#461 When you get in the car and notice someone filled up the tank

Nothing’s worse than popping into first and noticing you’re flirting with the big E.

Suddenly you’re late for work, the date’s on hold, and your party’s stalled in the parking lot. Yes, jumping in a car and noticing it’s out of gas ranks pretty high on 1000 Annoying Things, that non-existent netherlist we’ve mentioned before that also features #989 Realizing later in the day you missed a spot shaving, #988 When the person calls you back instead of listening to the voicemail you just left, and #987 When the cashier needs to replace the receipt tape in the middle of your transaction.

Yes, that’s why getting in the car with a superfull tank is such a great feeling. Your car pardner left a little surprise in the driveway and now you’re as far as possible from making an annoying pump run. Plus, isn’t it always hilarious when that little orange arm nudges itself up even higher than Full on the gas gauge, too? That’s when it’s winking at you saying “Okay, I was lying about the size of the tank. But now I seriously can’t take another drop.”

When it’s stuffed and you’re smiling it’s time to fly down the streets, baby. You’re rocking the full tank, you’re rocking the highway, and you’re rocking along feeling


— Email message —

“Neil, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February and underwent emergency brain surgery to remove it. During recovery, there were many things that I could NOT do, including drive. It has been 6 months and I have been overcoming barriers and slowly getting my life back. Given clearance to drive again is such a significant milestone in this journey. Mobility and independence after 6 months of medical restrictions while recovering from brain tumor removal surgery: Awesome!” – Cherisse

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42 thoughts on “#461 When you get in the car and notice someone filled up the tank

  1. This IS awesome. Plus friends who feel like giving a relatively generous amount of gas money for driving them around. E is never a good thing.

  2. It’s probably the most smelly, flammable, yet generous liquid that one can receive! Well, when it’s properly placed inside the vehicle, that is.

  3. Hehe, but see I plan for this to happen, although I do feel bad that it’s my parents filling up my tank when this happens.

  4. Surprise! You’re driving EVERYWHERE!!!

    I was also wondering when the list of 1000 annoying things would show up again. It’s been a long time, pal. How are the kids?

  5. “Flirting with the big E”. Love it!

    Filling up someone else’s gas tank is also a way to get into the “good lendee” category. Whenever my brother comes to town he’s guaranteed use of my car because it always comes back clean, and with a full tank. One time he even rotated my tires!

  6. My husband does this for me often….he says there’s something empowering about a full gas tank. “Oh the places you’ll go!”

  7. This is a great feeling. It’s one I try to share. I make it a point to always fill up the tank anytime I borrow a car from a friend for family member. It’s an easy way to give someone an Awesome day.

    1. Congrats as well to Cherisse! Must be even a better feeling than getting your license for the first time because you appreciate it all so much more!

      Awesome, indeed!

  8. Now I do occasionally dream of Michael Madsen knocking at my door and telling me he’s gonna take care of everything as I simply relax and do whatever I please, but it just didn’t happen so far. :-/ LOL

  9. I think you should probably IMMEDIATELY create the 1000 annoying things list after you’ve finished counting down the awesome…

    Nobody else could handle the task…

  10. I am currently out of work,so I am perpetually broke. I always feel relieved when my someone I’ve given a ride(my mother,husband or son) turns and hands me a couple of bucks and says “take thisfor gas”. It may not be full,but it gets me around.

  11. I keep leaving my keys on a little hook by the door, but no one seems to take the initiative to fill ‘er up. ;)

    On second thought, I think the happy news of a free boost from E would be far overshadowed by the terrifying realization that a roommate drove my car.

    1. “The victim was riddled with bullets after he put the wrong type of gas in his friends car.

      I guess you can say that he should’ve…

      *puts on sunglasses*

      …gone with the unleaded.”


  12. I was thinking about this the other day! Is there somewhere that you can suggest Awesome things?

    1. Yes! If you click on the link for The Top 1000 at the top of the page, you’ll find that many people have left suggestions for the site in the comments section.

  13. OMG yes! i love this feeling. i left for vacation with a quarter left in my gas tank and found it 3/4ths full when I came back! I love my dad! he also tuned up my car, haha

  14. @Cherisse – you go girl! I know how you feel – I’m in the same boat as you too. I just had my one year anniversary of my surgery last week! I got my license back, but then it was taken again – and just when I started my in-car lessons. I get it back in September though, and I’m so excited!Congratulations on getting your license!! That’s such an AWESOME accomplishment!!! :)

    1. @Cherisse & sd
      Having had both my parents gone through treatments for brain tumours and my dad losing his license, I know how hard it is to sit back and watch and feel helpless. Please know that if you ever felt like you were being a hassle for needing a ride anywhere, you weren’t. No matter what, your family and friends were always happy to do anything you needed.
      Thank you so much to Neil for starting this blog and writing this book. You have no idea how many people it has inspired and helped them get through their day.
      As a side note, as I am finishing this post, my parents wedding song just came on the radio… how AWESOME! :)

  15. If you want to be able to borrow a friend’s car whenever you need it, get in the habit of always returning it full. After a while thay may catch on and ask you if you need to borrow the car.

    ;-) Awesome!

  16. Guys, this is truly awesome! I´d like to share a moment that made me very happy long time ago… (I´m talking about 20 years ago)… I was with a small group of friends and some other people I didn´t know very well, under this truly bad thunderstorm, the rain was falling fast and crazy… I had to pick up my car, so I started running towards it, the car was about 2 blocks away… As soon as I started running, I felt someone grabbing my hand, and it was this beautiful girl from the group who, without even knowing me at all, volunteered to run with me… The rain obviously didn´t matter anymore… I never saw her again after that night… I remember her name was Lorena…

  17. yes, this is great… also for the owner of the car. and the best is that a lot of people was felling this awesome thing.

  18. i also love after i fill my car up, starting the ignition and watching the little arm slowly go from E to F. i was actually thinking the last time that happened, “this is an awesome thing… i wonder if it’s on the awesome blog!”

  19. A friend of mine once borrowed my keys to fetch something that she had left in my car. Another friend walked with her and they decided to move my car as a prank. When they started the engine they noticed the tank was almost empty, so instead of pranking me, they filled it up for me. I love my friends!

  20. …and when you’re running late for an important place and you know you filled the car the night before so you’re good to go- then as you’re driving down the road, the E-fuel light turns red and you’re like “what the???” and you learn your “partner” and his friend drained it for their snowmobiles and now you know why “they” were laughing when you left.
    Awesome of the people who helped out:)

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