#450 Horrible fake accents made by close friends

Believe it.

It’s your girlfriend at the lunch table doing her dad’s lecture with a bizarre sailor with a sore throat inflection. It’s your grandson at Thanksgiving pretending to be his angry first grade teacher, hitting the squeaky high notes with fist thumps and furrowed brows. It’s your best friend giggling on your bed about her new college classmates who sound like they’re all from a tiny island off a made-up country.

There’s just something hilarious about watching a good friend tell a story with a horrible accent. If you’re lucky the terrible impersonation becomes a new joke itself and you end up laughing in a neverending cycle of


42 thoughts on “#450 Horrible fake accents made by close friends

    1. this is comment>the original post

      Your comment made me spit my coffee all over the keyboard – we all have a friend like that.

  1. My bff gets in these moods where she will do a british accent all day long. Hilarious! She hasn’t done it in such a long time.

    Me and my daughter always comes up with new ways to talk. We like to find how many different ways we can say my husbands name. So far her “old man” voice is the best!

  2. Okay, this is off-topic, but doesn’t the kid in the picture have a James Cagney look on his face? It seems that way to me.

  3. Mike Myers playing his dad with a Scottish accent in So I Married an Axe Murderer.

    It’s so much fun to murder those classic lines!

  4. Haha this is definitely one of my favorites!

    One of my best friends uses the same deep, stupid sounding voice for ALL of her impersonations. Me, her dad, our teachers, strangers… apparently they all sound the same to her.

    :) Awesome! Sooo excited for the Book of Awesome 2!!!

    My friends and I have a “game” of sorts where we try to get other people to talk in funny accents. If you can get someone to do it the others that witness it have to buy you an adult beverage.
    Hours of fun!!

  6. It’s me and my roommates speaking in a badly-done Swedish accent, sounding like teenaged pre-pubescent boys. We use this usually when having gun fights. “Now I am hunting ze Liesl!”

  7. My daughter, now 27, used to do the *BEST* Ah-nold, have me in stitches whenever she “did” him — imagine a tiny red haired girl impersonating the Terminator! What a hoot! Now she’s into Mike Myers’ “Scottish Shop” punchline, delivered with the proper rolling of the r’s. Awesome!

  8. I am definitely the accent person in my group of friends. I can turn it on or off at the drop of a hat, and my accents are fairly believable for the most part. However, if I try to carry on in an accent for too long, everything inevitably starts to sound Irish :)

  9. My roommate does the all-time worst British accent, but he doesn’t realize how bad it sounds.We just let him keep it up and laugh about it to ourselves.


  10. That’s funny! Hey–I had an awesome thing for you: Yesterday at the pool, all the boys were trying to do a “Lincoln.” It’s a dive that turns into a side flip. Anyway, all the teenagers were analyzing the physics of how hard this is, and out of nowhere, a 6 year old boy gets on the diving board and does one–easy as pie. Awesome!

  11. I work at an old movie theater, and when we go up into the booth to thread film we often have to sit through the previews to make sure that everything is working right.
    That means when we show a movie for three weeks, all of us end up pretty much memorizing the lines from all the previews, which we then compete over who can do the best imitation of.

  12. As a Brit, I love when Americans try to do British accents. Americans doing British accents is hilarious – I have a friend from Chicago who does a dreadful ‘normal’ one and a hilariously spot-on ‘posh’ (i.e. Hugh Grant) one.

    FYI: there are hundreds of accents in Britain, more than just English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh anyway! :)

  13. Where I live most people use the Dutch language. However, some night shop stores are owned by immigrants from other countries. The shop I always go to is the one where the store clerk is from India. After my purchase, he always says: “Thank you, come again!” with an Indian accent…
    I have to try really hard not to start laughing uncontrollably, cause he says it just like Apu Nahasapeemapetilon does from the tv-show The Simpsons :)
    (and he looks the same too) :)

  14. I like having my brother do impersonations. Sometimes I’ll tell him to do single person or I’ll shout out odd combinations, like Bill Cosby mixed with Christopher Walken.

    They always inevitably turn into an awful JKF/New England stereotype.

  15. Since I am a native Virginian with only a mild Southern accent, I like to do a RE-AL deep South accent when I am with folks who are from North Carolina , South Carolina or Georgia. I can take one word that is one syllable and drag it out to three syllables, no problem, flatten out my “I’s” like they have been run over by a truck . There is a thing us Southerners do at the end of a phone conversation, too. In our extreme effort to be gracious and polite, we take at least five to ten extra minutes to end the conversation. My friend from Raleigh, NC. and I have so much fun doing a skit of 2 Southern women saying good-bye. We always end up in stitches because we both indulge in a form of extended good-byes in real life anyway. I am sure it drives Northerners crazy. I have a friend from Vermont who virtually hangs up on me—-or so it seems. Very abrupt and rude, is how it is percieved by a Southern gal. When she asked me to help her fit in, that was her first lesson—drag out your good-byes when you are in the South. You will be one of us, for sure!

  16. I love the smugness i get when my friends try to do my accent, they can never tell whether it’s English or Scottish, so hearing them try it is hilarious!

  17. This is so perfect! My friends always say, “There is no way that person talks like that!” when I tell stories. I guess that makes me the close friend with the fake accent — i am so glad my habit is now deemed “awesome.”

  18. Easily one of my top favorite awesome things! Thanks for your site… Always makes me smile :)

  19. Tried to tell a story about an irate American from the Southern States in the office once.
    The accent – totally British.
    I tried just to pretend that no one noticed, but, of course, I haven’t been allowed to live it down. =P

  20. When someone is telling a funny story, I love it when the accent is funnier than the story itself. But one of my friends does a REALLY bad American accent, and it makes me cringe… And she does drama. Not such a good career path for her I don’t think.

  21. Oh gosh.. all of my accents either sound like a “stereotypical gay man” or a really awful and stereotypical ghetto accent. Bad I know…

  22. My grandson is just one today and he’s perfected his dad’s all time favs~ Marlon Brando in The Godfather.
    Can only imagine what he’ll have mastered when he’s the age of the beautiful boy in the photo.
    “Let the good times roll.”

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