I struggled for the next 18 months to find something and 300 resumes and lots of bills later I found a job. So, two weeks ago I sent my son to Ohio to be with my family, packed up my house in Myrtle Beach, and moved into the basement here in DC.  I don’t know a single person here and have no support system to help with my son…however…there are some pretty AWESOME things I’ve seen: 1. A family who did not know me offered to let us stay with them for free, 2. Finally finding someone with the same stupid humor as me who travels 10 hours to be with me… and have brownie batter fights at midnight!, and 3. Skyping with my son and watching him blow ear plugs out of his nose and listening to him belly laugh over it!” – Candace

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79 thoughts on “#466 Using milk instead of water

      1. Well, we already new Laura was awesome.. but this just gives us another reason to think so.

        Stay classy, Laura..

    1. Agreed – “What’s up, instructions?” is one of the better opening lines to a post we’ve had in a long time.. Love it!

      I’m not sure if anyone here has ever made protein shakes (from the powder that comes in those ridiculously large containers), but they also recommending using water instead of milk.. BOOO! I’ve always been about the milk!

      1. That seems silly, isn’t there protein IN milk? The more, the merrier! Although … I guess there are also a lot more calories in milk than in water. Pssh. Details, details.

        1. That was always my thinking – if I’m drinking a protein shake, I want me some protein.. why not add milk where I’ll be getting me even MORE protein..

          Sheesh.. thankfully, the days of my trying to lift weights and look good are behind me.. :)

  1. I use milk in everything possible. Everything taste way better and isn’t all runny…. things that are suppose to be fluffy are fluffy, not squishy…things that are suppose to be chocolately is chocolately, not watered down….. awesome!!!!!!!!!

    1. YES! I won’t eat tomato soup made with water. Thin and acidic vs. creamy and AWESOME? No contest! :)

  2. Has anyone ever used orange juice in pancake mix???

    My roommate swore it was delicious, and I never believed him until we made some OJ pan-kay(ks). I tried to make the name of that rhyme…I don’t know how many people are going to read that and not think my spelling skills are non-existant.

    Anywho, what were we talking about?

  3. I always used water for hot chocolate until my aunt made me some with milk. I will never go back. Tomato soup with extra milk is also great.

  4. Wow, Candace, you are an unbelievably awesome person! I hope everything works out for the better for you!

  5. FINALLY! i thought i was alone in my subsitution of milk. Everything simply tastes better with that rich creamy flavoring.


      1. Great example. I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve wanted to eat cereal but was out of milk, and tried to reason with myself that water should be a “good enough” substitute.. I’ve never been able to bring myself to do it.

        It’s just wrong.

  6. I just want to wish all the best for Candace, what an inspiration!
    and what an awesome post.. always make hot chocolate with milk… and for extra awesome, a dollop of vanilla ice cream, seriously, try it!

  7. One thing I don’t like? When milk is referred to as “cow juice”.. mostly because it sounds gross, but also because its inaccurate..

    I mean, the definition of juice is a liquid made by the mechanical squeezing or macerating of flesh (usually fruit or vegetable) without the application of heat or solvents..

    So, I don’t want to get too graphic here, but let’s just say that if you really wanted to make “cow juice” it would look a WHOLE LOT different than milk..

    1. Hmmm, mental image of literal cow juice: not so awesome.

      I’ve also heard “moo juice” …

      I’m with you. Just say no to these phrases. They ain’t right.

      1. The first time I heard the phrase “moo juice” I thought maybe someone was mis-pronouncing “mojo”, but then I realized that was not, in fact, the case.

        And Freddo, did you look up “juice” in the dictionary or something? That WAS pretty graphic…

        1. I was once at an night market in zanzibar and they were making fresh Sugar Cane juice using a giant hand-operated machine complete with a crank, gears, giant teeth, a funnel, and a spout where the resulting juice came out. Let’s just say that every time I hear “Cow Juice” or “Moo Juice” I picture the unfortunate marriage of a sweet jersey cow and this machine.

          Btw: Let’s be perfectly honest, I only added this comment so I could start a sentence with: “I was once at an night market in zanzibar…”

          1. You must lead a pretty cool life when you just casually drop a line like, “I was once at a night market in Zanzibar … ”

            And unlike the pictures of lizards (lame), this is ACTUALLY cool. Lucky.

    1. My guess is that it’s a big square marshmallow, but a pat of butter would be AWESOME!!

      I do add butter sometimes to a hot apple cider.. mmmm.. hot buttered cider..

        1. I would like to posit another entry: #465: Using Butter instead of Nothing.

          I mean, dry toast, seriously?

          1. Good idea! We could then follow this up with #464: Using Nutella instead of EVERYTHING ELSE!

            I mean, (insert any food item here: Jam, Peanut Butter, Apples, Pot Roast, Smoked Salmon, Celery, Chewing Gum, Spam, Pretzels, Eggs, Vinegar, Kale, Brie, etc.), seriously?

            Why not just eat nutella instead??

            1. I bet your wife and sister would second this motion. But would you put Nutella in your hot apple cider??

              I also would like to note that I laughed out loud like a crazy person at your “everything else” list.


    2. Actually, cocoa with a bit of butter is terrific! I always dunk my heavily buttered toast in my cocoa and love those little bubbles of butter floating on top…mmmmm

  8. For me, the awesome thing is recipes where you can use water not milk, since I can’t have any dairy!

    1. Me too! I’m actually kind of worried for some of these people… too much dairy can be really bad for you, even if you’re not lactose intolerant! In fact there are many studies arguing that dairy is one of the most unhealthy parts of the average American’s diet.

      Everything in moderation I guess.

  9. I thought my family was the only one who used milk in hot chocolate! Good to know I’m not alone anymore and won’t have to feel insecure as I pour a little extra milk in my cup as I get bug-eyed stares from my friends.

    1. LOL “lactarded”. Sadly, I am also affected by this disability. Happily, I am finding more and more lactose-free products these days, so things aren’t so bad. Latest find: Lactose-free ice cream sandwiches! Score!!

      I really miss Brie, though.

      1. For those of you in the world who are less highly evolved than us who can properly digest lactose (that’s right – I just called you less evolved.. it’s true – look it up! http://darwinstudents.blogspot.com/2009/02/evolution-of-lactose-tolerance.html), can’t you just take lactaid pills and eat all the brie and milk products your heart desires?

        I’m always afraid of one day being unable to process yummy dairy products, and I’m always just hopeful that I’ll be able to buy several thousand cases of lactaid and continue my current dietary habits.

        1. Well, it’s not an exact science – in order for the lactaid pills to work properly, your body has to digest the lactaid at the same rate as the lactose.

          Why not just constantly overdose on lactaid pills then, you may ask. Well, because they’re freakin’ expensive, that’s why.

          That said, I’m a big fan of the lactaid pills and they do allow me to eat some dairy with success. Brie, not so much.

  10. Life is to short to use water, avoid chocolate, worry about your hair or what others might think of you. We are here to enjoy and be blessed. Thanks so much for this site of inspiration.

  11. Yeah, what’s up with those instructions anyway? Love this post. (And is it just me, or does it look like a pat of butter on top of that hot chocolate in that accompanying photo?)

  12. Speaking of massive amounts of dairy products, I just saw on my local news that a new world record has just been made for the world’s largest smoothie – 1000 litres! Right in my home city.

    Ridiculous serving size=Awesome!

    1. 1 Litre for every of the awesome things being counted down right here! Hurrah!

      I once saw some list the two reasons people fail with diets, and they listed Smoothies and Muffins. These are apparently foods that people think are “healthy” but are actually super calorific.

      Imagine all the calories in your 1,000 litre smoothies! There goes my south beach diet!

    2. I’m so with you on ridiculous serving sizes = awesome! Like those local events where a group makes the largest ice cream sundae, most massive pancake, biggest cheesesteak, etc. Ridiculous size = Food + entertainment at its best!

  13. Mmmm Milk!

    Also, Candace, way to go girl!
    There is good in the world, you just have to search for it sometimes!

  14. Has anyone added chili powder to their hot chocolate? I understand that this is big in Central/South America. There are dark chocolate bars with chili added but I have yet to try one. Any suggestions as to how to make this?

    1. Yum! Yes, this is delicious! You just have to experiment to find the level of chili powder you like. Maybe try eating the chili-chocolate bar first to make sure you like the taste. Dark chocolate is definitely the best for this. Good luck!

  15. Can we all take a moment to thank the first guy who eyed a bulging cow udder an said ‘i’m gonna have me some of that!’

    I don’t want to think of the other lactating nipples he tried before deciding cow’s were the perfect choice but I am truly thankful he did.

  16. Something els that’s awesome! (Being a bit bigger breasted) actually FITTING a bra that Accentuate my God given assets!! That’s actually Comfortable and ‘supporting’ me as well! And pretty,with matching bottoms!!
    Love this range – thanks girls from Treasure Chest!!

  17. Ah, sweet bliss! I always appreciate it when people promote one of the 5 Real Food Groups (milk, butter, bacon, chocolate, and leaves)

  18. My roomie and I were JUST talking about this last night when we were having hot cocoa. So true. I didn’t consider pancake though. Hmm, that’s pretty much awesome.

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