#439 Checking somebody out and not getting busted

Sunglasses are a form of comfortable and protective eyewear that help prevent strong sunlight and UV rays from damaging your eyes. They are a popular fashion accessory, too. Try them at a restaurant, in a car, or on the beach.


33 thoughts on “#439 Checking somebody out and not getting busted

  1. Another great tactic is tinted car windows.

    For protecting oneself from harsh UV rays, I mean.
    Wait, what did you think I meant?

  2. lol that’s half the reason I got sunglasses for band camp :) there’s a reeeeeally hot senior boy that I can now stare at 100% of the time instead of 70%, since I’m already accomplished at staring without getting caught :)

  3. When I was in college a friend of mine and I went sunglass shopping for the sole purpose of getting some to wear through campus so we could check boys out and not get caught… ahhh the good old days.

  4. I recently got regular glasses and as I was trying to get used to feeling them on all the time. I would get busted checking people out, because I wasn’t used to having the feeling of glasses on all the time. oops!

  5. First trip to a very busy beach, way back when my first born was a baby; while on route with a friend to the washrooms, we were clearly being watched, (necks were careened, so not so sneaky really), we swayed our hips just a wee bit…”why not feel a little hot after packing, then losing 70 extra pounds”, she said. Upon arrival at the washrooms, girls roared and pointed out the fact I had some of my daughter’s banana and cheezie crumbs stuck to the butt-crack-hole area of my shorts! We laughed till we fell to the floor, then with exaggeration strutted our stuff back to the beach blanket to find my adorable baby smiling innocently up at me! Best look ever!

  6. Hence why I wear sunglasses in the airport (awkward) — it’s necessary to people watch without being creepy. Although me wearing the sunglasses in the first place is probably weird enough. Oh well!

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